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  1. Do I need to reserve at the port to park? I am glad it is easy - I am thinking I would prefer to get off the ship and go. I will Also look into Parsippany as I need 2 rooms......Thanks
  2. Thanks. So are you saying it is complicated to get to the port?
  3. Yes that is why I am concerned about possibly even 2 hours?? Do you recommend a Uber or parking at the port? Thanks - I am really going back and fourth........
  4. Does anyone know how long it takes to get off the ship and get the shuttle and opposed to just getting off and getting your car?? Thanks
  5. One more question - if I buy the surf and stream for 2 devices we could share it correct?
  6. Thank you - I assumed it was 2 different things - this helps a LOT!!
  7. I have a question regarding the VOOM and SURF. What is the difference in the two? Cannot decide which or both to purchase. I also have a question regarding THE KEY, We have 2 cabins booked, one cabin has the deluxe beverage pkg and 1 device for VOOM. The other cabin does not. So if the one cabin has VOOM already, is there any real advantage to getting the key? Arrival seems easy and not interested in the flowrider or rock wall. I am new to RCL - Thanks
  8. I was wondering if anyone had info on the whale watching with RC in St John or on our own the Barharborwhales. My sister really wants to do a whale watching. THe one in Bar Harbor is about 2 1/2 hours and $63 and the one with RC is $190 and is 5 hours but I am sure that is also transportation time.
  9. Thanks again I am starting to really look forward to this. I am sure my son and nephew will enjoy the Harpoon Brewry - I will definately look into that for them.
  10. Thanks. That will definitely please a couple of them
  11. We were looking at a whale watching. RC has one, Bay of Fundy and I just saw one in Bar Harbor - do you if one is better than the other. Bar Harbor is quite a bit cheaper -
  12. This is great help thank you so much. Things I have not seen but your Descriptions, I want to see them all.
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