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  1. My wife and I will be on Panorama the last week of June. I've read that getting from ship to shore in Mazatlán you must ride their extremely slow moving tram. I know everyone has their version of "slow" but wondering if you have any insight about getting off in the first batch of people or waiting awhile. I know in Cabo for the tender having FTTF gets you off early, but not sure if that applies here.
  2. Usually a CD doesn't make or break my cruising experience. We were on the Conquest a couple of years ago and during our first full day sailing, the asst. CD asked us at trivia if Chloe the CD has seen our grandson (he was 7 months old). We said no, and she said that she will go nuts when she sees him. At the dining room that evening she happened to pass our table and couldn't help herself. Every time she saw him that week, she made a point to pick him up (she asked first if we minded) or give him a little tap. Even on her day off with her crew at Amber Cove she dashed over as we were walking by. Obviously we noticed her more then most CD's, but she was EVERYWHERE regardless of the attention she showed to us.
  3. I might take a weekend vacation to see how your child handles travel before you book a cruise. Cruises are great, but if you have an unhappy child, a week on a ship could be a little stressful. We took a cruise (with my two sons and their wives) when my grandson was 7 months old, then again when he was almost 2 1/2 and his new sister was 1. It was work and required some planning, but HANDS ON Mimi and Grandpa have been on 20 cruises, so we didn't mind filling in for their parents. Not for everyone, but I booked adjoining staterooms. I figured that IF we needed them fine, otherwise door closed and locked. So we didn't mind one morning at 4AM when our grandson decided to wander into our room (without his parents waking up). lol The camps are for select times only, so depending on what you want to do without your child(ren), you would need to secure baby sitting services. Especially in the evenings. A stroller is a MUST. Our last cruise we had a double stroller and two car seats (used on land getting to/from hotels and port). Sometimes two people aren't enough to handle everything. I guess if I had to summarize - take grandparents or another couple with children for "job sharing". Just my opinion.
  4. We were offered an upgrade first, but we had three staterooms and they couldn't accommodate, so we each received the 25%.
  5. I just responded to a post that had all the daily planners for the Western, so it should be near the top. It's called "Breakaway Dailies from Miami".
  6. Perfect - This is by far the best, easiest to read set up I've ever seen posted (at least for a ship I'll be sailing on). Thanks
  7. Unfortunately using a TA doesn't relieve you of worry. We've had a few instances with different TA's that I had to intervene and have them correct. Last year we were talking to a couple across dinner tables and I had to give them some unfortunate news. They mentioned something about our cruise being shifted from Eastern to Western and that they just found out a week or two before. I told them that we knew about the switch seven months prior. They never got notice from NCL, so I asked if they used a TA and they did. I told them to switch TA's because she got the message. We didn't talk about how much we each paid for the cruise, but it came up that they paid $600-$700 each for the drink package. I guess the look on my face told them that something wasn't right, and they insisted that I spill my guts. Lucky it was the last night on the cruise, so at least they had a good week. I told them that I would immediately get with my TA when I returned home. Of course their TA is a trusted family friend that they've know all their lives and they wouldn't want to make waves.
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