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  1. I bought during a sale and the cabin was not assigned until a few days after I booked, when the sale wasn't in effect. I did not see the price drop lower again, or I would have rebooked anyway (for the lower fare.) I don't have a horrible location by any means, just not as good as I was getting for several cruises after buying a mid-ship cabin on, I think, deck 10. Obviously deck numbers vary with ships but I've cruised on mostly-similar NCL ships.
  2. I'm noticing a pattern that I'm being assigned guarantee cabins remarkably similar in location to the most recent cabin I've paid to select (in the same category, so in this case all insides.) That was wonderful for several trips after I'd paid for a cabin near mid-ship on an upper-deck. Then I paid for a less desirable cabin (to get some other benefits that came from an other-than-sailaway fare.) Now that I've gone back to guarantee cabins, I find myself assigned a cabin right next to that last one I'd paid for. And it was assigned before I even made the final payment, so months before departure. It seems like there is almost too much coincidence here to be random, and if so it would be nice if I could reset my preference without having to actually pay for an assigned cabin again. Nobody at NCL knows anything about the assignment process, and I'm not surprised at that. It's been discussed, inconclusively, here before, but I'm wondering if anyone has any similar (or different) recent experiences.
  3. I'm looking at available L cabins for a Maasdam cruise and am wondering if anyone knows what's in the room forward of L395. As you move toward the stern there is the elevator, then what looks on the deck plans like an empty room, then L395. Would it be better to choose one of the other cabins in the same location that are surrounded by other cabins? At least one of those is available. This would be for a fairly long itinerary so I'd like to not get stuck in an undesirable cabin. I've found one review of a cabin in the area but that cabin is not available. Thanks!
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