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  1. Inline with when you fly into NZ you cannot bring non-commercially bottled or packaged water or food for example home made chocolates, confectionary or biscuits etc as the ingredients or in case of the water the source is unknown. Whilst the water on the ship may have been treated for drinking the origin is unknown and may still contain foreign bodies not native to NZ. It is clearly explained on the NZ government department of primary industry biosecurity webpage for all incoming tourists. They have a page specifically for cruise passengers. I think if travelling to NZ the regulations should be respected these rules are in place to protect our beautiful but sensitive ecosystem from foreign organisms.
  2. There must be reasonable suspicion of criminal activity for them to ask to view your phone. You will be subject to an interview prior to being asked to access your phone. I guess they will view your phone if the offending criminal material is electronic in nature. Nz customs have had the ability to search electronic devices since the late 90s. They just updated the customs legislation to expressly include the password statement but they have always had that power. I think customs stats say less than 1000 devices were searched in 2017, out of approx. 15 million visitors to NZ. As many people have stated this legislation is in line with Australia & US. I have never been asked when entering NZ. I get pulled aside by both border force and NZ customs for carrying too many electronic devices (2 phones, tablet,kindle and work laptop) but neither have asked for password.
  3. Hi missmiaow. Nz immigration website info pages and press releases state Australian citizens who are travelling on Australian passports do not need a ETA and are exempt from application...as long as you meet the requirements to enter NZ visa free such as subject to criminal records etc. If you do not hold an Australian passport and hold a foreign passport with an Australian permanent residence visa you need to apply for an ETA.
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