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  1. I'm on the same cruise. It can't come soon enough! Congrats on the upgrades!
  2. Bid $75pp to upgrade from an inside to a family picture window oceanview on the 2/1 Jade. It was accepted today (10 days out). I am very happy with this turn of events as I was super nervous about the inside cabin after I cheaped out and booked it.
  3. I make friends with the people on either side and we watch each others stuff/chairs. I usually instigate it by saying something like "we'll make sure nobody tries to run up on your stuff" and they always reciprocate. On the topic of finding a seat, I've never had trouble getting a seat in any area that I need to as long as I get to the Lido deck by about 8:30 or 9.
  4. Me too. Looks like we're on the same cruise (departs February 1st). Let's hope it's a good one! Back to the topic, I have only sailed on NCL once and it was the Epic. If I sail NCL again (after this upcoming Jade trip) I would try another ship if possible. The balcony staterooms were weird, the balcony was small, and the ship was just a little too big for my tastes. Perhaps when I have kids one day it will be better to have all that stuff, but for now "it's a no for me dawg".
  5. I didn't realize that only sailaway's were left either until I just looked at it now. I guess I'll wait to see if I get an upgrade. If I don't oh well, I'm not that concerned. I've never had an inside room (I almost always get balconies except for one time I got a oceanview) so I hope I don't regret my decision to be a cheapskate on the room, lol.
  6. Can...can you pay extra to get the current promos? I didn't even know that was a thing. We only got 1 Free at Sea promo and took the drink package. If they accept your upgrade package do you get the promos as well?
  7. So I have an inside (non-sail away) room booked for the Jade on Feb 1st. I bid $75 (fair) for a view room and $115 (on the line between poor and fair) for a balcony. Do bids at these levels get accepted often? I bought this cruise at about 115 days from sailing and the prices (and availability) haven't shifted much. I paid $379 for my room. An obstructed oceanview is $189 more than I paid and a balcony (sail away) is $200 more. Is there a sweet spot I should be trying to hit here? I don't mind pumping up the bids a little if necessary but I was wondering if the bids I already gave have a decent chance of being accepted?
  8. 36 here. I had only sailed balconies until I did a porthole window cabin a couple of years ago, which was fine. I realized at that time that I only used a room for showering, getting ready, and *ahem* sleeping, so I decided to see what a lower class cabin was like. I was surprised to find that I didn't notice a big difference between the balcony and port window rooms. (Side note: the NCL Epic balconies were really small and not as much fun to lounge on as the Carnival ships so that may have colored my perception of balcony rooms and their overall value.) For my next cruise (in a couple of weeks) my SO and I are going to try an inside room. I'll admit that I'm a little nervous that I won't like it, but it's only a 5 day cruise so if I don't like it, I don't have to "suffer" for very long. That said, I am thinking about submitting a higher upgrade bid. I think in the end, the balcony is still probably the sweet spot for me in terms of value but the porthole window was pretty good too. The Haven looks so nice, but again, I just really don't spend much time in the rooms.
  9. I'll try to sample them all in a couple of weeks when I sail and I'll let you know my favorite when I get back.
  10. Can’t do 10 drinks on a port day? Hold my, er...beer. 😉
  11. Good to hear. Carnival won't do it so I guess that is a welcome perk to Norwegian's beverage package even if it doesn't work all the time.
  12. Awesome thank you. As for adding a shot on top of a drink? Is that possible with the package?
  13. I seem to recall that I had to pay extra (sales tax maybe?) for drinks using the drink package on a Carnival cruise when leaving NOLA and I was wondering if I have to pay extra while in port (waiting to leave) in Miami? Is this a thing? Also, does the Norwegian UDP allow for floating shots on drinks such as getting a rum floater on a pina colada?
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