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  1. I think that is exactly what RC wants to happen. When you book a JS, the perks are very clear that you get dinner in CK, but once on board, the Compass tells you differently. They are hoping you booked a year ago and just forgot about that perk that you paid for. On my first RC cruise, I stayed in a JS on Oasis. We were confused by the Compass but went up to CK for dinner anyway. They would not let us eat there the first night claiming no tables were available, but we were allowed to make reservations for every other night of the cruise. I had my printout from the website ready just in case. I was kind of put off by the Compass being wrong, though. It really made us feel like they did not want the lowly JS people in there, although the service was always nice to us.
  2. All the information can be found in your cruise planner on the RC website. You have to be signed in to enter the cruise planner for your particular cruise. That is where you reserve shows, and book shore excursions, drink and dining packages, spa treatments, etc. Most cruises will show the entertainment options at around the 90-day mark (90 days ahead of your cruise), but as PinkLemonade said above, it looks like Anthem is releasing the entertainment late. So it may vary according to your specific cruise. If you want to book shows, the best advice is to always start checking the cruise planner around the 90-day mark, because some things book fast.
  3. Most entertainment is included, but you would still want to book reservations ahead to be guaranteed a seat, especially on the larger Oasis-class ships. Some types of entertainment, however, may have an extra charge. Harmony has an escape room that is an extra charge, and requires an advance reservation since space is very limited. I guess you could call that an "activity" rather than entertainment, though, and some activities do have extra fees.
  4. Compass from July 7 Harmony sailing. [edit: the link doesn't work, I guess I haven't earned the privilege. Go to the rc blog website which has the compass] That shows formal nights on nights 3 and 6. We have the aqua show reserved for night 3, which we presume is a formal night, but the show is not until 9:20 and we have dinner at 6:30 so we hope that is plenty of time to change before the show.
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