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  1. Does anyone think NCL could/would extend the expiration dates on cruise next certificates? I have some, and the expiration isn’t until July 2023, so I’m not overly concerned at this point. Just wondering if they’d extend the dates. That could potentially help out a lot of people!
  2. Jamie is spot on. Sure I don’t want to get sick while on vacation, but that fear wouldn’t stop me from traveling. DW and I simply cannot be away from work any more than the week we’d already be away. And we have 2 college kids in tow with us. They definitely can’t be missing an extra week or two of classes after spring break. Thus, the FCC is hugely appealing to us, and we’re grateful that NCL is permitting cancellations!
  3. This is great news! NCL stepping up...finally!
  4. I’m interested in this as well and am following. We purchased priority boarding in hopes of getting Vibe passes. Hopefully it works out - need someplace calmer with the Spring Break crowds!
  5. Thank you for talking the time to write such a thorough review! What a great read!
  6. My own children went through this process this past summer. They both took some trips before they were 18, and then the summer they were both of age. After we got off of the Epic in Barcelona, only then did their status show up. They both now have their status and their points to use.
  7. We were on Epic in Mediterranean in July. Boarded in Barcelona. We were (literally) the second in line to guest services, and the person ahead of us wasn't interested in Posh passes. The desk politely told us that they didn’t have any Posh passes for sale. I don’t know if the area was “full” from the Rome boarding, or if they just weren’t selling them. We couldn’t obtain them under ideal circumstances in July. However, Spice on the Epic is fabulous, combined with the Thermal Spa, we didn’t really care about not getting Posh.
  8. Wow, 7:30? That’s early for boarding! Maybe in from long air travel?
  9. Cannes, France is the only tender port if Western Mediterranean.
  10. Southwest flies direct from ROC to MCO.
  11. We sailed out of Barcelona this past July. We had a fabulous time. Read here for the review.
  12. We sailed on the Epic in July and had a fabulous experience. Three balcony rooms, one inside single room, seven people, and everyone loved their trip. We had 2 seniors in their 70’s, two college aged kids, and three middle aged adults. As most have stated, there are some design flaws, but that hardly ruined any aspect of the trip! I have to admit we loved the thermal spa, and Spice H2O is excellent on the Epic! Read here for our review. Have a great cruise!
  13. We sailed the Epic in July on the Med. It was great. Review here: The Epic Review
  14. Great pictures! We’re missing Alaska’s majestic beauty, so your pics bring us back. Also loving the dailies (etc) for the Bliss as we’ll sail her in April.
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