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  1. I concur. We’re sailing on the Bliss in February, so I’ll be following closely! Thanks for your rather extensive pictorial reviews!
  2. Sauer-kraut is absolutely right on this. We did the Bliss this past summer and had private outside tours in each Italian port as well as Barcelona. Competitive prices, intimate local knowledge, know all the shortcuts, and NO crowds and buses from the ship - well worth it. Plus reputable companies “guarantee” you back to the ship on time.
  3. We did a B2B Alaska cruise a few years ago (north then south) on the Sun. The departure/embarkation port at our halfway point was Seward. We were off on a private excursion all day long - no need to check out/in, definitely did NOT do the muster drill twice. It was seamless, as if we did one longer cruise. NCL had the trip listed as one, even though B2B, and we had no problems at all. We boarded & disembarked in Vancouver, so not USA to USA trip. Our room steward was aware that we were B2B, so he knew we weren't checking out.
  4. We’re actually sailing on the 4/5 trip out of NYC. My kids who are in college have Spring Break, and DW, a teacher is off. Family trip because we can all make it. My guess, and I cannot say for sure, is that based on my family, more “kids” (like I said, mine are college aged) would be on the 4/5 trip. Good luck with your plans, and enjoy whichever trip you take!
  5. We had the exact same timing issue in July - departing the Epic in Barcelona. Since I was the planner/point man on this trip, I mad sure everyone was up and at ‘em very early. We took the elevator down (deck 5 or 6? I can’t remember!) around 5:30. I was paranoid about the timing!!! We were at the airport by 6, through security quickly, and had a very long wait for our flight. You’ll be fine. Plenty of time. I wouldn’t push it. We were amongst (if not the) first off. Taxi was waiting. No problem at all. Our connection to JFK in London, however, was another story.
  6. This was our experience as well. We stayed for five days at the Hotel Indigo in Barcelona. The taxis from the hotel to the port were also very easy, and they bring you right to the terminal where the porters will take your bag. I also agree with the above post that taxi drivers did not speak much English - We simply had a screenshot on our phone to show them where we wanted to go.
  7. I had same itinerary and concerns as you - got off ship easily, tour guide was there waiting. No issues, he was laid back, so even if we were a few minutes late, it wouldn’t have been a problem!
  8. On July 14, we boarded the Epic in Barcelona. We had a bottle of Cava (Spanish champagne) from Barcelona. We weren’t ever assessed a corking fee, and no one at security said a word. I guess we just got lucky? I wasn’t aware of the mandatory corking fees as were not oenophiles!
  9. Like others have stated we did not get to choose our seats, but were escorted there. I will say this, that we were on the first floor and these were supposed to be good seats, but there was an overhead blocking our view of the stunts done higher up.
  10. I just looked up our recent voyage on the Epic. We booked in June for a July sailing and this is exactly what we paid. We booked online one month prior to sailing.
  11. I just looked up our recent voyage on the Epic. We booked in June for a July sailing and this is exactly what we paid. We booked online one month prior to sailing.
  12. We sailed the Med on the Epic in July. I tried researching how much to tip our guides before the trip, and like you, saw a wide range of responses. So, here’s what we did for reference. Private tour in Barcelona - all day, from 8-5, with amazing guidance and insight. 5 people, we gave him 120 Euros (total) as a tip. He was excellent. It was the Barcelonadaytours.eu tour of Barcelona and Montserrat. 3 Italy Private tours with Italytours.eu Private driver/guide in Naples - Sorrento, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, gave our amazing driver 100 Euros and the Pompeii guide 25 Euros. Private Diver in Rome - 50 Euros (she was good, not great), Vatican guide 25 Euros Private Driver Florence/Pisa - 50 Euros, Florence guide 25 Euros According to many on these boards, we may have over tipped... but I don’t feel we did. These tours were private, and the guides did some amazing things above and beyond. They all gave excellent dining recommendations, took slight detours off the beaten path, and showed us things we’d otherwise never have seen.
  13. My parents far prefer RCCL MDR food. My own family prefers NCL MDR food. Food is very subjective as stated so many times. Port Excursions are similar, IMO, but we normally book outside of the cruise line.
  14. We just experienced this same situation with our 20 year old. Your son will not be permitted to purchase any alcoholic beverage package. With your written permission, he can purchase beer & wine, but they won’t allow him to have the package. Alcoholic beverage packages are available to those 21 and over only, even with parental permission.
  15. Hope your recovery is going well. Those pics, however, are brutal! Yikes...
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