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  1. That reminds me of a vision seared into my memory of an elderly, overweight couple on a beach near Nice - he in Speedos, & she topless !! Thank God I've never seen anything like that while cruising.
  2. On our April 22 Tahiti to LA cruise we wanted one of the aft cabins on deck 6 with an extra-large balcony, so Concierge. Cheaper than the high-end cabin next door. Also helpful to have 3 bags of laundry included for the 18 day cruise.
  3. Sorry!! It made sense at the time I wrote it, but I see what you mean. Apt post title, right?? 😂
  4. I was able to put them in my cart, but didn't go further since I don't plan on booking anything that day. Don't really want to call O to satisfy my curiosity, just wondered if anyone here had seen something like that. Like you, I wondered if schedule hadn't been adjusted yet, but why open up booking in that way??
  5. Booked on 4/22 Papeete to LA Regatta repositioning, and excursions recently became available. Schedule shows arrival in Honolulu 4/15 at 2PM, but excursion choices for that day show AM times. I'm not doing an O excursion that day, but wonder why those times can be scheduled. Those same excursions are available the next day which makes sense. Appreciate explanations.
  6. I'm certain their primary intent is protecting public health, not bankrupting a particular industry sector. Unfortunately bankruptcy may be a result for some cruise lines. I remember my TA's response of "we'd really be in trouble if that happened" when I moved a 4/21 cruise back in June '20 because I was certain we'd still be impacted by COVID.
  7. Petoonya, I certainly hope we get to meet in person. We appear to have many things in common - I'm a retired PA, my husband also has significant memory issues AND we have an aft cabin on that Polynesian cruise. Can't wait!
  8. Congrats on the slush fund - God works in mysterious ways! We've done early deposits when we want a particular cabin, so I agree you should go for it. Great reminders about travel insurance, especially since there's no predicting impact of known & unknown health issues 2 years from now. I realize many of us have gotten "planning fatigue" from the rolling cancellations this last year, but I've discovered my mood is much better if I have travel to look forward to. Now that we're fully vaccinated I've scheduled several US flights this year & continue to plan our 4/22 Papeete/LA crui
  9. Having majored in genetics at UC Berkeley, I understand the science behind the mRNA vaccines. People have many reasons for being suspicious of vaccines, often unreasonable, but why in the world do these people think it would jump from person to person?? No need to apologize for being sane.
  10. Wonder if it's only Moderna, or do the other vaccines also have infectious probes? I'd love to know, but I agree with her - you should stay as far away as possible. This would be hilarious if it weren't so sadly scary.
  11. Don't know how many other, if any, Native Americans are reading, but Indian Health Service and individual tribes are offering vaccines.
  12. Amen - As a mother whose son recently recovered from CoVID, I know how worried you must be. Praying for speedy recovery & healthier 2021.
  13. We had booked same cruise after 9/20 London-Montreal was cancelled due to reinstating Cuba embargo. I cancelled this one back in June, realizing how long it would likely take to get back to somewhat normal, & my TA said the industry would be in real trouble if not back running by then. Booked 4/22 Papeete-LA instead, so here's hoping 3rd time's a charm!!
  14. That explains why you wouldn't, but I was answering your previous statement about wondering why "someone" would purchase.
  15. In this case, 100 shares gets OBC for every Oceania cruise you take, so return is worth it if you plan to continue cruising. Plus, by purchasing at bargain basement prices, you've gained if you decide to quit cruising & sell.
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