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  1. Don't know how many other, if any, Native Americans are reading, but Indian Health Service and individual tribes are offering vaccines.
  2. Amen - As a mother whose son recently recovered from CoVID, I know how worried you must be. Praying for speedy recovery & healthier 2021.
  3. We had booked same cruise after 9/20 London-Montreal was cancelled due to reinstating Cuba embargo. I cancelled this one back in June, realizing how long it would likely take to get back to somewhat normal, & my TA said the industry would be in real trouble if not back running by then. Booked 4/22 Papeete-LA instead, so here's hoping 3rd time's a charm!!
  4. That explains why you wouldn't, but I was answering your previous statement about wondering why "someone" would purchase.
  5. In this case, 100 shares gets OBC for every Oceania cruise you take, so return is worth it if you plan to continue cruising. Plus, by purchasing at bargain basement prices, you've gained if you decide to quit cruising & sell.
  6. It's been fun to watch the climb so far. Now, if we can just start cruising again to take advantage of that OBC!! Hard to wait for our 4/22 Papeete to LA, but something to look forward to.
  7. A lot better than having a q-tip shoved up your nose!! I'd much rather spit into a tube.
  8. Nice to have the no-money down deposit deadline extended until January. I'd booked our 1st Danube cruise 12/21 with sale rate. But, would need to pay in full at time of deposit & would cancel if Genting's finances still up in the air. Very hesitant to commit that amount of $ with the uncertainty, especially with insurance declining in case of insolvency. Hopefully things will be more clear by January.
  9. Nope, one of those helpful scientists -an English physician who discovered how Cholera was spread in 19th century London & is considered the father of field epidemiology.
  10. Take a look at the John Snow Memorandum, johnsnowmemo.com, for a well-reasoned rebuttal to the Declaration.
  11. Exactly, which is why I was taken aback seeing these epidemiologists recommend a similar approach.
  12. Basically the Swedish model. Their premise of lockdowns decreasing child vaccination rates, increasing cardiovascular events & missed cancer screenings is fallacious-even in states with more restrictions there are none on obtaining medical care. In fact, here in California there are TV ads encouraging people to not ignore needed medical visits. If people would consistently wear masks & distance when out in public I suspect we could reach a level of activity much more closer to "normal" than we have now.
  13. Exactly what we did in March, $10.50 per share. So, not only getting OBC, but a nice profit so far!
  14. We have Regatta 6093 for 18 days Papeete to LA 4/22 & can't wait! Our 1st cruise was also an aft cabin on Regatta for Caribbean, but 7th deck. No problem at all with soot or fumes & loved watching wakes. Looking forward to an even larger veranda for South Pacific & Hawaii.
  15. Thanks Blacksmith & Clo- it appears our bargain river cruise may not be much of a bargain! Luckily no money at all needed til end of Oct, but would have 2nd, 3rd & 4th thoughts about paying entire amount that would be due. I'll keep watching. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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