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  1. And I cancelled a planned trip to Cancun in February because of this warning. Most Americans trust and listen to their government.
  2. I was just able to apply a $950 FCC from a cancelled 2020 cruise to 2021 booking on the Nieuw Stantendam. This amount was just taken off of the total cost of the cruise. No deposit was listed on the receipt or asked for. Also, it seems that the Past Passenger Rate is combinable with the Casino rate for a great discount.
  3. Just a thought, should cruise lines be required to put our money in an escrow account until the service is delivered? That would alleviate the refund problem.
  4. Wow! They are charging more than twice what HAL would charge. If Seabourn and HAL combined, I think a lot of cruisers would be scared off at those prices.
  5. Can someone give me a sense of prices? For example, I paid $3000 for a 7-night Alaska cruise with an obstructed balcony last year and then spent another $1000 on tours. What would this cost me on Seabourn?
  6. But what about a third option where we don't cruise or fly outside of the US?
  7. I think your agenda is out in the open now. This is a right-wing publication that has constantly banished China. I am tired of the anti-China sentiment. They have done a better job controlling the virus than the United States and yet get criticized. Attack China all you want. it will not get you on a cruise ship.
  8. Here is a story showing how dangerous cruising is. They are also thinking about requiring some form of Covid testing in the future. Hmm.... https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/04/21/coronavirus-cruises-cruise-ships-unsafe-can-they-change/5163461002/
  9. Nope. That's how I feel and that's how most of the people I talk to feel. Cruising is dangerous and needs to be tightly regulated if you want to bring back passengers. As I posted earlier in this thread, where are the quarantined airplanes?
  10. You can believe what you want about catching the virus. I will happily board a flight this summer without a mask or hand sanitizer. I will happily fly without being tested for Covid (and do not believe there should be any tests for flying). However, I will cruise only with a Covid test, mask, and hand sanitizer. I believe the cruise lines will do this as well.
  11. This is a vociferous attack on the idea of repealing the PVSA and why I posted the comment on the other thread. You have been clear on you views regarding repeal for many years. I do not see this as helpful in imagining a future without the PVSA. With Covid, it is a new world. All ideas should be explored...
  12. That thread also has a lot of people posting criticizing any repeal of the PVSA. It would be nice to have a thread safe to posy positive thoughts about its repeal without fear of being vociferously attacked.
  13. Let's try to have an open mind about repealing the PVSA in order to allow cruising to American ports only. What would the positive and negative ramifications be of such a decision on the cruising world? Everyone has posted why it's not going to happen. So, what? What if it did change? Many of you have chimed in providing about why the law was put into place. What happened in the 1800s should irrelevant to my cruising experience today. The past may indeed by prologue but I am tired of living in it! Let's paint a picture of a new world order of domestic cruises.
  14. My point is that the cruising is inherently more dangerous than flying and that we will be able to fly without any tests long before cruising will recommence. Sure, Covid was transmitted around because of airplanes. That doesn't mean anyone became infected with the virus while they were flying.
  15. I do not believe that anyone should be allowed to board a cruise ship unless they can prove they do not have Covid-19 or any other bad virus. I do not believe that cruise ships will be allowed to sail unless they can prove everyone is virus free at embarkation. Let's see who is right with their predictions in two or three years.
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