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  1. However, cruise lines could require them and people may choose to wear them more often in the US. I don't understand the fear of masking. They were common in Asia long before Covid.
  2. Fauci was saying that we may have to wear masks every winter to prevent outbreaks of Covid. So, I could see cruises requiring masks seasonally.
  3. So HAL could still run Europe cruises this summer if they limited them to EU residents or Schengen residents? Perhaps, they could fill the Amsterdam cruises with Europeans.
  4. Thank you for the first hand response. I think I will shift my cruise to 2022. I hope your travel options get better this summer!
  5. You make a good point about how much risk I would be taking. I have faith in Europe's health care system but I have no desire to quarantine for 10-14 days if I get Covid before I could return to the US. I am vaccinated but that is not 100% protection from Covid.
  6. Hmm. Bars and restaurants remain closed but tourist sites would be open. For the Amsterdam cruise, I just want to spend a couple of days sightseeing in the Netherlands or Belgium before the cruise. If I can do that then I'm happy. If nothing is open in Benelux then I may move the cruise to 2022. I have no interest in flying in and going right on the ship.
  7. That could work. I am vaccinated but would we still need a Covid test to return to the US? Maybe the ship could arrange that before our flights home?
  8. Do you think the EU will even allow Americans in this summer for tourism? I am scheduled on the August 1 cruise out of Amsterdam.
  9. Yeah, I am scheduled on the August 1 cruise out of Amsterdam. Final payment is May 4. I hope we sail but I have doubts about the Netherlands allowing it.
  10. I gave up thinking of cruising and cruise critic when covid hit. It was better for my mental health.
  11. I am supposed to sail on the Nieuw Statendam August 1 out of Amsterdam. What are the chances that will happen? Should I reserve plane tickets now?
  12. And I cancelled a planned trip to Cancun in February because of this warning. Most Americans trust and listen to their government.
  13. I was just able to apply a $950 FCC from a cancelled 2020 cruise to 2021 booking on the Nieuw Stantendam. This amount was just taken off of the total cost of the cruise. No deposit was listed on the receipt or asked for. Also, it seems that the Past Passenger Rate is combinable with the Casino rate for a great discount.
  14. Just a thought, should cruise lines be required to put our money in an escrow account until the service is delivered? That would alleviate the refund problem.
  15. Wow! They are charging more than twice what HAL would charge. If Seabourn and HAL combined, I think a lot of cruisers would be scared off at those prices.
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