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  1. I just completed a 5 night cruise on the Carnival Paradise. I wanted to go to Havana and it was my best chance since it coincided with school vacation week for me. It was also my first cruise on Carnival and their buffet is almost entirely self-service. I really noticed the difference in the amount of food people wasted. Piles of food were left at the table. Food was dropped/fell on the counters and floor, much more than on HAL. Now, I realize that it can be difficult to get at table at the LIdo on HAL, but I was really shocked at the madhouse on Carnival's buffet.
  2. That would still be illegal under the new restrictions if you are a US citizen.
  3. I am on the Paradise right now, and we are currently sailing back to Tampa. I have never sailed Carnival before, so this thread sparked my interest. I have been on five HAL cruises (with my mom) and one Royal Caribbean cruise. I booked this cruise because I wanted to go to Cuba and I wanted to sail during school vacation week. Based on this cruise only, I just want to make some observations. First, mustering took about 45 minutes and was very chaotic. Many people didn't know where to go. One gentleman said he walked around the ship for 20 minutes before stumbling upon his station. One Carnival workers kept telling the crowd to be quiet but people kept talking. By comparison, on HAL it is very orderly and over in about 15 minutes. Second, it seemed to be more complicated to get on and off the ship. In Cuba, they made everyone get a sticker to get off the ship if they weren't on a ship tour. We had to get up at 6:15am and wait in line to get the sticker. I understand the need for tender tickets but we were not tendering in Havana. So, why the stickers? It only took us 10 minutes to get off the ship! In Key West, they made everyone take a shuttle to get into town and mixed tour and non-tour passengers together on the shuttle. I was considering one of Carnival's European cruises in 2020, but I hate the idea of waiting to get off the ship in each port and obtaining stickers. Third, the buffet area always had dirty tables with piles of plates and cups everywhere during the breakfast hours. No one would come around and ask us if we wanted a drink. On HAL and RC, workers always come around and us what we want to drink. On this ship. no one did at any point. Is this normal for Carnival? Fourth, I miss hearing announcements from the Captain. On HAL and RC ships, the Captain would always tell where we were headed and tell us if the sea was going to be rough. On the Paradise, the CD made all of the announcements and none were about the wind or wave height. On the other hand, there were some things that I liked about the Carnival (again, based one one cruise). The entertainment was great. They had comedy shows most nights as well as singing and dancing routines. There was always something to do on the ship. The Cabin steward was friendly and efficient. I enjoyed the dinner service on the ship. Would I sail on Carnival again? Maybe.
  4. They could simply say no transfers at all. Why even have the 60 day rule if there is so much money lost with the practice?
  5. I am considering this cruise for next summer. What will the "local dance and musical troupes" be? Alaskan natives? Has this happened on Alaskan cruises before? I am actually intrigued by this. Will HAL bring the Saxman village dancers onto the ship, for example?
  6. Thank you for the information. I didn't know any of that.
  7. Princess has many Japan cruises in the summer months. The Mediterranean is also hot in the summer but that seems to be popular.
  8. No Asia cruises for next summer. I should have booked this summer. Why do they have Asia cruises in the Spring, Winter, and Fall but not in the summer. I don't get it.
  9. Thank you for the response. I fully intend to continue to travel to Europe and elsewhere regardless of this procedure, and yes, I understand that my government is doing this to Europeans in the name of safety. However, I predict many people in 2021 will buy plane tickets, head to the airport, and not have this "visa."
  10. Many questions here. Will I have to mail my passport to the EU government for this "visa?" Will I have to print something out and bring with me to show the airline at check-in or European border officials? Will there still be border agents at the airport to slow me down? How does this make travel more convenient? I predict that this will be very onerous and reduce the number off travelers who can access the world.
  11. $66 per person per day is unrealistically low and I have never been able to come close. In fact, you may be the only person who has paid such a low price. I have been on 6 HAL cruises and my average cost has been about $250 per day per person! These are 7-night cruises. For this price, I expect a free entree whenever I want it!
  12. Unless your cruise was booked through a TA and then you need to call them.
  13. I am thinking of buying an internet plan for my cruise in April. I need to use the internet at 6:30am precisely on the day of disembarkation. Will it work? How late does WIFI work on the day of disembarkation?
  14. Most cruisers are not going to spend any time researching their cabin for AC issues. They simply expect the AC to work 24/7. HAL needs to meet these expectations if it wishes to remain relevant and profitable.
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