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  1. Sorry for delay in reply to comments. As mentioned by another poster, we still have to pay gratuities, the dollar difference US and Australian is shown so currency not a factor. I know it is all cruise lines re TA policy. ( US lines for sure as all lines owned by one or two companies. I enjoy Hal but maybe, despite liking the itinerary fir next year cruise - want to see a bit of Malta I may look at RCI or Celebrity who I have been wanting to try. Sorry I forgot about our kiwi friends who enjoy the same disparity in pricing. Seems Canadians are a bit better off and nothing against Americans - I like you except for the buffet lines ha ha. But just as America does not like subsidising the rest of the world in many things, maybe the rest of the world cruisers do not like subsidising American cruisers. We would just like a ‘Fair Go’ in pricing terms or access to the deals we do not get. I can tell you, in terms of perks, upgrades etc. we get nothing like what Americans do. I wonder if HAL ever read forums etc. like hotels do on TripAdvisor? It would be nice to get some comment from them, and not just a standard blab. Anyway I have had my gripe, thanks for reading and commenting. It is just nice sometimes to get things off your chest. We are 3 star mariners which is not a high status as we do not cruise as much as Americans particularly but we have been loyal repeat customers as have many Aussies and Kiwis and in business, repeat customers are what you want. May see some of you on a future cruise, whether that be HAL or not remains to be seen. Regards Tony
  2. We have done all our cruises with HAL - Alaska,Baltic, Iberian Peninsula, Norway, Med. We noticed more on our last cruise in 2017 that many Australians are frustrated about how much we pay for HAL cruises compared to Americans. I had wondered previously if we could book with American Travel Agents - they say you can but HAL says that unless you booked with one before July 2011 you cannot. Don't think I would like to try. Problem is and I will give an example is cost difference. We are looking at Adriatic cruise in 2020. Now for Australians the prices are about $A2800-2900 PP for an inside cabin ***** advertises the cruise for $US1784 ( @$A2500) plus has a deal where that would give each passenger a refund of $US150 (@$A210). That makes a difference of $A500-600 PP. Quite a lot considering it is a 12 day cruise. Now HAL always says they value all of their customers and Mariner Society members and many Americans may say that that is just how it goes and everything is relevant but I just want to make the point that to many Australians the disparity seems like a bit of a rip-off.
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