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  1. You may be able to purchase by the day also. Normally the price is $40/pp/day
  2. Probably not Bromine as this is a corrosive substance and not good for contact with skin or inhalation either. This is what I found on Cruise Critic review on Oct 02, 2017 by Melinda Crow (contributor): Thalassotherapy means therapy of the sea. And while that could apply to an entire ocean cruise, it typically refers to a special hydrotherapy pool available on some cruise ships. On ships that have them, the thalassotherapy pool most likely is tucked away in or near the spa. They generally are for adult use only, offer forceful jets of saltwater and are larger than a standard hot tub, sometimes with full-body-length reclining seats in the water. The temperature is often quite warm. Thalassotherapy pools are intended to improve circulation and help with joint pain, among other therapeutic effects, due to your body's absorption of trace minerals found in seawater. They are designed to work in conjunction with other spa offerings like saunas, steam rooms or massages for a total relaxation and detoxification effect. More information can be found on (another) this link. https://www.tripsavvy.com/what-is-thalassotherapy-3089986
  3. Don't forget to enjoy the steam rooms and the nice dressing rooms and showers.
  4. I'm on the Oosterdam now on the Feb 23 sailing. The 7 day couples package was $246.
  5. Yes as stated, I spoke with Guest Services and the Cruise Director. Also wrote it up on the guest survey
  6. I was on the Oosterdam Nov 04 and Dec 15 2018. The movie theater is still there BUT they have discontinued movies there. On the daily When & Where. I asked Guest Services and Cruise Director to be sure. I agree that movies are on stateroom TV but going to the theater is like going out. I included my displeasure on the comment form. Going back on O'Dam Feb 24. Hoping there has been a change.
  7. I don't get it! Answers dancing around the original question to satisfy your point. Point 1. Boarding - HAL provides boarding priority based on loyalty levels, whether they offer a separate lounge in all cities or not. Where I have boarded HAL at least segregates 4 & 5 Star and (Neptune & Pinnacle suites). Point 2. Debarkation -(Which was the original suggestion) Allow priority (4 & 5 Star Mariners, Neptune/Pinnacle )debarkation or self assist passengers who wish to get off early, not stand in line on deck 2 on a first come basis. I mentioned Carnival because they provide a lounge (which is usually a MDR )for Diamond & Platinum passengers on the debarkation deck only if you are self assist. They are the first to get off. There is no line, no queue.
  8. Please read again my post. I usually board out of Port Everglades and HAL provides a separate lounge (upstairs) or area depending on which terminal and pre-boarding for the loyalty levels as quoted. This is not rare. I am also a 4 Star working toward 4 Star. The purpose of my post was to point that boarding (embarkation) process gives priority to loyalty levels (4 & 5 Star) and and thus why HAL does not have a similar process for debarkation. Everyone (those with self assist) stand in line from mid ship and winding through the corridors waiting for the word to come to get off. This is not a good experience. I mentioned Carnival as the process is more orderly especially for the Platinums and Diamonds who report a special lounge and are seated along with coffee and etc. for a smooth debarkation. I
  9. I wish HAL would adopt a disembarkation process similar to their embarkation process for their 4 and 5 Star Mariners. They provide an exclusive lounge during embarkation and when boarding starts the 4 and 5 Stars are given priority to board. There is no exclusive lounge provided when disembarking (i.e. Queens Lounge etc) for 4 and 5 Stars if you are carrying off your own luggage. This includes Neptune and Pinnacle suites. Carnival Platinum and Diamond passengers are provided a special lounge for embarkation and disembarkation. During disembarkation If you are carrying off your luggage, Diamonds are allowed leave first followed by Platinum. They also provide continental breakfast and this is a very enjoyable and smooth process.
  10. My vote goes to Cruzan Rum! Cruzan rum sells light, dark, 151 and flavored rums such as coconut, pineapple at others. Very smooth and great tasting. Cruzan rum is made in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and is found in stores in the Virgin Islands and in the United States.
  11. Something that may help you with the dilemma (not that you have not already thought of it) is just do the math. Now that you have done it.... Consider when you are in port you have other opportunities to enjoy cocktails that are not covered by the Cheers package. Sent from my SM-N900T using Forums mobile app
  12. Try Bahamas Paradise Cruise line. They sail out of West Palm Beach. They have 2 night cruises and because they have 2 ships, they have sailings every day. The ships are refurbished (Carnival Celebration and Costa Classica) and they are in good shape and the service, shows, entertainment and food are excellent. Check out their website for more details. Sent from my SM-N900T using Forums mobile app
  13. Rental cars would be the more practical. You can also rent a jeep. Many of the roads are flat but there are roads in certain sections of the islands i.e. North shore and East Shore that have steep hills but still can be navigated by car. Now there are some homes along hills that have very steep driveways and the owners have 4WD vehicles.
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