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  1. Thanks!👍 If at all possible we will stick with the MDR - dinner in the WJ is just not what we would like!👎 Just the site of the melting mushy ice-cream and the line at the crepe - station and people working on their laptops or reading books....is turning me off enough - to leave that place - before I even looked at the mushed up foods....😱🙄🤢
  2. Totally awesome - you can even manage to do it!👍👌
  3. Totally Agree! 👍 We are still not ready so settle for self-serve cold burgers from a buffet.....!🙄😱
  4. If you want/ need fast service - grab the Maitre at the entrance and let them know you need to be out within 1 hour - works all the time!👍😎
  5. Sure is faster - when you are in a hurry!👍 MDR needs a 45 minutes minimum....🤔
  6. Just stating a fact!👍 You are just assuming and implying and trying to twist my post the way you want.....🤔🙄
  7. Waterproof and you can take it off - it is kind of a rubber band .....👍
  8. Absolutely!👍 You might want to re-read what I wrote earlier.....to us it is not what we would call a dinner!👍 Sometimes we like to eat a meal at fast-food buffets too - when we travel.....🤘
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