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  1. Do ship passengers have to submit a covid test before debarking in Barbados?
  2. Usually do fttf bht with lower passenger load didn'tdoit on 8-30-21 Mavi out of Canaveral. Would have een a waste if money. Basically walked thru all check points and boarded. Maybe different in Oct .
  3. I am thinking of taking a taxi from Amber Cove to Luperon to see the area. It is about 45 mins to get there. Any experience with this trip or cautions will be appreciated.
  4. Anyone know when Carnival will be embarking from Ft. Lauderdale again?
  5. What is your opinion on November 21 sailings happening?
  6. How do you book the taxi/ferry/taxi option?
  7. Is there a sidewalk in the tunnel?
  8. Flew in to Nassau a few times in the 80's. Had a great time. Took mopeds all over the island. Found local restaurants we went to after dark and felt very safe. Started going there on cruises in 2010 and every year it has degraded some shop owners are outright crooks. Avoid it now.
  9. I have a deposit on a November cruise with final payment due in August. My options seem to be to cancel and lose deposit, make final payment and take cruise if it sails or get a fcc if it is cancelled. Another question is will the Caribbean ports on the itinerary be open or will it end being a cruise to RCI private islands. Time will tell.
  10. We drive to our departure port and hand our luggage over to the handlers while keeping a small carryon bag with us. Under this scenario, has anyone experienced a loss of the checked bags? I have not but wondering if I still need a carryon.
  11. I heard that some ships are being refueled by barges while anchored in the Bahamas
  12. I have been following current ship activity on Cruise Tracker. Most of the ships off Florida appear to be anchored with some moving. The anchored and the moving seem to change daily. What is going on with that?
  13. Princess was held inside at various locations, great. Hate having to fight to get to the muster location and stand and wait for latecomers. unfair to the rest.
  14. The drs note was required under temporary rules. Waiting to see if it becomes a permanent rule. Carnival doesn't reference a drs note.
  15. Malpractice would come in if you sue your dr. Rci wants the letter as a defense against your action against them. Prob already covered in the cruise contract.
  16. Yep, seen a few airlifted out. Once in the DR one left by ambulance. Cruise lines can't fill their ships without them though.
  17. Then how will they get thru with all those infirmities? Maybe profit motive will take over. Too soon to tell or worry about it.
  18. Oops. Still 70. Still affects a large segment of their base. Hope they relax it by fall. Don't mind the temp check but a drs note will be hard to get no matter how healthy you are. Guess canes, wheel chairs and electric scooters are a thing of the past.
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