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  1. Back in Oct on the Crown they had the same thing posted in the patter and I can assure you that the person that wrote it wasn't thinking about the dress codes as the restaurant wasn't enforcing it anyway. On formal evenings in the DR just a pair of black slacks & top was OK for the women & a dress shirt & dress pants was fine for the men. On casual evenings in the DR people were even wearing shorts without any questions. For the the specialty restaurant on casual nights a pair of jeans & polo was sufficient for the DR & my slacks & top were fine. we didn't go on a formal night but since formal wasn't enforced in the DR's I seriously don't think the specialty restaurant would either.
  2. We feel that the food on any of the Royal class ships is either equal or above that of any of Princess ships. They always have something of interest at the buffet and it's always prepared very well. The DR was the same as most of the other ships.
  3. Yes I did but I was responding to a removed comment that stated pictures were handed to someone who didn't offer cash in exchange.
  4. For what it's worth, they do put patches over all the torn facing but I guess that only happens during a dry dock. There are some of the elevators that are in worse shape than the one shown.
  5. I could have sworn that someone posted getting photo's in exchange for a good comment card. Maybe it's gone. Sorry.
  6. We once sailed in a cabin next door to a banjo player who practiced each day in the afternoon. He was actually quite good and never played at night- after 6 PM. I doubt if it could be heard any further than the adjoining cabins or in the hallway.
  7. Oh I do agree that the steps would have been nice to leave in place like on the Royal/Regal. The Crown has steps in their Lotus pool so why not have it similar? I'm just happy about the depth being reduced.
  8. Yes you can. We had brought many of our own movies but since the TV system had many we hadn't seen before there was much need to watch our own. It also quite easy to reach the HDMI input since the TV's are mounted on the shelf & not wall mounted in most cabins. Unless they've fixed things, the picture doesn't show some of the areas that are in need of repair to the plastic film they applied to the doors. Especially around the button areas.
  9. Your scenario isn't quite the same. There was no money exchanged.
  10. I'm glad to hear that they've changed the depth to something everyone can enjoy. No need to steps with that depth. I also see that they've added full shade around the sides which was sorely needed.
  11. MissP22


    All the Princess ships run the same movies.
  12. I haven't been following the Sky threads but are you saying that the aft pool on the Sky doesn't have steps and it's still as deep as the Regal & Royal?๐Ÿคจ
  13. With the number of Platinum & Elites growing each year, even getting into the priority lounge at embarkation is getting tougher each cruise. Unless you get to the terminal early the chance of selecting a decent seat in the Sanctuary are harder each year.
  14. Not saying anything about those people they chose but what difference does it make in the long run. The ship still sails no matter who they name & I doubt if there's on person in a thousand that would choose a ship based upon who they choose. After the big christening ceremony it's all but forgotten & just another trivia question for them to include in their games.
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