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  1. 2 minutes ago, skynight said:

    Now it seems ATD is gone, at least for now.

    I haven't been following this complete thread but if that's true we'll be opting for a table for 2 all the time at the beginning of the cruise. 

    I think this will be the most requested option since people will be cautious about contagious COVID. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, skynight said:

    Don't ever remember sitting at a table for 12, but if 8 and 10 are any indication then 12 would be even more difficult.

    One time were were at a table for 10 & got stuck at the end of the table, which was terrible. Absolutely no allotted table space since the ends of the table are somewhat pointed. 

    We arrived earlier one evening to sit in the middle & were criticized for changing seats. Needless to say that was our last time at a large table.

    We don't need the aggravation at dinner time.

    A table for 2 is so much better.  

  3. 2 hours ago, skynight said:

    Now they ask our booking numbers so they can find a reservation in Dine My Way. Our answer, don't know. Don't carry those numbers around in our Phone is locked in the safe. While there may be a procedure, it certainly has more steps than the previous process of just showing up.

    You would think the medallion system could provide that information.

  4. 8 hours ago, getting older slowly said:

    Saw it on the Golden a few times... the cue... was unbelievable... so didn't go


    But nobody really known  what is going to happen, stay the same or change..


    As they say.. we will get there when we get there..





    You have to get there before they open & then the seating is rather quick once they begin.

  5. 2 hours ago, DVC Calif said:

    I also like smaller portions so I can try a variety of foods. However, this sometimes means I take a half-portion of the fish or half an enchilada, which will probably go to waste anyway. Yes, technically it's not on my plate, so I didn't leave food behind, but technically I did because who is going to scoop up the other half I leave behind on the buffet line.


    My two cents.

    In many cases I only take a small portion of many items like yourself. If they insist in giving full serving spoons of any items it's only going in the garbage most times.

    This might not be all bad since it'll speed up the line with indecisive people. 😄 

  6. 20 hours ago, trbarton said:

    I’m not sure about the Apple holders but here’s what I purchased from Amazon that will hold my Air Tags plus my Medallion when I receive it. I figured no need to pay a high price with Apple. 




    I only paid $6 & have 5 holders compared to Apples $35 for just one. 

    What do you think about the Amazon holders?  With Amazon you can easily return them. 




    OK I guess but you have to wear a pair of pants with belt loops.

  7. 8 minutes ago, caribill said:

    With enforced boarding times, except possibly for the earliest time slot, you can get on the ship immediately after checking in.

    I've never seen that happen in Florida. They always made people wait until general boarding had begun.

  8. 6 hours ago, caribill said:

    a) With Princess, due to the pandemic, saying they will be enforcing assigned boarding times, the special Elite lounge will probably no longer exist unless it does for the first assigned boarding time.

    I can't see why the Elite Lounge won't be available for boarding as before. Separating passengers can be done either in the general population or the lounge....but why knows for sure.

    It wouldn't surprise me to see them enforce assigned boarding times but that would only mean longer lines outside the building accomplishing nothing but more crowding shoulder to shoulder. 

  9. 2 hours ago, scottca075 said:


    Princess is waffley and vague on purpose. They are trying to attract passengers and so they walk a line where no one is put off by dress codes.

    They publish the formal dress code blurb & then turn their heads to all but the most blatant offenders, trying to satisfy both groups. It is strange that their the last of the more popular cruise lines to hold on to the old way of doing business.

  10. On 5/20/2021 at 11:58 AM, pris993 said:

    Really, I have traveled for 6 weeks, only washing underwear in a sink???   

    Washing underwear in the sink is the quickest to make sure you'll have them for the next day.....without holes or shrinkage.

    My husband had been doing it for years now.

  11. 21 minutes ago, caribill said:


    You are considered a guest at both.

    For the cruise ship you pay a fare to be a guest.

    For a wedding you probably bought a gift for being invited.


    You paid in both cases.

    If I'm considered a guest on the ship then perhaps I can negotiate the amount of my fare. 😉 

  12. 18 hours ago, jwattle said:

    Polo shirt? Maybe pushing it just a wee smidge...

    Yes, it might be so the DH also brings his guayabera shirt.....just in case he's called out for it but never has in recent times. 

    Princess has taken the attitude of not wanting to offend any of the passengers for lack of dress, except for the most extreme.

    I don't expect things to change much once we return to cruising.

  13. For as long as I can recall, formal nights on Princess for the guys has been a pair of Dockers & either a dress shirt without a tie, guayabera shirt or polo shirt.

    The days of requiring a suit or blazer are long gone & I don't expect them to return in the future. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Lady Arwen said:

    This young man could wear almost anything and look dressed up and fabulous!  Most men...well, you know.  If you don’t look like this, then please stick to long pants.  Just saying.

    That looks perfectly fine for a casual evening in the DR.

  15. 13 hours ago, Doug R. said:

    Exactly! I am fairly tech literate for an old goat in his 70's yet though I prefer a printed Patter,  I happily refer to the online edition while out and about onboard. I think the strong anti-smartphone expressed  here is due to the misconception that they are going to be charged for using the intranet to take advantage of the medallion features and the fear that they will ;receive and be charged for phone calls.

    I seldom carry my expensive smartphone around all day long just to take a few photo's & refer to the patter occasionally. It's definitely easier to carry a heighted copy of the patter & not have to worry about losing or damaging my phone. 

  16. 18 hours ago, JF - retired RRT said:

    Me, too!! I rarely get phone calls on my smart phone (very few friends, no relatives), but it's worth the cost to adjust my hearing aids, bank by phone, keep a calendar of appts.

    A computer in my pocket. Who knew?😉

    We threw in the towel a few years ago & got smart phones. There are so many advantages over the old phones like messages for deliveries, watching movies, messages for appointments, news, tracking luggage, etc.

    Not for reading the Patter.

    We'll never go back.

  17. 2 hours ago, AF-1 said:

    The past few cruises my patters along with the shopping advertisements and port info;  sit in a big pile on my end table in cabin.  I glance at them;  but rarely read them.  Everything I need is on my phone and tablet.  

    Just wait until they start spamming your phone with ad's.🙄 

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