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  1. With all the down time they've had since Feb 2020 one would think they've had plenty of time to work out all the bugs from their software. Somehow I think they'll still be some new things that will pop up to confuse people. 😄
  2. If they would eliminate all the ad's for everything they sell on the ship it would also save lots of paper but I doubt it that would be a consideration.
  3. Looks like I'll be taking my cane with me on the next cruise.
  4. I can see the same thing for all the cruise lines....if they want any part of the travel business in the near future. It certainly would make the passengers feel more relaxed about contacting the virus from nearby cruisers.
  5. From the looks of it, if Carnival Cruises want's to be part of the earliest sailing cruise lines they'll probably have no choice in requiring that all passengers be vaccinated (as well as their staff). It seems to be the safest way at this point in time to keep the covid-19 from spreading throughout out the ship.
  6. Most people will have been vaccinated prior to sailing so I'll let them worry about catching it.
  7. If you've got your vaccination don't worry about catching it. Let the others choose to wear their masks.
  8. I wonder if they have ventilators on board?
  9. True. They'll probably opt for another type of vacation where they're not a stringent about masking anyway.
  10. You're very fortunate that you can breath with a mask on. I can't breath very well with a mask on even just sitting around without any physical activity. I think they'll have a hard time convincing people to cruise having to wear a mask in most venues.
  11. Not that I wouldn't like to cruise earlier but I'm betting on spring 2022 at the earliest. It doesn't look good for 2021.
  12. I'm confidant that it'll be a "requirement" on every cruise line that operates out of any US port unless you have a disability to prove that you can't have it. I can't see otherwise. Just because someone doesn't want the shot won't be reason enough not to have it.
  13. Good move. At least they don't have to return it for the immediate future unless asked.
  14. Same with us but at the same time we're not booking anything until thinks quiet down & the require a vaccine. I do believe they'll be a few less of the smaller cruise lines around by the middle of 2021. How long can they possible exist, bleeding money just to maintain ships doing nothing?
  15. I believe you can eliminate that feature from appearing on any screen either with your cell phone or asking them at the PSD.
  16. I'm supposing that masks & distancing will also be a requirement when on those tours. 😷 I can't imagine doing a walking tour or sitting on a crowded non-airconditioned bus in a hot Caribbean climate wearing a mask. Just one more reason to not sail until the virus has subsided.
  17. I believe the crew still has the option of using bikes that Princess has allocated for them. They leave a deposit & for the day & get it back later on. It seems to me that it could be allowed for passenger also.
  18. Delete previous comment. I just saw bicycles mentioned. It's sort of stupid to deny people from enjoying themselves off the ship especially when it doesn't interfere with anyone on the ship. Maybe the thinking was that someone would want to use it on the jogging/walking track?
  19. We bring balloons to id our door. Since Princess doesn't use them any longer they stand really stand out.
  20. The joys of sitting on a plane with a bunch of people just off a cruise. 🤧
  21. It's seems a possibility but the main reason we take B2B cruises is that we don't have to pack everything just to move. I even dislike having to change cabins no less moving to another ship. I suppose we'll just wait it our until they relax the stringent rules & a vaccine is available.
  22. Unfortunately for them, it's a reason not to let them aboard until their vaccinated.
  23. This was my fear all along and was almost sure it would happen. Unless there's a vaccine, which they should make mandatory to sail, they'll never contain it from spreading on a ship. There are just to many variables to consider. Hopefully by the fall season of 2021 things will settle down & we can return to our normal sailing schedule. In the mean time I suspect we'll see more occurrences of ship outbreaks during 2021.
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