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  1. False positive or not....until there's a more effective way of testing & prevention (vaccine) we'll be waiting it out. I still believe many people feel the same. Just because they might offer a real deal to get people to sail isn't enough incentive to get us aboard, especially considering the restriction during the trip.
  2. Sad, https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/11/11/seadream-yacht-club-ends-first-caribbean-cruise-after-positive-test/6253380002/
  3. That's exactly why people should not cruise before there's a proven vaccine & they make it mandatory to have received it before boarding. I know it sounds a little over the top but there's really not a way to enforce people to fully comply all the time.
  4. Same here. I've had enough of the virus & are tired of worrying about it. 😃 What will be, will be.
  5. That's pretty much what everyone on the ship does. 😄
  6. It'll be next to impossible to enforce mandatory viewing.
  7. Same with us....and also many sailings without a single incident. While we really enjoy cruising doing so with social distancing & having to wear a mask most of the time just doesn't sound like much fun.
  8. So far this seems to hold true but we'll be waiting until it's either common practice by everyone to accept the vaccine or they require it to board. I've see to many cases of Noro over the years to think that they can control the covid-19 virus so easily.
  9. Not that I know anything about what Princess intends to do after a vaccine is available but my thinking is that they'll require proof of a vaccination in order to board. I know this idea would upset lots of folks who don't believe in vaccinations but it seems like it could reduce the possibility of transferring the Chinese virus around the ship.
  10. Wow, does that sound like a fun cruise. I'm assuming that people had to actually pay for that experience. Did they have to wear a mask all the time except between bites of food? 😅
  11. Just one outbreak of covid-19 on any ship will cause a setback of 6 months or more.
  12. As we don't fly any longer to catch a cruise that eliminates one of the biggest problems. We personally have been to the Caribbean so many times that in our last dozen cruises have only gotten off the ship to get some exercise so if we don't stop at any of the islands we'll wind up saving port charges anyway. 🤑 I do agree that cruising won't really get underway until late 2021 and if it's going to be wearing a mask, count us out. 😷
  13. I believe you post sums it up for many people. We're willing to wait until they've developed a vaccine & it a requirement on a cruise line to even board. We'll also be waiting for many test cruises to have sailed without ANY problems before we'll venture back again.
  14. Some folks seem to be afraid to venture out of the house lately. Others don't seem to have any fear of sailing with a few thousand others in a confined space. Makes me wonder?
  15. I doubt that many people will have the chance to "test" their safety protocols in the first half of 2021 but we stand among the cautious group that will wait it out until there are brave others willing to do so. I can't see how people can enjoy cruising social distancing & wearing a mask most of the time except when eating.
  16. Although there seem to be a lot of these people now wearing masks than a few months ago I can only wonder if they'll be a drop in the number of infections once the election is over with. I can't see the CLIA allowing cruising in early 2021 either.
  17. Also requiring a vaccination shot before boarding (when it's available) as well as not being required to wear a mask everywhere on the ship.
  18. I'm really afraid this is a distinct possibility if they don't come up with a vaccine very soon. I also think it's going to be hard to sell a cruise vacation {at any price) to people that have to wear masks, social distance and limited venues open on most ships. I'm not sure any of the cruise lines can hold out long enough.
  19. Smart move. 👍 As much as I would like to start cruising once again, it's just not the time for it. I think 2021 is going to be almost a total washout at least until the fall season.
  20. We do likewise in the Caribbean. There isn't much we haven't see numerous times. From what I understand you can't even get off without being on a Princess schedule tour right now and I doubt we'll still be able to get off on our own just to shoot a few photo's. We would hate to be trapped on the ship unless we paid the tour price. Hopefully things will change by late 2021.
  21. It seems to rely on the magnet of the medallion to stay on which isn't all that strong.
  22. No, but I can see the elevator waiting areas packed with dozens of people at dinner time just waiting for an empty one. I suspect they'll have operators operating all the elevators to keep them from being overloaded....maybe 5 or 6 people at a time at most.
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