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  1. EVERYONE in the white house was tested for covid-19 on a daily basis. I seriously doubt if any cruise ship would be more thorough. Being on a ship in close proximity to many people every day would be a recipe for disaster- mask or no mask. In any event, we'll be waiting for a vaccine to be introduced, possibly with the stipulation that you show proof of being vaccinated before being allowed to board.
  2. You can't be serious thinking that everything will be OK in early 2021. Even with the precautions taken in the white house the virus somehow slipped by & infected many of them. I can't imagine being trapped on a cruise ship with limited medical services. We'll wait it out during 2021 for all the guinea pigs to cruise under their proposed precaution methods to see how it goes. There are so many other safer vacation options that we've put off for many years while cruising.
  3. I can't believe that this thread got that sidetracked to include dogs?
  4. There's a big difference between a bike & allowing dogs on board.
  5. 😄 They would have to pay me for a "vacation" like that.
  6. And that isn't any sort of vacation IMHO. I believe most people will wait it out until they've had many, many cruises taken place with out a single incident and they return to normal cruising. Hopefully the cruise lines will be able to hold out with limited numbers of people sailing who will put up with the restrictions.
  7. Exactly. Especially when having limited events scheduled while sailing and having to wear a mask as well. We'll be waiting it out for better times and let others test the waters.
  8. Somehow I seriously doubt that there would be enough people willing to sail when forced to wear a mask most of the time. ( or at least sufficient numbers to make it profitable). From what I'm seeing, the restrictions that might be placed on the sailing public are necessary but to restrictive for our tastes. We'll just bide our time & wait for a vaccine.
  9. I suspect you won't see much entertainment in the piazza for a while. I't much to cramped to even think about it.
  10. Although not the majority, there are many people who get to the buffet from the aft doors & don't even have to pass the wash stations on some of the ships. I do agree that the buffet is always a much faster option at any time but if people were to be limited in numbers to go through the line it would take so long they might as well turn it into a sit down restaurant & be done with it.
  11. Now I know you're living in a dream world. They might as well shut down the buffet since it would take hours to get through the line, especially at lunch time. Why not just eliminate the buffet altogether and have another sit down AT restaurant?
  12. At least there easy to find when you do lose one. 😄
  13. $45 just to display one of the medallions? I don't think so.
  14. Four ! That seems like on overkill just to have it stick in one of their overpriced necklaces.
  15. I can see them returning some time in late 2021 providing they have a vaccine sometime in the early part of the year. If there's no vaccine available I can only imagine they would have to sell the ships as scrap. After all who wold be interested in going into a cruise business at that point in time?
  16. It all depends on which other ships are scheduled to visit Princess Cays and also what the next island is on the itinerary and the amount of sailing time it takes to reach it. I prefer a full sea day before returning back to Ft Lauderdale.
  17. Same with us. All my shopping is done early in the day where a mask is required & by the time it does get really hot I'm home in the AC of by my pool.
  18. They sure might......for a price. 🤑
  19. If that's the route they choose to go then menu's will also have to be provided. Sounds like the regular restaurant to me.
  20. I suspect that no matter what they decide to do I'll be throwing away much more food as the end result. When serving myself I take only as much as I want & need. If a server is dishing out the food I'm sure it'll be slower with people giving specific instructions as to which piece they want & how much sauce to put on it. It'll be much slower than ever before. It sounds like the DR will be a better choice in the end. I hope they don't enforce any dress code. 😄
  21. Surely there must have been something good about the cruise?
  22. I think they're praying that sufficient numbers of their past customers will return to cruising as soon as they can. We'll be waiting to see how future cruises go & when they don't require masks or distancing any longer we'll consider it again. It certainly doesn't sound like much fun to sit around a pool or show lounge with a mask on. 😷
  23. It's a laugh to think of anything Princess gives you is actually "free". Even the setup and laundry is well paid for over the years.😉
  24. I don't think there was ever a problem with a card or medallion opening other cabin doors- only the assigned cabin where they were programmed to work.
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