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  1. You can opt out of having your name shown on the screen if you prefer. There's still one bad feature about the medallion program they haven't corrected. If you should loose your medallion & someone finds it, they can locate you cabin via the public screens & have access to it until it's reported lost even if there's no name shown on the door.☹️
  2. That feature in itself would be a great advantage for Princess if it becomes available. They could require all passengers to carry a medallion even if they had no intention of using it & requested a card instead. We've never had any problems with using the medallion rather than a cruise card. They never said that the cabin door would open itself, only unlock as you approached.
  3. I've never notice any difference which side of the medallion is placed against the reader. I carry mine loose without any holder and it seems to work no matter which side is placed on the sensor. Perhaps I just use always use the correct side?
  4. They still have to make sure it's you behind the mask to compare it to the one on file. I tried switching medallions with the husband to test them & they caught us on the way out. 😉
  5. Just the other day I listened to some guy on YouTube saying that in the future they probably wouldn't be utilizing the closed pools any longer.
  6. Have you read anything about an extended date? The did extend the date of the coffee cards on some of the ships. At this time I suppose it's the least of their worries.
  7. That was a great deal. I've still got 8 more coupons for a BOGO dinner which will expire at the end of this year- but for the first night only. ☹️ I wonder if they'll extend the date under the circumstances?
  8. Was the voucher good for any night or just the first one?
  9. On the Regal this past Feb they were accepting ANY old coffee cards at the IC although they would punch it for even a regular coffee. We never used as many punches before trying to use up as many old cards as possible. 😆 We also gave away a few new cards to people we met on the trip. Don't throw away your old card yet.... you can never tell what might happen when they begin cruising again. I believe it was done on some of the other ships as well as part of a goodwill benefit since they had a large number of complaints. I suspect that it might not be continued in the future due
  10. I'm hopeful that spring 2021 might be an option to begin putting ships sailing again (provided that they have a vaccine). At least we can see what happens on the initial cruises to determine if we'll be booking anytime during the year.
  11. Just trying to convince the public to begin cruising once again will be a major accomplishment. From what I see many people here in Florida are afraid to venture out in public without a mask to go shopping, no less be confined on a cruise ship. 😕
  12. Unfortunately, I expect to read many more stories such as that one before the virus has run it's course.
  13. If this is any indication of a cruise experience during a Pandemic, I'd much rather do a different sort of vacation then be cooped up on a cruise ship. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/01/hurtigruten-cruise-line-33-crew-infected-covid-19-norway/5562151002/ When they have a vaccine available that been tested and actually works we'll consider another cruise but right now we're not even looking no matter what deal they offer.
  14. I think Princess would be so happy to have people sailing again that a dress code would be the last thing on their minds to have their customers worry about. 😄
  15. Lots of correct answers... I wonder how things will be if & when people return to cruising someday in the future. 😕
  16. Neither can we but we're hopeful that they may come up with a solution in a few years if Princess is still in existence.
  17. The way I see it is that if the cruise companies ever do begin sailing someday in the distant future the tables of 4 to 10 people will be gone from all the dining rooms. Unless people specially request a larger table then tables for 2 will be the norm. (and the distance between them will be much greater than in the past)
  18. I really hope you're correct but unless there's a vaccine to totally eradicate this virus, even one more cruise where an incident breaks out will finally end cruise ship travel for everyone. Looking at the news today it doesn't seem encouraging at all. Can the cruise industry continue to hold out without any source of income? I just read this interesting article after I posted. Mystery as Argentine sailors infected with virus after 35 days at sea https://news.yahoo.com/mystery-argentine-sailors-infected-virus-35-days-sea-035702418.html
  19. It's depressing to think of not being able to cruise again but I can't envision it being an option in the distant future. (2021 or 2022) What is interesting is that the future sales are up for 2021 for many of the cruise lines. NONE of our friends or people we talk to are interested in booking any cruises at this moment. Could this be that they've just released exaggerated claims to entice people to return to cruising once again as soon as they sailing again?
  20. The way I see them operating the buffets is that they just might have the selections in view & you then will order from a server what you would like. It seems like that might be a waste of food since a waiter can't judge how much of each item your might want. If that's the way it'll operate then we'll probably stick to the DR for most meals since it won't be much different. The elevators will have to be operated with an operator stationed in each one to limit over crowding, much like the first day when people are just boarding. If you think they were slow before, just wait
  21. What everyone has posted is 100% correct and makes me wonder about the future of cruising at all in the future.
  22. Personally, I can't see how any of the cruise lines can stay in business unless there's a foolproof vaccine introduced very soon. It so sad since many of us really enjoyed cruising as a past time in our retirement years.
  23. That sounds great. I'm glad there are people willing to test the waters to see how it goes. If it's anything like the US, they'll have to cancel all the trips & go back to square one again.
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