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  1. Well put. Quarter of a million in the US, over a million world wide. The original post you refer to has been reported. I hope they take it down. Referring to it as the OP did is meant to denigrate a race of people and make them out to be the bogey man. We can all agree to disagree but racist comments like the "Wuhan Virus" have no place on a public forum.
  2. Been on 30 cruises. I love everything about cruising. Meeting new people, trying new foods, going to places I've never been to or going back to places I have been, quietly enjoying a day on the deck in the sun while I float around the ocean but this a really bad idea. Yesterday there was more than 100,000 new cases in the US with Florida being a red hot zone. Forget the politics, that many people getting sick in one area is not an enticing proposition for me and its going to get worse before it gets better. I really don't care that there's going to be policies in place for cruise lines because there's still too many things that need to be addressed. What's going to happen when the inevitable happens and there's a breakout on a ship? Are they going to be able to get back to port of departure or are they going to be stuck floating around the oceans? Testing - there are no accurate enough tests that can determine "right now" if someone has Covid so they're going to have to rely on people supplying tests that are a few days old indicating they are not positive. That means of course that I can take a test 3 days before I sail, fly to Florida enjoy a couple of days at Disney, in restaurants enjoying myself and then walk on a ship (newly infected for Covid) and spread the joy. I could go on but I wont. Suffice to say, jumping on a cruise ship out of Florida right now, as much as I'd like to, is a really bad idea. 2022 has been my tentative plan for resuming to cruise. Nothing that has gone on in the last few days has bumped that up. If anything, 2023 is looking like a distinct possibility right now.
  3. Well put and its why I asked to see this mysterious statistic stevenr597 was referring to. He/she was offering an opinion based on wishful thinking.
  4. bwhahahahahah - an opinion piece from a Texas radio show with not one statistic in it to back up what they're saying. This is your proof? Good Lord.
  5. Absolutely. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR1wE25YYpXpwy_T5EnOYpELnJaMISMp6IwC7aNMuwnkfIOLjoXBnUpsWY0#countries Johns Hopkins: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-ncov-eueea https://news.google.com/covid19/map?hl=en-CA&mid=%2Fm%2F02j71&gl=CA&ceid=CA%3Aen
  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. ok then. Thanks for the detailed information to back up your point.
  7. I'd like to share your optimism but you can forget about a vaccine in November or December. Vaccine trials wont even be in a situation to release the results of their trials until late this year and then it has to be peer reviewed. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-51665497 From the above article: "Most experts think the vaccine will not be widely available until the middle of 2021". This lines up with what Fauci and others have been saying. Forget about a vaccine that you or I might be able to get this year. Wishful thinking wont make them appear quicker. And to add to the complexity of things, recent surveys show that over 45% of the US may not get a vaccine. That will only ensure this virus continues to hang out for years to come since there seems to be a general consensus that this virus will turn endemic, meaning it will be with us for a very long time. Vaccines every year might be necessary but to get back to your original point, not a chance there's a vaccine ready this year.
  8. I'd be interested in seeing that statistic. Got a link?
  9. Interesting comment you made there. Lets look at the data. Population of the EU+UK = appx 740M. Population of the US = appx 330M Total Covid cases in Europe to date = 6, 694,000 Total Covid cases in US to date = 9,121,000 Total deaths in Europe to date = 215,000 Total deaths in the US to date = 233,000 So an area more than double the population of the US has 73% the number of cases and 92% of the deaths of the US. More data to chew on: New infections yesterday - US = 81,000. The nearest country to that? India with a population of 1.4 B at 49,000. India. The US has about 3 Million active cases. The next nearest country to that? France with a little more than 1 million.
  10. US Politics. Most of the rest of the free world is handling this much differently.
  11. The difference of course is that experts (scientists/virus experts and so on) do not guess like you or I might. They analyze data, devise theories based on the data and proceed. What you want to see from these people is the ability to analyze the data and confirm their theories or look at the data and say they were wrong. Nobody except morons and con men pretend to know how to approach something like a new virus and never waiver. A good scientist has the ability to acknowledge their success and failures and draw conclusions based on what the data tells them. I always find that the people who impress me the most are the ones who say they don't really know how to address a situation but are willing to learn or look for a way to address it. I'm not sure what so many people thought would happen with a new virus but expecting to come to a solution and know exactly how to handle it within a few months of its appearance was never going to be an option. To say they've been guessing is an oversimplification of the scientific approach required to address something like this.
  12. Those numbers mean nothing without the title of each column explaining what each number represents. The remainder of my questions remain - shows the facts to back up your opinions. Prove that the statistics of overall death rate are exaggerated or that infection rates are exaggerated. You said the virus is not taking lives in Africa - prove it. Prove that the numbers reported there are exaggerated. As a footnote, WHO estimates that 10% of the world's population is infected by Covid: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/coronavirus-cases-world-10-cent-deaths-covid-latest-who-b806299.html I suppose their figures can't be believed tho. They're in the pockets of the Chinese or some such nonsense.
  13. Even better idea. Drop their stuff right there on the deck, take the chair and move it nearby. If they return whilst you are lounging you get to have a good chuckle as they try and determine who took their chair.
  14. Pretty much sums up our attitude as well. In the meantime, we're redirecting our travel funds to renovations on our house. Long overdue for us and so in that respect, covid has forced a break on us that we would have taken very soon anyway. When cruising returns safely in a way you detail, we'll gladly resume. My prediction is fall of 2022 before we will be on a cruise ship again.
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