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  1. As good as guess as any I suppose. Looks like we'll be cancelling our flights from the US. I had hoped by now all would be well. At this point, flying from Canada in November is probably not a bad thing given that everyone will have to be vaccinated to fly. That will likely never happen in the US.
  2. Meanwhile, CTV news says its still uncertain https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-u-s-border-impact-uncertain-after-u-s-says-foreign-visitors-will-have-to-be-vaccinated-1.5592401 So I guess we wait ......
  3. Well, looks like the land border will stay closed https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/united-states-biden-travel-1.6182300
  4. Interesting. So why no news on the Land Border? It would seem to me that if he's opening up to international visitors that maybe the Land border would open a bit sooner? Maybe they want to wait until tomorrow so as not to appear to be interfering with the election, one way or the other? Also interesting that it says you must be vaccinated to travel into the US. Not sure what vaccines they'll accept and does this mean no more antigen tests?
  5. We have our own hotspots - Little Texas (Alberta) springs to mind. And to be clear, the PCR Test for re-entry is a Political decision not one based on any science. Trudeau's own scientific commission that he set up to study how to manage the border in a post-vaccination world recommended that there was no need to do 100% PCR tests at the border unless the returning Canadian was unvaccinated. They recommended spot antigen tests for vaccinated Canadians. An no, I'm not a Trudeau basher, I just disagree with politicians overruling the opinion of the very scientists they asked to study the issue. We all know why he put the PCR test bs in place - to exert maximum control to prepare for his election that we all knew was coming.
  6. The test to re-enter Canada gets me angry every time I think of it. Wouldn't it have been great if the Feds had followed their own committee's recommendation? They recommended that if you were vaccinated that no test should be asked - only random spot checks at the border paid for by the government. Unvaccinated Canadians and vaccinated Canadians are in the same boat now. We are all treated identically at the border. Its one way they could have encouraged more people to get vaccinated. Dont want to have to pay for a PCR test? Get vaccinated. The other thing that gets me is this stupid ArriveCan nonsense. The country cant keep me out so why bother with that nonsense? Sure, you want to hit foreign travellers, it makes sense. That way you can keep people out from countries like India for example where covid is at high levels and vaccination rates are low. But if I tell them I spent a week in Bangalore, wandering the streets the government still will do nothing differently with me than if I had returned from New York state. They'll insist on a PCR test and the ArriveCan garbage.
  7. Oh baby - wait until the airlines get into the game. Here's a list of current "fees" I recently made note of on a flight I was pricing to FLL from NB Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee $7.11 Air Travellers Security Charge (ATSC)$24.21 Airport Improvement Fee (AIF)$85.00 APHIS User Fee - Passengers United States of America$5.03 Passenger Service Charge United States of America$5.71 Immigration User Fee United States of America$8.89 Customs User Fee United States of America$7.61 Coming to an Airport near you - as soon as people start travelling in pre-pandemic rates: Antigen Test: $149 Covid Fee $25 Airplane cleaning Fee $20 Airport Disinfection Fee $30 Passenger Safety and Enhancement Fee - $10 Hepa Filter Rejuvenation Fee - $15 Mask Fee - $5 Airplane Seat disinfecting fee - $9 Of course I'm playing it for theatrics up but in all seriousness, how long before a Covid Cleaning Fee shows up on your ticket price?
  8. Sadly, you can thank the unvaccinated for that. They are clogging up emergency rooms and ICU beds. It will have to come down to the country taking the carrot away and pulling out the stick I'm afraid. Get vaccinated or be satisfied with your decision that has resulted in your exclusion from airplanes, bars, restaurants, trains, travelling outside your own country and perhaps province etc. Last week this graphic I saw on CNN explained it all quite nicely:
  9. Different scientists, different tests, different countries, different political attitudes. Example - > There was a company in Australia that thought it had the vaccine to protect against the virus. Turns out their data was wrong and the Australian government abandoned financial support. The company CEO was heartbroken but admitted they weren't where they thought they were. Oxford University came up with AZ. Guess what? It works. Some countries however were not willing to take the chances on blood clot issues once more data starting coming out. Don't forget, these vaccines were developed and tested in record time to address an issue in record time. The testing to achieve emergency use was not as thorough as it would have been had the world had all the time in the world to address it. Again, the data drove some countries to pass. Mixed doses are another thing - some countries, like Canada, chose to allow it as a means to get a many people vaccinated as quickly as possible. In the end it may turn out to be a good choice - we'll know come the fall if it was. Again, the data will drive our final decision on that. To be short, you couldn't put 100 countries in a room together and get a consensus on what time of day it is. To expect that they'd all agree on a vaccine approach as thousands of their citizens are dying is a wonderful thought but it will never happen. Don't forget, politicians have one major goal - to get re-elected. It drives everything they do. We see it with Trudeau. Everything he did this year was with one goal - get the country vaccinated and re-opened so he could have an election and get more power. As long as the political science drives what these people do, we are always going to have different approaches to EVERYTHING. In Canada's case the political science has taken a seat beside the real science on this train to God knows where. I suspect its the same everywhere to one degree or another. Not sure what you mean by putting things on the backburner. Do you mean medical procedures waiting for getting cancelled because of the virus?
  10. Fortunately, a scientist changing his mind is not unique and it is something you actually want to see in a scientist. To do otherwise would be to run into a unique situation like a pandemic, make your mind up early on and never waver. That would doom us all. I'm not a scientist in that field but I do have a science degree. You go where the data leads you. You may have a notion on where you think it will go but a true scientist will read the data, and then analyze, analyze, analyze. Early on in this pandemic it was thought masks wouldn't help contain the spread but as more data came in and more people got sick, the scientists went where the data led them. I know that in the real world we're all expecting answers now! I guess its the world we live in today with instant access to information and data but it many cases this is an expectation that can't be met. Covid-19 is a once in a lifetime event. To expect a scientist to know instantly what is going on with it, to provide all the answers right away and for those answers to never be wrong is unrealistic. The man has over 50 years experience fighting diseases like this, Aids and so on. Having a guy like him give his opinion is more valuable than probably anyone else in the world. And yes, even with him it will change. Its a testament to his knowledge and experience. Scientists (like Fauci) are led by data. We are led by emotion, by the restrictions in our life, by the inability to do things like cruise, by the missing connections in our life. We're going to be upset, drained, fed up - I know I am and I get that you are too. But look where we were a year ago. If Delta had been spreading last year the death toll would have been horrific - something out of a Stephen King novel. The reason we have a fighting chance today is because scientists went where the data told them. Its why some vaccines didn't work and never saw the light of day and some miraculously did work and give us the chance to get a little normal back in our lives.
  11. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/pharmacy/astrazeneca-to-seek-full-fda-approval-for-covid-19-vaccine-this-year.html In the works apparently.
  12. The cruise lines sure have made a mess of things haven't they? I get that its a difficult decision but had most cruise lines simply got together agreed on a vaccination acknowledgement/review strategy and a common strategy to deal with DeSantis, things would be different. The reason we cancelled 3 cruises was only in part because of the mixed vaccine issue. The other reason was the constant confusion and changing rules plus the added costs of PCR tests, antigen test and the ever changing rules for when you do get on board. It was all too confusing. We just gave up and decided to do something else with our money. When/if the cruise lines return with a semblance of sanity in their approach, we may look at cruising again but I suspect that time is more than a year away at this point.
  13. Dont have a link but I thought I had heard it on CNN a couple of weeks ago. I'll see what I can dig up
  14. Good points on thalidomide. AZ pulled its emergency use voluntarily in favor of applying for full FDA approval. I believe they applied a couple of weeks ago if I recall correctly. If it does get full FDA approval it wont necessarily mean mixed doses will suddenly be fine of course. That will still be a hurdle to get over.
  15. It looks like NB may be leaning towards 3rd doses for those with mixed ones. So it seems more and more provinces are heading in that direction. With an election a couple weeks away we wont hear any news out of NACI since I suspect Trudeau (following the political science) has quieted them until the 21st. I bet after the 21st there will be a note from NACI that indicates there are no issues with a 3rd dose in a mixed dose regimen. Then it will become country wide.
  16. That is interesting. Hadn't thought of a combination like that.
  17. Here's a monkey wrench into the works. Fauci was on CNN yesterday and said he entirely believes that a full third dose will be required eventually for full vaccination. So are people who got a mix and are now looking for, and in some cases getting, a second dose of mRNA going to only find out that to be fully vaccinated you need 3 doses of mRNA and therefore your mix of AZ+2mRNA is no longer considered fully vaccinated?
  18. I dont think NCL accepts mixed doses (AZ+mRNA) so if that's your issue, NCL won't be any better.
  19. We're in the same boat. Mixed vaccines and Diamond on RCI. Got the same run-around from RCI and Princess too btw. Its my theory that the lawyers got involved and now have the cruise lines all running sacred to be sued so they're putting in rules that are not science based but legally based. In the end the legal profession always makes money no matter what happens in the world. Anyway, we cancelled 2 Princess cruises and one RCI cruise and instead will be taking 5 weeks this fall in Florida in a quiet condo complex that we've rented in the past. It will cost about the same as 4 day cruise - 5 weeks for the price of a 4 day cruise - think about that. We'll stay away from crowds, restaurants, bars, clubs, stores etc. We'll spend our mornings enjoying a coffee on the balcony and the afternoons on a beach where there will be nobody within 100 yards of us. Quiet, safe long break from the crappy fall in Canada. All this nonsense with cruise lines and testing forced us to look elsewhere. Right now, we're in no rush to go back on a cruise. If they can chase us away (29 cruises so far) who else will they chase away? Take your hard earned vacation dollars and enjoy life elsewhere. Someday cruising may go back to something resembling normal. When it does we'll think about cruising again......maybe.
  20. and why not hand out third shots at this point? There will be thousands of viles of vaccine that will end up in the garbage because they expire. At the very least, put them to good use. Provinces could advertise that those with mixed doses can register for a third dose and get one from a soon to expire vile. A "While supplies last" sort of thing. To add another wrinkle into this argument. Fauci was interviewed on CNN and said its very likely that a third dose will be needed soon to be considered fully vaccinated. Look out then. All this mixed dosage nonsense will start all over again. "Oh, you need to have 3 doses of an mRNA, you have 1 AZ + 2 mRNA, we dont recognize mixed doses".
  21. Any idea what they charge and how long it takes to get results? thanks for the info btw
  22. You can always carry your paperwork with you. There will be plenty of people who either will not allow a government app on their cell phone, wont have a cell phone or wont be able to figure out how to do it. They will carry their paperwork and as long as it is official with the proper info on it, that will always suffice. Each province has their own health software and they do not interact with each other therefore there is no way they will be able to confirm anything with anyone. When the Feds come out with their app, they will account for third doses. Even they know third and probably 4th doses will be needed before we get on the other side of this thing - if we ever do.
  23. Good point - I too discussed my situation with my doc and was given the ok.
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