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  1. On our Serenade cruise last week the attendants did put tags on empty chairs, and removed items after 30 min. They only did this around the pool but not the area in the shade...arghh. Many people prefer the shade too, and were chair hogs. Glad to see them enforcing rules for a change.
  2. I agree... we made sure to see Beau in the District nightly. Only disappointment was his shows end early...on Royal the piano bar entertainer end at midnight. We found ourselves going to dinner earlier so we wouldn’t miss his shows. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. You are very welcome. The drink of the day is posted in the daily newsletter but you can ask at the bars. I didn’t see them go around with drinks this cruise. Bar waiters were always in short supply...perhaps because of the ‘free’ drink options now. We would just go to the bars, tip extra and then never had problems with service all week. We love talking to the bartenders and others at the bars anyway. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Thank you for the follow up about oral allergies. Now that you mention this, I realize there may be other foods I’m allergic to. Ragweed as well as all grasses and trees are allergens for me. I will check...thank you. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Hi Aubrey, sorry I’m just getting back to you. I was away at our other love...camping. I hope you asked this over on the Bermuda port threads. People there have so many good suggestions and there’s several people who live in Bermuda that can help you out. I hesitate to answer, not knowing what you like to do and at what pace. We have taken part in so many activities over the years from kayaking, swimming, tours, beaches, buses, scooters and taxis at all three areas. But we do try to do things at a slower pace to enjoy each area fully. If we have an activity in the afternoon, we have spent the morning in snorkel park, a short walk from the ship. It’s not very impressive but a little place to snorkel or take our grandson or have a drink when the weather was cool. We have also walked to the sea glass each or shopping or a self tour at the maritime museum there too. We have taken a ferry to Hamilton for shopping, lunch/drinks overlooking the harbor, gone to the Bermuda museum, walking tours and visited churches. Also gone on boat tours here with visit to a private beach with snorkeling and taken the buses to visit the aquarium/zoo, crystal caves, Fort in St. George’s, beaches, crystal caves, lighthouse, and friends went golfing. But all these take more time than you may have for a few hours. We have taken the bus to Horseshoe Bay but it can get very crowded but it’s cheap. Also gone by taxi when we had 6 people in our group to split costs. Also secured a taxi for a half day tour which was a great option when 1 couple hadn’t been there before. See what I mean .... there’s so much to do and see but it certainly takes a little work to investigate options. As I said we tend to take things slowly and not cram too much in one day. Have fun....I’m sure you will! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. I’m jealous...lol. Would love to cruise Haven just once. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I agree, many of the activities are for children which we don’t use whether it’s rock climbing, slides, bumper cars, surf pools, race cars, ropes courses...etc. Although hubby tried IFly on Anthem and loved it. Also many times we cruise with multigenerational family and friends so it’s nice to have something for everyone. We have cruised on ships or itineraries with older passengers and have found it to be quite boring for us. But we’re not into nighttime disco parties either! The Manhattan room features dinner and dancing, but the one night we saw it, only very small kids with parents and one couple were on the dance floor. Although we’re 60ish, we prefer a rocking piano bar after dinner, or a Bonjovi cover band in Music Hall, alongside our ‘kids’ in their 30s. All kidding aside, we really like the larger ships for the variety of activities and entertainment, for all ages... and all the extra walking is a good thing too. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Yes there are porters but we wheeled our own and was lucky with no lines through customs. Walked right through after he looked at our passports, no questions this time...got lucky. Porters were mostly used by larger families or groups or handicapped passengers. Also, our last few cruises there’s no need to fill out a customs form anymore, which I think helps. If you’re over the max you must go to an area on the ship, before disembark to declare. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Sorry...error. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. ...I see ‘boys’ who are 16 with full beards and look 30, and ‘men’ who are over 21 and look 14 or 16. How do bartenders know how old they are if they don’t ask for their card? What I would like to see is everyone’s card swiped for age or waiver reasons. That’s all.
  10. I think their policy of not swiping cards for alcoholic drinks, as a form of proof of age or number of drinks ordered, will change when a tragedy occurs or they are sued, especially involving a child. Too bad there’s no common sense NCL! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. They can’t tell, so unless you look like a child you may not be carded. But, if they feel the need to check, they will ask for your cruise card which contains the info, so no need to carry personal ID. Due to the nature of these cruises in particular, and higher price, they don’t attract as many families as other itineraries without Cuba. Also, if kids want to drink, they find a way, whether on a cruise or at home. If you don’t want your underage kids to drink, this may not be a cruise for your family. If you allow your 18 to 20 yo to drink, you can sign a waiver for them to be served beer/wine on any NCL cruise. You won’t see a policy of ‘carding’ on these open bar cruises until NCL is sued or a tragedy occurs. Although a law in NY, it’s really the same in a liquor store or bar or restaurant, it is at the discretion of the employee or owner whether everyone or an individual is carded. But it is illegal (or libel if something happens) if caught selling/serving to someone underage. Btw, in NY you will be carded in supermarkets when you buy beer because they need enter a date into the register. So we know not to get excited when asked for ID.... lol. My niece is 40 and still gets carded when she buys lottery tickets, which is 18 yo. OTOH, I get asked to show my ID to get Senior discounts....[emoji51]. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Although we’re not Diamond on Royal yet (soon) we’ve been Platinum on NCL for a while and agree that the benefits are better with Royal. But, since most of our cruises are out of drivable ports being Bayonne and NYC, and lately Baltimore too, I find that NCL switches up their itineraries and ships all the time, which I like. Royal has the same itinerary and ships all the time out of these ports. Very boring.... Each line has their pros/cons but we enjoy both and continue to compare prices as well. And love the ability to book a cruise after final payments when I’ve found some of the best deals, and squeeze in an extra cruise that’s almost ‘free’....lol.
  13. I know... and several issues were discussed here...lol. I was answering the woman who was going on the Getaway and she was happy that her under age (21) could get an alcoholic cocktail other than beer or wine. Just explaining how it was on Escape and I assumed that Getaway would be the same. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. On Escape, parents of an 18-20 year old can sign a waiver to be able to order beer and wine only -not all drinks with alcohol. I assume this is true on Getaway too. What people do with their drinks and who they give them to, are a whole other matter:o... Is anything enforced on NCL? Was on Escape June 10th cruise, and sign-up was in Headliners when you board, (I was surprised honestly) and there was a sign at the bars too. And our card was swiped every time we ordered a drink, even by bartenders that knew us and our regular drinks, even sitting at the bar all evening.
  15. If price is most important, add up all costs for each cruise, including all tips, service fees, liquor package or dinner package or wifi, OBC...etc. Don't forget transportation or parking fees and hotel too for those that need it. I do this often (I find it fun-really) but specifically did this for a cruise we planned with friends comparing Anthem out of NJ and Escape out of NY. I was really surprised when the Anthem cruise was cheaper! We chose Escape though because we wanted to try a different ship. Pick what you'll be happy with paying!!
  16. I didn't read the whole thread, just the first and last pages but wanted to add that Royal's policy for our canceled cruise was much better than NCL's. We had a Royal cruise cancelled, a year in advance, and were offered much better rates for an alternate cruise, or cruise of our choice, huge OBC, but comparable airfare refund (although airfares were not published one year out) and more time to decide. Just saying!! This offer is a disgrace for a cruise that's only 4 months away and THEY -NCL cancelled the cruise! BTW, we cruise both Royal and NCL (love both) and are a higher rewards level than Royal...most cruises with NCL so far!
  17. Horseshoe Bay Beach. Apparently they now rent canopies as well as umbrellas. This particular day it was too windy for umbrellas. (Not my photo but on a public forum). Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. We didn’t take the free ferry to St. George’s this time. We paid for the ferry to/from Hamilton and would recommend visiting if you want to shop, visit sights, museums, parks and churches, have a bite and/or drink on an outdoor balcony, etc. Also the bus terminal is in Hamilton if you purchase multi day, on/off, passes and want to visit all over the island on your own. Very easy to do and the people are so helpful. Have done this on past trips too...loved it. You can get the schedules online. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  19. Last post reminded me: Only drink menu I have but gives you an idea on prices if you don’t have the beverage package or for budgeting. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  20. Hmmm interesting?? Beverage service charge was $199.08 and dining ser. charge $24.84 (for both of us). I think I know...they increased the value of the beverage package since we booked by $10 /day/person, therefore increasing the service charge. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. Good points...I totally agree. Thanks. Plus if one was upgraded to Haven and the other not upgraded you cannot tag along with perks like Haven pool, separate restaurant, priority boarding and debark, reserved section in theatre, etc. I would love a Haven upgrade, just once, for the larger cabin and balcony, Haven pool and restaurant, Specialty Restaurant reservations, and tender priority (where applicable). Sent from my iPad using Forums
  22. Unfortunately, it’s not ‘free’ only 250 min per cabin. We received 60 free minutes for Platinum and used that up checking emails twice, answering 2 emails very quickly, 1 web site for a phone number, and making a 2 minute phone call...that’s it. Certainly couldn’t write a live review with 250 min...lol. I was going to buy WiFi with my $200 OBC, but realized it wasn’t worth it for me. Btw, we did get the promos and chose the 3 specialty dinners and the drink package. Service charge was ~ $100 pp for the week which equals one drink per day/per person... UBP is certainly worth it for us! Thanks ... that’s why I love CC for all the info. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  23. I agree too. And I’ll be sure to take new pix of menus for all my future reviews. I hadn’t intended to write a detailed review this time so I didn’t carry my iPad around but next cruise I will. I know people like to see menus and food porn, as do I, which I included on my last 2 ‘live’ reviews on Royal’s Grandeur. Now if, NCL would lower their WiFi costs, I would certainly enjoy and prefer to do live reviews. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. You are very welcome! Honestly, that is our best time to go to Bermuda. If you’re not the worrying type about cruising during hurricane season, it’s the best. But then again, we almost always have cruised to Bermuda during Hurricane high times and never been affected or diverted. Once there were 3 hurricanes in the vicinity, last week of August...With 1 scheduled to hit Bermuda while we were there. The captain gave continuous weather updates, even so far as to how it’s handled if we need to leave Bermuda early due to the approaching hurricane. Almost last minute it took a right hand turn, and the hurricane headed east into clear Atlantic waters. We were very grateful and appreciated the updates....hint, hint NCL, this was Celebrity, BTW. Also, this cruise was the smoothest cruise we ever took, EVER, Bermuda or not, Caribbean, Canada, Panama Canal, or Hawaii, NY or FL, before or since, ‘smooth as glass’, and on a small 45 kgt ship, X- Horizon, besides. There you go....you will have a great time on this huge, state of the art, beautiful ship! Have fun! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  25. You are very welcome. I wish we could go more than once a year...7 days is even too short. Hey NCL, a 9 day to Bermuda would be even better; maybe offer it in the ‘off season’ for the empty nesters! You will have a great time! Please post back. I love everything Bermuda. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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