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  1. Can someone with personal experience answer this question? My wife drinks a lot of diet Pepsi, especially when laying out by the pool. Will she be able to simply hand the bartender her yeti (or any other name brand cup) and they fill that up or is there a policy against that? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to provide your experiences on the Bliss. We will be on the ship in March and reading your review really helps with the remainder of the wait! Thanks again.
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!
  4. Hello twisterfreak2280 Hope you're having a wonderful vacation. My family will be on the Bliss in March and your pictures are helping with the wait. We will have my mom in studio 12535 which is located on the other end of the hallway that you're on. If you get a minute, could you walk down to the other end of the hallway and see if there is an entry/exit to the studios on that end? If not, no problem. We were just curious with my mom having mobility issues. I can't tell by looking at any of the deck plans. Again, hope you're having a great trip trip. Take care.
  5. Hello AdoraBelle! Sorry for digging up this old thread, but I'm curious if you can now confirm if there is a studio entry/exit down at the end of the hall where cabins 12533, 12535 and 12537 reside? We have balcony cabin 12128 booked and are looking for something close by for my mom. Thanks in advance.
  6. Columbus Cove itself is not private. However, the area in which the bungalows reside (on the far end of Columbus Cove) is roped off and reserved for guest who have purchased a bungalow. There is a RC attendant stationed at the entrance to the bungalows who will check you in. We rented a bungalow at Columbus Cove on our last trip and while we didn't stay in the bungalow very much, we enjoyed having a space to leave our belongings while we swam and ate at the barbecue area located near by.
  7. comcry. Thanks for reporting back! Awesome photos!
  8. Wow! That sundae looks good. Kind of crazy that they are included in the price, but the milkshakes are extra. The kids will be more than happy with the sundaes. Thanks again for the info.
  9. comcry, Could you please report back if you get to select your cabana upon arrival to Labadee or if it is pre-assigned to you? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the update. Were you cups for the soda package in your room upon arrival?
  11. Hello MrsKC08! Thanks for all of the great information. We have a Harmony cruise coming up in a few weeks and my family booked two adjoining Boardwalk balcony suites. So, we will have two vouchers for free meals at Johnny Rockets. If you have the time, could you find out if the vouchers are good for lunch or dinner and if milkshakes are included. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello jdkey, We visited Little Divi a couple of weeks ago. Once out of the cab, just head straight for the beach and find an attendant to set you up some chairs and an umbrella. There was some sort of check-in area prior to getting to the beach, but after standing in the line, I was told just to head on to the beach. We had a very relaxing day there.
  13. Hello pghsteelerfan, I also want to say thanks for the beautiful pictures of Little Divi! They really helped us with our planning. Quick question for you. Do you remember if the bar/restaurant area had wifi available? Our 15 yr. old daughter will probably be having Instagram/Snapchat withdraws by the time we dock in St. Maarten. Looking for somewhere she can catch up back home while we lounge at the beach. Thanks in advance.
  14. Sailing on the Regal soon. Is sweet iced tea available on-board or is it unsweetened only? Thanks in advance.
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