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  1. I know with other cruise lines they had a farewell party, some of them did a white night party, what can i expect with Carnival victory in August, never cruised carnival this way i know what have to pack in advance 🙂
  2. thanks all new to this, first time with Carnival but not new to cruising LOL
  3. do i put it on his main accont card, or do i need to only do bar cash?
  4. great that is a relief. I mean the 3 of us might have 1 drink all week if that, and the one who drinks well its his 21st Bday so i expect some drinking LOL.. so cards it is YAY i feel so relieved now
  5. first time traveling on carnival, there is 4 adults in the room, but only 1 is a drinker, what are my options, as i can't just order one drink package but instead have to spend $980 for 3 people who don't drink at all and 1 who does, Can i just purchase all soda packages instead and purchase the bar fun cash for the one who does drink???? My husband and I and my mom are diabetics so we can't drink alcohol so wondering what i should do
  6. would i be able to pack a small air mattress or something? im thinking my poor 20 year old and his back issues Ugh
  7. we have a suite with trundle and sofa bed, does anyone have an idea on the trundle or a picture? just wanna be sure we all fit, family of 4 going in this room
  8. I have two upper pullmans what are weight requirements? Worries my son is to big (275lbs) Sorry if this been asked before
  9. first question my almost 21 year old is a few days shy of being 21 for the trip were taking someone told me i can sign a waiver for him to drink, is he only limited to beer as i know he doesn't like beer he is responsible with drinking, could he have a mixed drink as long as he sitting with us on pool deck does the sky make the miami vice drink, i had this on the dawn and i hope to have it again and does anyone know how deep the pools are i see that there is 2 by the hottubs my husband never learned to swim so he is leary if its to deep
  10. while i just booked my cruise a few days ago, today i got an email to bid to upgrade from Inside to oceanview, this is only my 2nd cruise, im not sure how all this works it says bid from 85-150 a person, not sure if i should do this or not
  11. 30 something days till Miami to great stirrup cay and Nassau on the sky Sent from my REVVLPLUS C3701A using Forums mobile app
  12. Oh wow ty so much Sent from my REVVLPLUS C3701A using Forums mobile app
  13. does anyone know what the rules are regarding vape mods on the sky? my son has a mod that takes 18650 batteries, is this something that would be prohibited, we are aware he can only vape in smoking areas, but we just unsure of if his device is allowed or not
  14. Oh that is good to know, i like the idea of individual actually :) thank you so much im prob going to have more questions i am sure sorry if i am annoying LOL
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