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  1. We are scheduled for July 10, RCCL from Vancouver to Seward. This is our second "try" for the season. We booked a group January of 2018 for a June cruise that was cancelled. Unfortunately the June 2021 cruises were too expensive for us to re-book when we got cancelled, but the July cruise was a fantastic "deal". Fully prepared for it to be cancelled as well. But, if (big IF) Canada re-opens port and cruises are allowed to cruise it might be the best cruise ever...half price from our fantastic original group rate and maybe a ship half-full that is extra clean. So...we are sure hopeful that we get to go but realize it might be a long shot. I have spoken with a couple tour vendors that are planning to have a season. Major Marine in Seward is starting their tour season. I know, if the season happens, there will be lots of excursions/tour companies that might not happen but the things that we have on the group list most are taking local buses to so we should be okay. Fingers (and toes) crossed...
  2. We had a group scheduled for a June 12th sailing which was, of course, cancelled. At this point Canada says ports are closed until July 1st. We re-booked for July 10th. Seemed we had nothing to "lose". We got a full refund or a 125% FFC and the rates are less than half of what we paid originally and airfare is less too. If Canada doesn't open the ports we will of course be disappointed but will again get the same offers so we felt like "why not". Yes, there is concern on the C-vid virus, and we will take the necessary/recommended precautions but we are cautiously optimistic. Ultimately, however, all the responses of "who knows" are exactly right.
  3. We've done an Alaska cruise before and are "tentatively" booked for July 10th this year. Last time we took the bus from Seward to Anchorage. Is there someone who has done the bus and also the train and can compare the two? If you took the train, did you do regular class (Adventure Class) or Gold Class (first class) which includes dinner, drinks and 2 adult drinks plus seating in glass domed car. If you did Adventure class, how expensive were the food/drinks on the train? Trying to get info to help make a decision. AZ Fun Seeker
  4. Canada ports are closed to cruise ships until July 1st, so June cruises are not happening.
  5. We are looking at doing a Kenai Fjords excursion in Seward at the end of our July Alaska cruise. I'm considering 2 different options and am wondering if anyone has experienced them to help me compare. The first is a 5 hour Kenai Fjords tour which goes by Bear Glacier and it looks like it is on a regular boat. It includes a Salmon and Prime Rib buffet. The second one is a 6 hour cruise on a high speed catamaran that goes to Holgate Glacier. It also includes the buffet lunch. Both include motorcoach transportation to the airport as well. The first one does have an option that doesn't include airport transport and we could either take the bus or the train. Wondering if anyone has done both bus and train in the past and have wisdom on how to decide which to use (other than cost).
  6. Totally do it! We did the drive and it was so scenic and beautiful. We stopped at Emerald Lake and then turned around. I had read lots of review that said the scenery past it was nothing new. I don't recall anything in the drive that was super stressful. My most favorite memory (in addition to the Hubbard Glacier) from the trip.
  7. We rented a car in Skagway and drove up the Yukon trail all the way to Emerald Lake. It was, for me, a highlight of the trip. Absolutely stunning scenery and Emerald Lake has to be one of the prettiest places I've ever been. It was easy to rent the car, drive all the way and make it back in time. It is a bit of a hike from the dock to the rental car, but not too bad.
  8. The train doesn't take you to Emerald Lake which is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! We choose to drive ourselves so we could be sure to get there.
  9. Try to book as many as possible independently. In Skagway we didn't have enough time to take the train and then rent something to drive to Emerald lake so we chose to rent a car instead and do the Yukon trail by car. It was so gorgeous but nothing compared to the beauty of Emerald Lake. This was probably my favorite time on the whole cruise. We stopped and saw sled dog puppies, went through a museum and stopped for so many photos on the way. Here is one of Emerald Lake and the photos don't even do it justice.
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