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  1. WOW. Thanks. Just looked back at the tweets and boy they have been at sea a long time trying to get to Miami! Tweeting my support to @azamarapursuit....
  2. Been following Pursuit’s tweets (we were on her maiden voyage so she’s special to us!) and realize she’s been at sea a long time trying to get Miami but where was she coming from?
  3. Hello from the Dallas area. Dallas County has just received a shelter in place order, effective tomorrow at midnight. Most of the people I know have been self-isolating for the last week or so, however, yesterday on my daily solo walk, I was surprised to see a group of parents and children at the playground 😞 — We’ve been somewhat behind other major areas regarding restrictions (I have close relatives in Boston, DC and Miami) perhaps because we didn’t have our first identified case until March 11. Unfortunately we are catching up now. God Bless Everyone and Stay Well!
  4. We love Captain Carl! And we were on Pursuit’s maiden voyage to Norway in 2018 so we have an extra special fondness for her .... safe travels all back to the U.S.! You have had an adventure for sure!
  5. Again, not communicating to me as i did not receive the letter and I have a cruise booked with Crystal In 90 days, and am signed up to receive emails and receive their marketing emails. Maybe they are only sending to their loyalty members? This would be my first cruise on Crystal. But my travel agent forwarded me the letter with the cancellation info (However, thanks to this board, I’d already heard about that!) They need to check how they are sorting their electronic communication data.
  6. My Crystal River Cruise is 100 days out and so I’m in what would normally be a penalty period (and still technically is, if I didn’t wait until 30 days out to cancel). I am happy with this new policy and think it’s very fair as I will be glad to sail Crystal Ocean or River another time. And it encourages me not to cancel too early because in 70 days things could be looking a lot different, so who knows? I understand some guests wouldn’t want the $ tied up in a FCC but it’s a lot better than losing thousands. Thank you Crystal!
  7. As the OP, I just want to reiterate my original point: yes, it is an overwhelming situation for all clients and all cruise lines, but other lines have managed to communicate and address the issue effectively by announcing very liberal and fair cancellation policies, both on the ocean and on the river. And many lines have communicated with me, even though I don’t have existing bookings on them, but not the line that I have a booking on in 100 days, which is Crystal. I think that is very poor communication and as a first-time client who booked more than one year ago, that is very disappointing. I made my final payment in February, and I deserve to know my options since I am now in penalty phase, as all the clients of the other luxury lines (Regent, Silversea and Seabourn) now know their options for many months out, but I don’t.
  8. So, I guess they are communicating with some guests. I’ve been booked on this trip for more than a year and I do receive their marketing emails. Perhaps they are only communicating with people who are already either on a current cruise or have one in the next 60 days. But I’m also wondering why they haven’t announced a more wide-spread cancellation policy like the other lines. I’ll get my travel agent on it. Our trip was built around a business conference and my husband’s workplace just announced a ban on international travel. I thought we could “wait and see” but we may not be able to do so.
  9. I’m new to Crystal and booked on Crystal Bach in June. In the last 48 hours, I have received email communications from Viking, Seabourn, Silversea and Regent informing me of their actions regarding Coronavirus and their new generous cancellation policies. Ironically, I’m not currently booked on any of those lines but appreciated they communicated to all previous guests. I have not received any communications from Crystal or Oceania, the two lines I have existing bookings with. I haven’t yet sailed Regent, but gee, now I’m thinking about it. And the Silversea message was particularly impressive, with a video from the CEO, and an information page not just about what they are doing, but info on the virus from respected sources. In comparison to all this communication, Crystal seems very silent and not proactive and I am disappointed as I can’t wait to try the line! Wondering if others have received such emails or if this lack of communication is usual for Crystal. it should be noted that I am finding Oceania weak on this as well (my next cruise after Crystal River). Oceania kills tons of trees by literally sending me at least 3 brochures a week but is very lacking in electronic communication. And Azamara, which we’ve cruised on four times in last three years, has also been silent. Would one to hear others’ thoughts and experiences.
  10. We’re on the Rhine on Crystal Bach June 21 and are currently in “wait and see” mode since we have some time — we also haven’t purchased our airfare yet. Both Viking and Uniworld have announced very fair policies so guests don’t take a huge loss, hooray to them! Crystal has announced policies for Ocean ships through April but nothing for river cruises as of yet. We are actually more concerned that the business conference in Vienna we built our trip around might be cancelled since some countries are starting to cancel large-scale gatherings. I think in 30 days the recommended course of action for early summer travel to Europe will be very obvious.
  11. Maybe I dreamt it 😊 but I thought I saw news a little while ago that Crystal was going to be offering France — perhaps in two years???? Anyone have any info or did I make that up?
  12. Considering our first Oceania Cruise on Regatta...we’ve sailed four times on AZ and love the R-Class ships, but we’ve always stayed on Deck 7 in a basic veranda cabin and we’ve been reluctant to upgrade to the larger suites on Deck 8 because of their location under public decks and especially the restaurant. We’ve read some comments they can be noisy. We are somewhat noise sensitive when sleeping. Can anyone share Penthouse Suite locations that you found to be quiet (or ones to avoid)? Thanks!
  13. Thanks everyone -- that was exactly it, I was looking at the actual cruise I want to take in March 2021. When I pulled up the same itinerary in 2020 - voila there were the prices. This definitely shows me that if we plan to do several Oceania excursions, the OLife shore excursion benefit is the way to go because they are pricey! And all the comments on the beverage option were also helpful as I didn't realize that package was only beer/wine at lunch and dinner which doesn't really work for when and what we like to drink. Appreciate everyone's help and I will probably have some more questions...
  14. A poster on this board mentioned checking out shore excursion costs when deciding which OLife option to take. However, I've gone to tje website on two different computers (desktop and Ipad) and I don't see any prices listed. Are prices listed only when going into your reservation after booking?
  15. When we chose Crystal for our first river cruise, AMA was a close second...I really wanted to try the AmaMagna and thought it might be an excellent choice for a first-timer since it’s larger. It ended up being significantly more expensive (maybe the new boat was getting a premium). It’s still on my list for the future, particularly since they have a golf program which my husband would love!
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