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  1. HAL 2018 Asia-Pacific Grand Voyage info on my blog http://www.sueatthebeach.wordpress.com. Please feel free to follow along on my daily blogs from the LA to Sydney segment.
  2. Can anyone provide any info on the new HAL unlimited WiFi packages? Lots of confusing info from HAL for our upcoming Asia-Pacific with multiple available segments......some have packages to purchase pre cruise, while others don’t. Could you book pre cruise or only after boarding? Do they still allow purchase by minutes? What were the rates like? What were the primary differences between the 3 levels? It sounds like the only benefit for premium is streaming, Skype, Netflix? Can you blog, download books, etc from the “surf”package? Thanks!
  3. First followed the 2017 GV Asia-Pacific and then 2018 the GV World. Thanks everyone for the great blogs and photos. I also wonder how I’ll fill my time. Fortunately, 2 will still be blogging for awhile! You’ve inspired me to try blogging and I plan to begin with our 2018 GV Asia Pacific.
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