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  1. They can see it for themselves on the website (as the link above shows) or they may have received an email concerning the details of the upgrade system before it started.
  2. Interestingly most of the Celebrity ships have a similar or higher GT than Azamara. Here are some figures I have obtained Azamara Quest 42 GT Celebrity Solstice 42 GT Celebrity Summit 46 GT Oceania Riviera 51 GT
  3. Normally if making your own transfer arrangements then you can leave anytime between 7.00 and 9.00am without having to specify a time in advance.
  4. Belfastman


    When I have make a booking with the 10%saving it is taken off at the end.
  5. Belfastman


    I believe that you still have to take the 10% of the price shown.
  6. No the Riviera is an O class which is bigger than the R class ships . It carries 1200 people compared to approx 700 on the R class but is more than double the size.
  7. On all of our Oceania cruises we only ever had one port change which was minor (Portland changed to Newport). This was notified about 9 months before the cruise departure date. This is only my experience I know there were changes last year on other O cruises in the Caribbean due to the hurricanes.
  8. Having completed many cruises with Oceania we have never had to share a table in the speciality restaurants.
  9. There has been a suggestion that MJM are trying to buy Harland and Wolff perhaps through the administrator but do not want the current workforce.
  10. Belfastman

    White Night

    This chain of shops is also found in parts of Italy in particular Northern Italy.
  11. There are also veranda plus on deck 6 and 7, at the front and rear between the big suites.
  12. Belfastman

    Spa suites

    The two spa suites are usually four people therefore all the officers would need to be removed to accommodate the spa suites.
  13. Belfastman

    Spa suites

    No they are not - only the club ocean and club world.
  14. Pressing 2 items per person has been a perk for suites for many years.
  15. Yes Tanqueray 10 and fever tree so much better than Gordon's.
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