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  1. It will be interesting to see how many staff Philip takes with him to his new ship.
  2. Not unexpected even if it is sad. Could have been seen when Larry left.
  3. I prefer the O class ships (Riviera and Marina) which are much more spacious. The cabins are bigger and bathrooms larger than the R class. There are more restaurants to choose from and a better layout in my opinion.
  4. Flu shot is given for a winter illness covid would be year round and would also be given to everyone ideally whereas flu shot is given to a small percentage of the world population. Don't know of anyone who is required to have a flu shot prior to cruising whereas I guess that the covid shot will be required.
  5. Even the vaccine may not be the answer. No-one knows how long protection given by a vaccine will last. If it is only six months everyone will need to have the vaccine again and again ..... As it is going to take a very long time even to get the first time vaccination for everyone how long will repeated doses take?
  6. I have used an FCC against an existing booking and the price was the same and not increased My booking is direct with Azamara and not through a travel agent as I said before I get no advantage using a travel agent but now can see the disadvantages through these posts.
  7. As with all scientific tests there is always a margin of error built in for variables in the test - it is reported that that error for the covid test is 1% ie. 1 out of every 100 will give a false positive.
  8. According to Azamara , Pursuit has a passenger capacity of 702 based on double occupancy, ie 351 cabins.
  9. Check the date on the QPS website as to when the listing was refreshed to reflect the current location. I think the brochure may be out of date as even the pictures shown are not current.
  10. You need to look at the update page 1. The yellow funnel looks like P&O to me. The pictures are old and show the inside of the P&O ship. It is definitely not an Oceania ship outside or inside.
  11. Belfastman

    For sale?

    I have seen that an 'R' ship is for sale on a site for selling cruise ships. It states that the ship is located in Glasgow. The pictures shown appear to be a P&O ship and the site states that the ship was built in 2001. Pursuit would fit the description but makes little sense to sell the one you have spent most money on recently. https://www.qpsships.com/copy-of-s2127
  12. No additional benefits offered here and the invoice price from the cruise line is what you pay.
  13. I have never understood the benefits of transferring an onboard booking to a local travel agent. I did it once and made no benefit from it in fact had to make final payment earlier than if I had left it with the cruise line. I have asked a local travel agent what benefit I would get by transferring to them - there was no benefit except someone local looking after the booking.
  14. Good luck finding a cruiseline that does not employ similar measures. These are what will be required to be allowed to sail and/or to enter ports.
  15. I got a full refund for April 4th cruise today - 89 days after it was cancelled.
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