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  1. No additional benefits offered here and the invoice price from the cruise line is what you pay.
  2. I have never understood the benefits of transferring an onboard booking to a local travel agent. I did it once and made no benefit from it in fact had to make final payment earlier than if I had left it with the cruise line. I have asked a local travel agent what benefit I would get by transferring to them - there was no benefit except someone local looking after the booking.
  3. Good luck finding a cruiseline that does not employ similar measures. These are what will be required to be allowed to sail and/or to enter ports.
  4. I got a full refund for April 4th cruise today - 89 days after it was cancelled.
  5. Just tried this number and exactly the same as I got on the two numbers I tried previously.
  6. I used 02032500145 and also 0800 740800. Both were cut off after hearing the messages. I also tried today at 9.45am and 12.15pm with same result.
  7. BA have now joined the rest. This week I have tried numerous times to contact BA re a refund for a flight. All phone numbers are redirected to the one number from where you get cut off after listening to their messages. The is no waiting simply cut off. They do direct you to the website so that you can get a voucher but no refund.
  8. There is a new terminal at Civitavecchia now which opened about a year ago. There is now shelter to wait either for your transfer bus, tour bus or shuttle. Luggage is unloaded into this building also.
  9. Cabins numbered 7108 to 7131 are the B3 that have an extended balcony. Lower numbered cabins on deck 7 have standard balconies.
  10. Yes I think it is fair. I did not cancel the cruise freely I was forced into the decision. The cruise line still got full payment so didn't matter to them that I was not there
  11. Not true. I have cancelled a cruise with another cruise line a few days before sailing and still got the full loyalty points. The cost of the cruise was refunded through my travel insurance.
  12. I agree. I never book a cruise taking any loyalty benefits into account I base my decision on price and is it somewhere I want to go.
  13. I take 5 Azamara cruises a year (generally in suites) and it works for me
  14. Disagree with point 1 - I booked 2020 cruise using 3 free nights in a suite for about 50% the original cost. The upgrade system appears to be working for many (See the database) and indeed has worked for me getting an upgrade to a suite for approx £340.
  15. The LCV quarterly savings were on the website from 1st Oct. You can find this by doing a search on the site for quarterly savings.
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