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  1. Carefreebee, fun post! I got a chuckle out of “suffer sailing out of Houston “. We did 1 cruise out of there in 2015 on the Emerald P and of course fell foul of the Texas liquor laws a couple times. San Francisco is our home port and love being able to get to a port without having to fly. (Love the Grand P) We were actually going to try Carnival since the plan was for Carnival to homeport a ship in SF and run short cruises to San Diego & Ensenada. Oh well, like you we love paging through the cruise atlas and dreaming of better times.
  2. Hope your cruises sail! We are so glad we did NYE onboard the Royal this past New Years, boarded Dec 28. It was one of my top 3 New Years eves ever!
  3. I have been following this vlog for a few weeks. It is very informative and a different perspective from passenger vlogs. There are a couple other crew vlogs I follow but this is the only officer’s vlog. I just watched his episode about cruise ships filling Manila Bay, it is so sad to see all these wonderful ships treated like pariahs.
  4. We had a great time on the Royal out of Long Beach over New Years. The world was normal and we were looking forward to our next booking, a 15 day to Hawaii out of SF on the Grand leaving March 7. Then we started hearing disturbing reports about the Diamond. We were nervously following the Grand when news came out that a passenger who got off the previous cruise tested positive. The Grand’s visit to Ensenada was cancelled and it headed back to SF. We still hadn’t cancelled as we figured Princess was going to cancel which they did March 5. The Grand didn’t arrive in the bay until March 9, 2 day
  5. This was on the Royal, last NYE, first time being on a cruise for New Years. There were more tuxes than I’ ever seen onboard before so I was in good company.
  6. Thanks for posting this, I can relive our cruise! We got off the Royal Jan 4, the day you boarded. In fact I was the last passenger off. We were talking in the Vista Lounge and the head of housekeeping came and escorted us off. As I scanned my medallion for the last time security called out “Last passenger!”
  7. Just got off the Royal Jan 4. Here is the cocktail menu I saw at the Good Spirits Bar.
  8. In the picture with the Captain, my mother is on the Captain's right side holding hands with him. As for the years of the invites, I'd say around mid 80's. Looking at a calendar I see there was a Thursday Dec 11 in 1986 and a Thursday Nov 1 in 1984. So I'll guess those were the years.
  9. Before my wife and I started cruising my parents went on some cruises and were regularly invited to have drinks or dinner with the captain. (due to their cabin, not number of cruises) Here are some of the invites and a picture, looks like fun.
  10. I’m not sure why Princess removed Skywalkers from some ships and not others. I wish it was still on the Grand which is otherwise our favorite ship. We sailed on the Caribbean last summer and totally enjoyed Skywalkers, we were there every night until late.
  11. Is there a form from Princess to fill out besides the brokerage account statement?
  12. Regarding getting one’s bottle delivered... On all of our cruises except ones where we had the PBP I’ve pre-ordered a couple bottles of rum. As others have said the vouchers were left in our room requiring a call to room service. One time it took over a day to get the bottles! Most of the time I got an unanswered ringing phone. Twice I got through to someone who told me the bottles would be delivered soon, yeah as in don’t hold your breath. Finally got the bottles the next day. Fortunately the other cruises weren’t as bad, generally took a couple hours.
  13. Hotels: Haven’t been to Rome since 2014 but just spent a week in Barcelona in March and several days in Athens a couple years ago. In Barcelona we stayed at the Hotel Olivia Balmes. It was in a great location, easy walking distance to many restaurants and an excellent shopping street; Ramblas Catalunya. If you walk south on Ramblas Catalunya it becomes the famous Las Ramblas at the Plaza Catalunya. Now we are avid walkers so our easy walking distance may not be so easy for others. There are many hotels closer to the port along Las Ramblas. There is another Olivia Hotel in the Plaza Catalunya b
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