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  1. In that case, welcome to normal on Royal and sister Celebrity. Their IT systems have been awful for years in my opinion. I love it when you are trying to access you reservations and it says to try again in 20 minutes.
  2. Just off the Liberty of the Seas last week. No issues any place on the ship. Had the Voom package.
  3. In a nut shell on our last RL cruise we were told we get $200 on board credit if we signed up for the BoA Visa card and used it within the first 90 days. Turned out it was only $100, but that we needed to use it within the 90 days from the date we signed up (got the card about 3 weeks later). I was 13 days past the 90 days, but within 90 days of receiving the card. Talked to BoA twice so far on the phone. Both times I was on hold 50-60 minutes. Regular customer service line, not their fraud line. They agreed to look at it and today I got the letter saying sorry we are enforcing the fine
  4. Well Bank of America says the 90 days starts from when the account was opened not when the card is received. They refuse to honor the deal. Card gets closed Monday when I have an hour to spend on hold with them. RL has no interest in the issue either. Too bad RL it's your rep that missed represented the whole deal. The BLACK Eye belongs to RL.
  5. I never use auto-pay with anyone. Too many times I've have issues with a charge and if you use auto pay, your behind the 8 ball already to get it corrected. My issues have been: 1. Hour plus wait time to talk to an agent when you call. 2. Was told when booking a cruise on board that we would bet $200 OBC if we applied for the card. Seems that is really $100. 3. Now BOA says the date to use is 90 days from application, not 90 days from when you get the card and activated it. 4. I really didn't need the card, but once I get this taken care of the card is get
  6. We do it all the time. Just log in on new device and it will log you out on the other device your signed in on.
  7. Has anyone else had any issues with “overstated” reward bonus if you signed up for the card when booking a future cruise on ship?
  8. I just love the kindness you run into here now and then. :) I'm sure you were not questioning my honesty. Seem no one has any input I was looking for. My fault for asking. I'll try to delete the post. Happy Cruising!
  9. What did I expect from my post? A negative post such as yours. You didn't let me down. What did I seek? Someone that has addressed this issue with RL before and what RL had said. Yes, all the Jr. Suites were booked. What does that mean to me? It means they are all sold, why not assign them now or at least see what they could do for us as our needs had changed. Just makes good business sense to me. Hope to see a positive post from BrilloHead some day. :)
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