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  1. Any update on an Oasis class coming to Galveston with the new port?
  2. A lot of cruise lines pull a cruise off their website when it is completely sold out. As long as you still see it on your log in page you are fine. I know for sure carnival does this, pretty sure royal does too.
  3. It could be a couple things. One is that it is sold out. Another is that some of the excursions, especially on the private islands, are for suite/super elite passengers only (like the cabanas on that secluded beach in Labadee). If there are any left open they will let regular folks buy them once they are on board.
  4. I think we are in dublin from 11am to 10pm
  5. We are taking a cruise this summer Cork, Dublin, and Belfast. Is there any possible way to see the cliffs of moher while we are there? Has anyone had any luck doing this?
  6. Our plan is for my wife to be waiting outside like it's a getaway car. My final is multiple choice and similar to a scantron, but instead of printing their grades on the sheet it uploads it to a website. So I can easily run them through the machine and run, and get my final grades in while my wife drives (thank you hotspot from my cellphone and laptops). Full disclosure, that day that the teachers are there after the finals is just to turn in our keys and other school property and clean the classroom. I can easily take care of that before hand.
  7. Thank you! I don't have documents yet. I'm waiting to book the cruise to make sure that this is all possible.
  8. Hello all. I was wondering what is the latest time one could possibly board for a 4pm sailing out of Galveston? I am a teacher and am looking to book a cruise for the last day of school, which is a half day and I will be done around noon. The school is about 90 min (maybe a little less) from the port and I would obviously go right there, but I'm always afraid of traffic problems. Which leads me to the question of when is the latest I can board without getting turned away?
  9. Thank you! If anyone else can chime it, that would be awesome.
  10. Hello all. First let me say, sorry if already asked but my googling skills only brought me threads from 10+ years ago. Simple questions from those who sailed recently on the Star... Does the "lap pool" in the spa have an opposing current so you can actually feel like you're swimming laps? If so, must one reserve time in the pool? Does access to the pool cost anything, such as a spa thermal pass or anything like that? We are going on the Star next week for an Alaska cruise and my mother (who is more badass than I'll ever be) is training for an Ironman triathlon. She just wants to get her swim sessions in.
  11. We made the possibly not so smart decision to book through the cruise line. Didn't see that Chilkoot existed and offered the same thing for a bit cheaper. Now they are sold out.
  12. Hello all. I am doing the Yukon expedition & white pass scenic railway excursion through princess on our cruise in about a month. I saw that for some extra $$ you can do a dog cart ride during the excursion and Caribou Crossing Trading Post. Does anyone know how much extra money this costs? I saw through Caribou Crossing's website it was $53 for the 15 minute ride (I'm guessing that's all there would be time for anyway) but I didn't know if the excursion people got a discount. $53 seems a little steep for a 15 minute experience so I'm hoping that it gets a little cheaper.
  13. THank you for the help everyone! We do plan on taking the train because it sounds like fun. Does anyone know can we check in for the cruise, then get back off the ship to check out Whittier?
  14. Hey everyone. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times before but I'm relatively new here. We are cruising out of Whittier this summer and were wondering approximately what time they started boarding the ship. I know the time can change a bit. The reason being is that we have a group of 8 or 10 going and most of us want sanctuary chairs (just for the sea/glacier days). We don't want to get there and them all be gone! Any other alaska cruise advice is really appreciated. We are getting to Anchorage 2 days before the cruise, doing the scenic railway and klondike summit in Skagway, whale watching and mendenhall glacier in Juneau, and Salmon fishing in Ketchikan.
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