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  1. Thanks for the constructive input from all of you. We'll probably book thru from the night before to give us options.
  2. Thanks to all of you for the advice. Plan to stay in/near CBD or Rocks. Will arrive after 24 hours in route with last 17h 35m in business class. So, we should get some rest. However, we're in our 70's and don't bounce back like we used to. Question becomes is it worth an "insurance policy" of ~USD 200(Sunday night booking) which would allow us the option of taking a nap upon arrival vs. being forced to wait until normal check in time. Would certainly request early check in, but expect the reply to be "if available".
  3. We'll be arriving at 0700 on a Monday morning in January to spend 2 days in Sydney prior to a cruise. As this would be very early to expect to check- in to a hotel for a reservation beginning Monday, I assume we should book beginning Sunday night to assure there will be a room ready and waiting when we get there on Monday. Since this will be summer season I wonder if that is in season or off season for hotels in SYD? Any similar experiences or recommendations?
  4. Thanks for the input from all of you. Plan is now to take a small portion of our "incentive to book" as OBC and the rest as a check after the cruise. Based on the discussion above I had 2 concerns: 1. The refundable OBC might be miscoded(not correctly noted in our ship's account as refundable) and at the end of the cruise there would be a hassle(with a 15 hour time difference to work around) to actually get it corrected and paid. 2. I did not want be travelling home with $1000's in my wallet
  5. A new(to us) travel agent has offered "refundable" OBC to get our booking. It was explained that the agency would deposit it directly into our shipboard account. At the end of the cruise any unused balance would be credited to our credit card. We're unfamiliar with this approach as on prior cruises we've either gotten a "rebate" check from other travel agencies before or after the voyage. Feedback from others that have used this approach would be appreciated.
  6. Was in 809 about 2 years ago. Great suite except for the loudly whistling sliding door in certain weather conditions/points of sail. The problem was in more than a few cabins and was supposed to have been fixed by the ship builder. Was in 709 in Feb. and had a similar experience. They tried 3 times to solve the gasket/door frame problem, but to no avail. They once changed out the entire frame and gasket. GM said 709 would be put on the drydock repair list with the 40 other cabins already noted by other guests. The jerry rigged "fix" was to tape the door each of the 4 - 5 nights there was a problem. Did not ask for nor was offered any kind of compensation. Ship was full so there was no other suite to move to. Ship's personnel were very familiar with the problem. Hope Regent truly repaired 809.
  7. Four years ago in October we were in suite 616 in the Gulf of St. Lawrence with apparent wind of 75 knots on the bow. Seas were ~15'. When it was the roughest we simply took a nap. All in all the ship's motion was OK for us. I must add I've never been seasick(yet) on either ships or much smaller sailboats.
  8. Interestingly enough there is an official ARS/USD exchange rate as well as the "blue" Dollar rate. On 12/28/18 the Official buy rate was 36.83, while the blue rate was 38.50 - a 4.5% difference. The sell rate differential was similar. Blue dollar rate is apparently obtained at a Cueva. Got this info after reading an article from landingpadBA.com.
  9. Question for Lunenburg - We're taking shore excursions in Montevideo and PDE. Assume AR$ will be accepted. Correct? Thanks for your local knowledge.
  10. Saildude16

    ATL Dining

    In a couple of months we'll have a 5 hour connection in ATL for our flight to EZE. Since departure is not until 2223 we'll dine before boarding. Recommendations of nice restaurants in/nearby the international terminal would be appreciated. Open to all cuisines. Have done internet research, but am looking for first hand experiences - both good and bad. Thanks.
  11. Saildude16

    C-pap /tsa

    FlyTalker - Going to your point 3, I was simply opening the door for someone better informed than I to point out that either (1) I had made a mistake or that (2) I had missed something. No need to insinuate anything else. Finally, the CPAP provider informed me that different airlines have different policies. So if they were correct, there is inconsistency.
  12. Saildude16

    C-pap /tsa

    Although the OP did not ask, using the CPAP in flight is problematic - at least on DL. It is not to be plugged into the plane's electrical system. One must use battery power. Seems nuts to me because this mode requires a powerful and expensive lithium power pack. Yes, the same type of battery which has been the cause of fires and explosions. My CPAP"s specs explicitly notes it is compatible with a plane's 400 Hz power. Go figure! Even though I've researched this in depth, I'd be happy if someone corrects any misinterpretation of DL's requirements.
  13. Lunenburg - Thanks for the tip. This service is new to me. Not sure that I'm ready to pay $100/person however. Really just need a Skycap to handle heavy, bulky luggage.
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