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  1. Crazy new laws...all it's doing is making the pandemic go on longer and more businesses close down in the meantime. How many people are at Coles and Woolies at any one time?? Total lockdown for 2 weeks would be better. Businesses could cope with 2 weeks of no business at least - not closing for weeks, months on end stupidity. Alcohol stores are all open (both my kids work in them and they are busy) - but nobody has mentioned Kmart! It's an essential isn't it lol
  2. Wonder what happens with The World - can't really empty the ship as everyone lives on it. Sit tight for the next month or 2?
  3. Doesn't sound right that we'd be getting a brand new ship..
  4. We used the supershuttle last year and regretted it. We had booked it but still had to sit at the airport waiting for walk ons so the the shuttle would have a full load. Then we made a detour to drop someone off along the way to the city. Took forever especially when we were just about the last stop in the city. We used Discount Taxis to get back to the airport - so much better. Only cost $40NZ cash.
  5. I feel sorry for your family and others that were impacted, but don't really think RCL had any other option. They were forced to change the itinerary at the last minute (which I imagine would be a logistical nightmare) because of the weather conditions. They probably came up with the best solution that would affect the least amount of people.
  6. Adventure doesn't start until October this year so no reviews as yet. It is presently Golden Princess so you could look at the reviews for her to find out out about balconies.
  7. The news reports say ships up to 300m will fit. Solstice is 315m🙄
  8. Easiest way is to get either the RCL shuttle or uber/taxi. The grain terminal isn't close to buses or trains. Wynnum is a great spot if you want to go that way. I grew up in Wynnum so know the area (and am a bit biased) Wynnum and Manly both have some lovely spots on the waterfront to have lunch - like fish and chips. There are some grog shops in the area, Dan Murphys is back at the shopping centre so would be another taxi ride. Keep in mind that if you are coming here from Oct onwards, the ship will be berthing on the other side of the river - still a long way from the cbd - but close to the airport (and the sewerage treatment plant lol)
  9. Looks like she's just left now. I saw the tugs heading towards Aria to take her out about 2 or so today so something (mechanical or medical?) must have happened at the last minute. it's mechanical apparently going by other posts on facebook
  10. I think its a case of someone looking for some compensation plus of course the media love to bag (and make up stories) about cruiselines. The idiots apparently were told it was an adults show so if they were easily offended why did they go. A couple of ports were missed - due to weather - but apparently it was the cruise from hell!.
  11. We were in Pago Pago Samoa in March and loved it. I couldn't find out much online beforehand so just thought it would be a quick walkaround before getting back onboard - but spent all day there. Make sure you do a local tour in one of their colourful handmade buses. We went with a company (can't remember the name) that were set up at the port. Lots to see - hopefully they will take you to the top of the mountain for great views. People are the nicest we came across on our cruise.
  12. The show was a light bit of fluff - but a whole lot better than anything else that is on TV right now. I'm a little bit over watching Friends and 2 and a Half Men reruns...
  13. I always say Brisbane is the best place to live..but as for a tourist destination not so much. The thing that appeals to foreign tourists probably the most is that it is one of a very few places where you can cuddle a koala.
  14. As long as they aren't wearing thongs - like I've seen, it's all good.
  15. Have been following someone on facebook that was just on her. Looks pretty good and sounds like they are still tweaking it for Aussie cruisers. Hopefully they will change the liberal smoking rules otherwise i won't be booking anytime soon - they still allow smoking on the balconies, yuk.
  16. I would be leaning towards Voyager in the South Pacific - there would be less people to get on and off at the tender ports and getting around the smaller islands. Less chance of cyclones in April as it's not the real peak season. There's school holidays and Easter too in April that you may want to consider (if you don't have kids)
  17. Timewise, you will be able to make it easily. But are they running harbour cruises on christmas day?
  18. Surprising they didn't mention a noro outbreak on her as well...Media doing positive stories on cruise ships are few and far between.
  19. Eclipse will be 'Edgified' when she comes here so a little different (not sure about better or worse..) to Solstice
  20. Please don't tip in Australia and New Zealand - people will start to expect it. It's not customary to tip here as most workers get paid a reasonable amount - and don't rely on tips for income like America does.
  21. It wasn't intentional to look like that but hubby thought it was funny - Can't remember what it was called
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