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  1. On Magic in June I paid $126 for 4 cartons of Marlboro Golds. I've seen them range from $115-130 for 4 cartons. If I stop in Cozumel, I will purchase there for around $110/4 cartons. 4 cartons of Marlboro Special Blends would be about $240 at home in Louisiana. In my mind, I budget that in as a $100+ savings per cruise
  2. Will hit platinum in just under 5yrs this September. 8 day on Freedom putting me @ 78 days. 1st cruise was Oct, 2014. My husband hit platinum last Sept as he cruised several times before we got married. I'm looking forward to the extra free laundry when I turn platinum. We have 2 booked after my Sept cruise, with one being the 15 day repo on Mardi Gras. There will probably be one more added for 2020. Cruising has definitely turned into my hobby!
  3. We LOVED Simon! He was everywhere! We talked to him for along time after sail away (& a few other times.) Always felt like he had time for us. Did not rush away. Fantastic energy! Very good CD
  4. No time after excursion. Private charter 10am-3pm. Port times are 7am-5pm. If I can get my kids up & off the ship soon after we port, we may would have time to take in the view before we report to the marina @ 9:45. If a 15min drive, we should have time. I appreciate the info very much.
  5. Port time is 7am. Private excursion starts @ 10am (be onsite @ 9:45) at the Port Zante Marina. Do we have time to catch a taxi & go to Timothy Hill for the 2 ocean view photos? Any idea in cost for taxi? There will be 6 of us. I keep trying to use Google maps to get idea of how far away, but gives me an error. Appreciate any insight.. Amanda
  6. I had found that info online, but couldn't find details of how it would be applied. By shareholder folio makes sense. Hate to ask things I can find on my own. But that's what makes this community an invaluable resource. I don't post much, but read here every day. Thanks so much.
  7. New shareholder so this will be my 1st cruise using the benefit. I am a shareholder. My cabin mate & I have 2 separate Sign & Sail accounts. Some OBC will split between people in the cabin. Will my shareholder OBC be split between us, or all attached to my account? Thanks for any insight.
  8. We booked one of the new "premium interior" rooms for this cruise just to have a little more space. When we booked, it was only $100-150 more than the regular interior rooms we were looking at.
  9. Another vote for Nachi. We have been to Sancho's many times. Last Sept they were booked for my date. Went to Nachi instead & loved it. Went back to Cozumel last month & guess where we went? Nachi! Drinks are *much* better & more relaxed atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, we love Sancho's too & will go back there when we have our teens with us. But from now on when it's just the 2 of us we will reserve a spot at Nachi.
  10. Never been with Lawson's. Came across them when researching Progreso a couple of years ago. However, we settled on YucatanCenote.com. (I believe both companies offer similar private tours.) We did the "Above & Below" adventure last Feb & just returned from doing "Wet & Wild" a few weeks ago. I can not speak highly enough about YucatanCenote Eco-Adventures. Ruth & Chris run an amazing company offering unique & private experiences. Rene was our guide last year & we requested him again this year. He is, hands down, the best guide we have ever encountered in all our travels. His passion to share his knowledge of the Mayan & local culture is remarkable. I'm sure Lawson's is a fantastic company as well (great reviews.) However, do some research on YucatanCenote. Check out my detailed TripAdvisor review I posted just last night & you can click on my profile to see the one from last year. Whatever company you choose, I have no doubt you will have an amazing time. The Yucatan is a really unique area. The private tours are, without a doubt, worth every single penny!
  11. We have been on Dream 4xs & Vista once. Been on Breeze & have Magic booked in June. We prefer Dream over Vista. Dream class just flows better. Less bottlenecks. We like tables on 11 overlooking lido more than the chairs. The Vista is pretty. But so is the Dream. We really love the Dream (10219 feels like home.) Assume you are trying to decide between the 2 out of Galveston. Vista is doing the 7 day. Dream the 4/5 day. I would take a 7 day on any ship over 5 day on a preferred ship. You won't be disappointed with either ship. Choose your cruise based on what is the best deal for your family.
  12. I understand that she is interested in ship sponsored excursions. HOWEVER, please check out yucatancenote.com. Just look them up on TripAdvisor. Best excursion we have ever taken. These guys are true professionals who want to share their culture. We spent a day with Rene last February & will be spending another this February. I have never encountered such genuine passion from a company to make sure you enjoy your day with them.
  13. Just wanted to let you know that I just booked a private tour with Dr. Fun in Sept due to finding your review! His communication has been fantastic and his TripAdvisor reviews are amazing. Thanks so much for the info!
  14. I wasn't looking for a name, company or anything of the sort. I was just seeking other user's personal experiences. Fortunately several members of this wonderful community came through with some really good info & things to think about. I appreciate those who shared helpful information.
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