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  1. The Yucatan is actually one of my favorite places. It is so culturally rich & unique. The ruins are amazing & the cenotes are breathtaking, but the people are the real treasure. In your research, check out Yucatancenote Eco-Adventures. It's a private tour company owned by a Canadian couple who fell in love with the area, followed their heart, moved and now run the most professional tour company I have ever encountered. My husband & I have used them 3xs. First 2 adventures were just us, and in February we had a group of 12. It's private & customizable. They have ma
  2. Re-reading answered my own question. Booked solo. Been a long day (plus I'm working retail during holidays) Thanks
  3. Did he book solo from beginning or have a "TBA"? Haven't had much time to catch up with thread today. We were booked on Mardi Gras 15 day out of New York. Unfortunately, lots of regrouping/rethinking today 😔 Super disappointed, but always try to find silver linings. We are looking at a sailing out of San Juan instead. Appreciate all the information. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies. I think we will add a name (instead of TBA) & let them be a "no show" if he, in fact, decides to cruise alone. Sincerely appreciate the community here. People are so awesome at sharing experience/knowledge.
  5. Anyone have any experience with this? We have 1 room on our Feb cruise that booked with the lead cruiser & a TBA for second cruiser. He's waiting to see how things go with a girlfriend, but will most likely be cruising solo. He's aware he will be paying both fares regardless & final payment has already been made. I've learned from these boards that the best approach is just to "no show" with a cruiser unable to make it. He would receive taxes/port fees back once we set sail. Question is can we just leave it as TBA vs adding a name and it still be treated the same for a "no sho
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