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  1. They are referring to an Apple Watch. There are several models. My husband just purchased one of the lower-end models which doesn’t have the feature that calls when you fall. Perhaps Kat will share what she learned when she gets back from the Apple store.
  2. I agree. We took that cruise to celebrate our 50th and suddenly (it seems), we’ll be celebrating 55 years in August. Unfortunately we can’t cruise to celebrate this year. BTW, we had the opportunity to sail with FF on our Cape Town to Singapore (modified to Cape Town to Dubai) cruise earlier this year. He was a valuable part of our trivia team. I’d definitely choose you and FF as part of my table for 8 but would also want you both on my trivia team.
  3. I haven’t been much of a regular here lately but we also shared that dinner with you and HawaiiDan to celebrate his wife’s birthday. Alaska 2015. We were also on your trivia team. Haven’t had such a great team since that cruise.
  4. I understand that. I’m just wondering why they’re encouraging me to use it now when it wouldn’t yield any revenue for them.
  5. I received an email from O this morning urging me to use my FCC Certificate, purchased on board our Feb.-March cruise, to book a discounted 2020 or 2021 cruise. It clearly states no deposit will be required. The Certificate will serve as the deposit. How do they make any money on this since they already have my $700 ($350 pp) for the certificate? I guess they’re hoping I book something and end up paying for the cruise. We are not booking anything for 2020 and will wait for word about a vaccine before deciding on 2021.
  6. All of Nautica's cruises to Asia after ours-Feb. 3, Cape Town-Singapore, which became Cape Town-Dubai-were cancelled. AFAIK Nautica is still in Dubai and the next cruise is supposed to be Dubai-Rome, May 19. Insignia was on the ATW cruise which ended in Rio March 13. Because it was supposed to end in July, no cruises scheduled on Insignia. Guess it's implied that all the segments were cancelled when they ended ATW.
  7. Neither Oceania or its representatives lied or were told to lie to any of their customers. They made an offer which you accepted and now are unhappy about. Go ahead and sue and be sure to let us know the outcome.
  8. Our friends are on this cruise. We got the news from them this morning. Are you on your own for air arrangements from Santiago or is O helping? We had a similar situation earlier this month when our Capetown-Singapore cruise skipped 3 Asian ports and terminated in Dubai instead. Mad scramble to get flights home from Dubai.
  9. Thank you! Look forward to meeting you on the Feb. 3 cruise.
  10. Are the messenger bags large enough to take on excursions or to the pool with book, sun screen, etc. in them?
  11. Yes. If you are including others on your cruise on your reservation, you will need their names and booking numbers.
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