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  1. Thank you all. I guess I was just looking for a good faith gesture to loyal cruisers. Oh well.
  2. Had my B2B2B for Feb-March to Australia in 2022 cancelled so my TA did a Lift and Shift to the same time period in 2023. I am wondering if my double points for the cruises will be carried forward and honored past their standard deadline. I am sure many cruisers are in the same situation even for other cruises in general. Part of taking these cruises was for the double points. You can not control Covid but you can treat your customers right. Thanks for your opinions on this issue.
  3. As Royal has done in the past a new FCC, for the remaining balance, will be issued when you complete your cruise. If you have a good TA they might be able to push things along a little faster. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Just booked a 4D Guaranty on the Jewel. Confirmation from Royal says that it will be a room with 0% obstruction on the balcony. Where are the 4D's located on this ship, or does it only mean that they will put you anywhere they can? It's the July 14th cruise out of Amsterdam for a 12 night British Isles itinerary.
  5. Purchased the 3 night dining package on line and was assigned Day 2 as my first night. Is it possible to get the other 2 nights reserved before you go on board and how do you go about doing it? Tried to see if I could do it through Cruise Planner but that did not work. Thanks for the help!
  6. Guess the left hand does not know what the right is doing.
  7. Got one today and it states that this certificate will serve as proof of your credit when you are ready to use it on a NEW booking. The NEW statement is the major bone of contention!
  8. And we have to pay for it ourselves! Saved some money didn't you Royal. I guess being vaccinated doesn't really mean a lot in this case.
  9. Great. Now only the June 12th AOS gets free SARS-coV-2 RT-PCR test. The rest of us have to get one 5 days or less before you sail PLUS we have to pay for it. Ought to get free OBC as compensation for all the runarounds we've been subjected to.
  10. Can you even get eight people with the news rules of spacing the diners at tables?
  11. It's certainly a good way for RC to make back that extra 25% a lot of people got inFCC"s without loosing a penny. Always an angle.
  12. No thanks. Just another way to put on ten pounds sitting on the couch. Food included.😩
  13. Maybe I'm a little dull but how do you know what time slot to pick for boarding? I arrive at the airport, June 26th, at 11:14 a.m. I have to go through all the airport stuff and get my bags. Them find the Royal people to get a ride to the hotel. Who knows how long I will have to wait for the bus, the ride, all the paperwork. Then finally get to the terminal building to board, and they expect me to fit all those issues into a half hour boarding slot. What am I missing here?
  14. They sure move slowly. This battle will take forever.😄
  15. Has anyone out in CC land had any problems getting their FCC's fully credited to a new or existing reservation? Three times I have noticed that the full value of the FCC is not deducted from my balance and I can't figure where the rest went. Are their any charges to apply the FCC? Hoping someone might have had the same experience before I am put on hold with RC. Thanks for any help! experts would share about getting the biggest bang for your buck? Either booking or onboard.
  16. What do you do to get a list of your FCC's that are available if you have lost all your records? Does RC have a master list they can send to you?
  17. Just wondering if their are any secrets or special ways the cruising experts would share about getting the biggest bang for your buck? Either booking or onboard.
  18. Been on Brilliance three times, all on deck three. Was in center of ship and it was the smoothest ride I've ever had, even in high seas. Very quiet which is good as I am also a light sleeper. As previously stated it's not far to the dining rooms and elevators. Rooms a bit small but did not spend much time, other than sleeping, in them.
  19. Non confusing information from the CDC. That would be very refreshing!
  20. Maybe only passengers on the June 12th sailing got their protocols? We should hopefully know soon.
  21. Tell us about the dining menus and the days of formal, ha, ha, dining.
  22. So do the passengers who have not been vaccinated get to wear a special bracelet or a scarlet letter of some kind. 😌 Kind of reminds me of pre-pandemic days when passengers would fill out the health cards at the terminal and state that they were without illness. How many just plain lied to get on the ship? Remember the majority of norovirus cases are caused by people bringing it onboard and spreading it not poor health conditions onboard the ships. Hopefully there won't be covid issues of this kind.
  23. Will be traveling on AOS on June 26th. Since it does not sound as if Royal is able to supply transfers to and from the airport is it just going to be a mad scramble for taxis or is their a service for this. Quite a distance from airport to the ship and I'm not too sure of the expense. Anyone had past experience with this? Thanks in advance.
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