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  1. Dont think this is a good idea yet since numbers are increasing some places in europe, but hopefully they have good enough routines for testing and quarantine if any cases is positive.
  2. 1. Yes 2. Yes. And ppl who refuse has made their choice and should not be allowed onboard. Not gonna go into a anti-vax debate, cause my view is final.
  3. Well, the only explainable reason must be that since I`m from Norway and MSC probably have another marked here. Less customers from Scandinavia so less refunds and they can pay out quicker? Just guessing ofcourse.
  4. Hi. March 14th the TA asked me if I wanted a refund or FCC and I replied the same day, so assuming the TA would have informed MSC that day or shortly after. Did get a credit note from TA on March 26th that confirmed that all was canceled and I could expect money to be paid out.
  5. Did receive refund for our 5th april cruise this week.
  6. If any of the sailings you are looking at are visiting Norway I think you probably can just forget it. We"ve been told no unnecessary abroad travels this summer or before september earliest.
  7. We was booked for Meraviglia this April, and luckily was canceled. But probably will wait for refund and Corona to clear up and book Oasis-Class instead.
  8. We have no talk at all about opening the boarders in Norway again. Also the ban on social happenings with 500+ ppl attending has been extended to 1.september, so hopefully I cant see them allowing any cruise ships into port in the near future.
  9. About $8000 inc air fare Got green light for refunds, so just waiting for money. No rush as I wont book again before its all over.
  10. If gets back down to $25 now after latest 100 days news , Im buying.
  11. Just came back in from bbq buffet out on deck. Kids doing the slides.
  12. That might be and Im sure they will, but not for me personally. I have no doubt its a good ship, but the newer ones and Oasis has more to offer for familes with kids right now.
  13. Guess this means Allure wont be AMPED before next year, so if we are looking at cruises in march/april 2021 we can exclude Allure? Since it will be our first Oasis Class we would like all the bells and whistle and slides. 🙂
  14. We took full refund because we dont know when we will be able to cruise again or if we chose MSC when we book again. Depends on offers, personally I want to try an Oasis-ship, but not at all cost. In Norway we wil get full refund when sail date is passed aswell, nothing stated about having to wait until 2022, that wont be legal accouring to consumer laws either.
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