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  1. Ok, my bad. I thought south korea and phillipines was on the list aswell.
  2. Interesting that they refuse boarding to passengers who has been to affected countries last 30 days, but not crew members
  3. I did get 5% voyager discount and the 10% they gave away when Grandiosa was announced stacked. Used it for this year's easter cruise on Meraviglia.
  4. Sorry to hijack, but is there a an age limit to small childeren and the "forced" drink package on all in same stateroom? ie children under 4 years dont need a package, but both adults and older sibling in same stateroom must have.
  5. Ok, Do you remember what they are called and if they are covered by the easy pkg?
  6. No milkshake in any package? Or has someone manage to get it from the Polar Bar at Meraviglia With a package? For both adults and kids.
  7. Please apply for the position of Marketing Director.
  8. Thanks, cause the wife booked the wrong plane after I started this thread, we`re now on the 12:41 from Miami to jfk, before long haul to London and then Oslo. 😅 She paniced a bit after finding out, but then we learned we could ask for early walk off with our luggage. Gonna try and book a private transfer to keep her calm then, so we dont need to wait for taxi or uber queues.
  9. Hello. We`re on Meraviglia 5th april. Havent booked flights yet, but am pondering on when is the earliest we should book flights? I have a good offer on a flight that leaves 13:50 from Miami International. Not sure how long before I need to be there before flights back to Europe (Norway) ? Got a few alternatives later in day, but if we can save a couple of hundre dollars I ll be happy too.
  10. What beer(s) do you see onboard with a price that would be included in the easy package? Thanks for doing this Q/A btw.
  11. What kind of Snacks? And do you know what is usual available in the bars on Meraviglia? .
  12. Any chance MSC will have a 4.july promo on drink packages?
  13. Is the Seekers Buffet only for YC or for the rest of us aswell?
  14. Agree. For me it would have been enough with an upgrade that only cover beers up to $10.
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