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  1. We thought we were going to have the dubious honour of last person refunded especially as we have been waiting since 16 March, however we have just received about 3/4 of our refund from T.A. who has been holding those funds for about 8 days now. Balance is still being chased up and no idea how long that might take. So take heart anyone still waiting from the same time frame.Really looking forward to closing this matter as it has been so frustrating.
  2. Foxie02, we were booked on exact same cruise and requested refund on 16 March.I suspect your T.A. used same wholesaler as our T.A. After despairing of ever seeing a refund we have been advised that a first payment of a large proportion of our money has been received by T.A. and will be paid to us this week.They say they are chasing up balance. We do not have the money yet but it looks more hopeful. All I can suggest is that you advise your T.A. of what we have been told and keep at them to follow up.
  3. Thanks Baynanno1, grateful for any suggestion. Have bypassed T.A. and sent email with all details to Azamara direct over a week ago. Not even the courtesy of a reply.It takes a few seconds to respond even just to acknowledge .I KNOW someone from Azamara reads these posts.
  4. I know how you feel. These were the first two cruises cancelled I believe.We did receive a generic email from Azamara some weeks ago assuring us we would be refunded and I think it said within 45 days, I don’t know if they mean 45 days from that email or 45 days from cancellation. I cannot understand why the first cancellations were not dealt with first.We did not pay with credit card so cannot dispute but will certainly do so if and when we cruise again.
  5. I am convinced that the very early cancellations ( March 24 cruise cancelled by Azamara 15 March )have been Lost. There is no other explanation as we continue to wait for ANY refund. T.A say they keep asking only to be told repeatedly “ another two weeks” . Well that time frame has come and gone many times.I have emailed Azamara myself but of course no reply. There is absolutely nothing we can do other than continue to mention it on this forum in the hope that someone from Azamara reads it and decides to pull our request for refund out of the bottom draw.
  6. Very pleased for you Madam33B that you have got back most of your money. Our cruise was the one before yours Sydney to Singapore cancelled by Azamara .We have not received a cent refund yet. T.A. keeps saying be patient and I have also contacted Azamara Customer Service but no response. I just don’t understand the randomness of the process.
  7. Yes jhepf1222 our cruise of 24 March was cancelled by Azamara 15 March .We applied through T.A. 16 March for refund and to date have not received a cent.So frustrating when we see much later cruises being refunded. I would not mind if I saw an orderly,chronological process for refunds but the present “system” just leads to doubts and suspicions.
  8. Thank you Charlie Chan and Baynanno1 for your words of support.I am sure it will come through eventually.I think part of the problem is that we paid the T.A. who then went through Cruiseco which adds another layer.
  9. Really happy you have received your refund Riocca.We are now at 11 weeks since Azamara cancelled and still no refund (cruise of 24 March).I now see that a further 10 cruises have been Cancelled through to end of July. I really hope those cancellations don’t end up In a heap on top of our one. !!!
  10. I am referring to Bali living post for 24 March Journey Cruise.
  11. Happy to hear you have received your refund.We were booked on this cruise too. I checked in again with our T.A yesterday and was told no refund yet, they will enquire again in 2 weeks.I think for my stress level I will put this completely aside for the time being .
  12. So happy to hear you have received your refund Baynanno1 for your earlier cruise.That gives us more hope now that we will soon be refunded for the 24 March cruise.We booked and paid through our T.A. and she seemed to be of the view that as we were apparently part of a “group rate” we would have to wait up to 12 weeks!!!
  13. Our Azamara Journey cruise of 24 March was cancelled by Azamara on about the 12th March I think and we applied for a refund on 13 March. Nothing received yet although we can see later cancelled cruise being refunded. we went through a Travel Agent and she says she is keeping an eye on things but I suspect she gets less information than we do. Not sure how much longer to wait before we escalate matters.
  14. I think our cruise 24 March from Sydney on the Journey was the second to be cancelled and Baynanno1 cruise 17 March was the first to be cancelled .From what I can see from the posts we both applied immediately for refunds are have received nothing yet. That is what is most frustrating .
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