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    Extra charges

    If you drive yourself to the Portofino Shores you’ll also have to pay for parking, I believe it’s around $18/ day.
  2. We were on the Celebration in June and had a couples massage. In the adult area they have the cabana pods which I love to lay in. The one problem we had is that they were doing an emergency drill when the ship was in Freeport so there were periodic announcements for about 2 hours in the morning. Depending on which day you’re in Freeport you could also walk over to the market and Senor Frogs.
  3. We paid around $200 altogether for a couples massage last month.
  4. we just got back from our cruise on the Celebration. There’s been several reviews recently so I’ll try to add to them rather than rehashing everything. We booked through a timeshare presentation. About a week before the cruise I got a call saying that we could go to the port and do the timeshare presentation and get a $50 on board credit. We weren’t able to do that since I had to work that morning. We went straight to the port with no issues. After checking in we booked dinner at Stellar Prime both nights. They make it sound like you have to show up at your reservation time but found out later that wasn’t the case. You can go eat anytime they’re open. We wanted to book a couples massage for the first evening but with only one room the times are somewhat limited. Dinner both nights at Stellar Prime was fine. I had the bbq chicken the first night and the jerk pork the second. Both were very good. Forget what my wife had the first, the second night she had the sirloin which wasn’t very good. We stayed on the ship in the Bahamas hoping to relax in the room but there was a crew drill happening that morning, so after the cruise director announcements stopped there were additional alarms and announcements. We enjoyed our massage and it seemed to be a reasonable price. The afternoon bbq was good as always. We spent some time in the afternoon and evening in the top deck adults area and had it almost to our selves the whole time. We love that area, quiet and relaxing with the chairs, hot tub and cabana pods. They have new shows which are mainly singing and dancing numbers with a magician and other performers. This was our third time on this ship and still enjoy the quick getaway. Each time it’s been very consistent and we know what to expect.
  5. Could you find out the price for a couples massage in the spa? Are you going on an excursion in Freeport?
  6. Jshu66, what did they charge for the couples massage? My wife and I are sailing in June and we’re thinking about doing that as well.
  7. twallyf

    Pre Curise Help and Info Request

    Not sure about the sauna. But there is an unlimited soda option, it’s $28 if I remember correctly. You can also buy 10 drink tickets for $70. They have beer specials like buy 5 get one free. They sell bottles right before you get on the ship but they’re pretty expensive. They don’t have open bar though.
  8. I was trying to book in May as well but aren’t able to use the voucher we have. It’s with a timeshare company and there’s no room left for my voucher the days we were looking for. Going to try calling back in a few days to see what I can finagle. Anyone have any advice booking the cruise through a timeshare company?
  9. twallyf

    Pictures from Jan 12 cruise

    I didn’t see the onion soup on the menu. That’s too bad, that was my favorite part of the dinners the last time we were on the cruise.
  10. twallyf

    FEMA has charted the ship..

    We have a voucher that expires in December with a timeshare company. I wonder if they’ll let us extend it.
  11. twallyf

    FEMA has charted the ship..

    We had a cruise voucher that we need to use by December. I wonder if they’ll let us reschedule.
  12. We booked through a timeshare as well, Blue Star I think. They said we had to get the tickets at the welcome center. It I called the cruise line number and they said all we needed to get on the ship was a passport or birth certificate. So we went straight to the ship ant got on, never had any contact with the timeshare people.
  13. Was the sun deck with the big hot tub and the cabanas open? It was closed when we sailed last month and we were so disappointed. It was our favorite part of the ship.
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    We were on it last year and again a few weeks ago. We didn't notice any updates to the ship. The top deck with the large hot tubs and cabanas was apparently being worked on because you couldn't go up there at all.
  15. We're thinking about taking the kids along with us on this ship. Does anyone know if the ship had adjoining rooms?