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  1. We are on the Thanksgiving cruise which is now the second sailing, a bit nervous something won't go right but excited to be one of the first on the new ship!
  2. We have been on the Sunshine 4 times and love it! I can't answer all of your questions but I will say that their Serenity deck is probably my favorite of all the ships we've been on, it's big with a pool that has a waterfall. On our last cruise there were chairs there until maybe 8-9 in the morning then they were hard to come by. For anytime dining you check in on the floor below if I remember rightly and they give you a number and you walk up to the dining room. We always eat early so never had to wait, I can't speak to the wait times later in the evening. The Fun Time
  3. Our last cruise on the Sunshine was the first time I signed up for one. I looked and looked for it listed in the FunTimes and never saw it...the last night as we were packing I found the paper invite in my kid's room and it had been the first sea day and we totally missed it. I was super disappointed.
  4. We did one on our last cruise on the Sunshine and had to bow out halfway through, for some reason I got super nauseous being on the lowest underwater decks for the first hour and a half...I have been on tons of cruises and actually lived on sailboat for a while and have never gotten seasick so it took me totally off guard but just a little FYI for others. Really regret not being able to make it through, I think it was the small spaces/lack of fresh air. I would try it again in the future though, it was so interesting.
  5. thanks so much for posting, we're on this ship in two weeks and I hadn't hardly seen any info on it! I really appreciate it!
  6. We've used ours since 2012 and she's saved us so many time. From finding connecting rooms to advising us from booking under high-traffic areas, she's been a gem. I always go look online myself to get an idea of things and then call her and she can easily compare what I found and usually finds even better options. She also has a closed facebook group where she advises her clients about sales, etc.
  7. the 8 and 11 year old groups do have mixed time together at times, other times they will be separated. As for the French, it all depends on the counselors on the ship, we've had a very wide variety of nationalities but most have been primary English speakers (Australia, South Africa, UK, Canada, US are ones that come to mind)
  8. Our past three cruises we book my husband and myself in each of the adjoining rooms with our boys then we stay in one with the boys int he connected room. It's never been an issue. We go to guest services and get each of the parent room keys to open the other one as well.
  9. you can order from anywhere on the ship, they just take your folio number to charge it to you
  10. Our first cruise was in June 2012 with out 5, 4, and infant. We'll hit platinum Thanksgiving 2020. We normally try to take 1-2 cruises a year and usually do 7 day cruises. Looking forward to that laundry service!
  11. I found it interesting too but at that point I was getting very claustrophobic from being below deck for so long and started to feel unwell. I've sailed quite a bit (mother lived on a sailboat for a few years & this was my 8th cruise) but being below sea level got to me in a totally unexpected way, I wish I had lasted through it to see the full galley and the bridge
  12. You are correct, it was the control room for the engine room.
  13. We did it last year on the Sunshine. Our kids were finally old enough (tweens) that I felt I could leave them in the room while my husband and I went. I thought it was going to be a two hour tour and when we were starting they said it was going to be 4 hours (on the Sunshine). I lasted about halfway before asking to leave early. I have never been seasick in my life but being multiple decks below water had me super claustrophobic and a little queasy. It was the worse in the engine room and I left shortly after as the galley bit was starting. I was disappointed but really felt lighth
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