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  1. Thanks for the delayed responses. We actually did go on a cruise to the Bahamas in Feb. but it was not the most pleasant cruise. The night we pulled out of Charleston, my sisters husband passed away and since my brother in law had begged us not to cancel the cruise we honored his wishes and stayed cruising for the 5 days. Regretfully my sister got very sick with pneumonia so did not go ashore at all. I did go into Nassau with my daughter and my nieces and they wheeled me around in a wheelchair while they went shopping. We are trying to go on another cruise next March from Baltimore to Turks and Caicos, Freeport, and private island so hopefully it will be more pleasure this time and we know the things we need to do before hand. We both took rollaters which were a big help getting around the ship. My sister had trouble with her oxygen so she knows that she needs to do before hand now. So if anyone has any ideas for what we should do in Turks and Freeport I would appreciate ideas for shore excursions. Linda
  2. Looking for a cruise/land tour that would be easy on two sister that have mobility problems. Thinking of Alaska or Riverboat cruise on Missippi-your thoughts will be greatly appreciated
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