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  1. I did not file a CC dispute.
  2. JPH814, Please update your spreadsheet to reflect that my refund was credited to my AmEx account this morning. What a great way to start the day! Hoping this is a new trend and that everyone else gets theirs soon. Maybe your letter to Seabourn will help everyone. Thanks again for tracking the refund status. flyfishing widow
  3. Shore excursion refund posted to Amex this morning for cancellation requested on 4/1. Still have a ways to go on cruise cancellation, but as others have indicated it’s a welcome first step.
  4. Cruise June 6 Seabourn cancelled April 14 Requested refund April 15 (through TA)
  5. Ok. Now I’m fascinated. What is a bore running? I want to see it whatever it is!
  6. Thank you both for the feedback and excellent advice. I will definitely wear the wrist bands and take the patch along in case the water looks choppy. The issue with the patch is that it has to be applied at least 4 hours before you need it and there are side effects. So, hopefully I won't need it. Really looking forward to our first river cruise. And what could be better than the food and wine in Bordeaux!
  7. My husband and I have been on two ocean cruises. Since I'm prone to motion sickness I used both wrist bands and the Scopolamine patch which worked well. In November we are taking our first river cruise which will be on the Viking Forseti in Bordeaux. Since this is an estuary and not a lot of sailing is involved I'm thinking I shouldn't need the patch. I'd appreciate insights and advice from others who have done this type of river cruise. Is motion sickness likely to be a problem?
  8. SheriDan1985, Congratulations on your 35th anniversary. A few years ago DH and I stayed at the Royal Park Hotel which is very near Paddington Station. The hotel was perfectly fine. However, I personally would not stay again in that area if you want to spend your time enjoying London. It really isn't within walking distance of much that you might want to see. In April my granddaughter and I stayed at St. Ermin's Hotel which is in Westminster--walking distance to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Thames, Parliament, Big Ben, Churchill's War Room, and the London Eye. I pa
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