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    Triumph 9-17 Canada/New England

    [quote name='bjboothman']Anyone have any good ideas on "not to be missed" sights at the ports?[/QUOTE] Im haveing a drink where " Everybody knows your name". Cheers in Boston.
  2. captain kidd

    Triumph 9-17 Canada/New England

    [quote name='Doughboy']Anybody out there going with us?[/QUOTE] Hello all! 6 of us here are booked for this sailing.This will be our 2nd time on the Triumph. You all will have a Blast! we did/will! 1st Time we went to E. carib. 5/9/04 on the Triumph. We have the same rooms this time. We all will Have to meet up and hang with each other. Mabe same dinner seatings? Last time we ate early in the Paris. That worked out great, Done with dinner by 630pm and you got all night to party! The late seatings dont get done till around 8pm. Any way Im sure we will talk again. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Triumph 9/17/05 New England Triumph 5/9/04 E. Carribean
  3. captain kidd

    Wanted: September Cruisers: ? Ship ? Date

    [quote name='lilmsonry']Are you cruising in September? Would like to hear from you. Past September cruisers as well. Did you ship change course? Did you miss your port? If so, what was the change from and to? What September dates were your cruise? What September dates are your cruise 2005? What ship are you on? This info is for a 1st time cruiser trying to get the real picture of September. Appreciate any and all posts!!:)[/QUOTE] We are cruising 9/17/05 on the Triumph to New England. 1st. Cruise in Sept. Going north out of NY Harbour. 7 Days. Stopping at Boston, Portland ME. Sidney&Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. Wont have to worry about Hurricanes up there! This will be our 2nd cruise. Same ship and room both times. 1st Cruise was to E carribean 5/9/04, We hat a BLAST! This time will be better with 6 of us going. Get ready to have the time of your life dude! I sure did!
  4. captain kidd

    Triumph 9/17/2005 New England

    Just wondering who is joining us. Looking for people to party with and meet!
  5. Hi all, This will be our second cruise on this ship. First time we had a blast. This time will be better! Looking foward to canada and all the fresh Lobster! Just wondering who will be joining us? Looking for people to party with.
  6. captain kidd

    Boston in Sept/05

    We will be joining you on 9/17/05 to new england. I cant wait.Carnival Triumph, Here we come!
  7. Hi there. We are going on our 2nd cruise with Carnival 9/17/05 to New England. Was wondering who is joing us? Its always fun meeting new people on cruises.:)