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  1. Mine came right after the transaction was complete. I’ve seen people say that they didn’t get theirs right away but they paid debit. I paid credit and it was instant.
  2. My PVP said we could get a payment cancellation and pay with a different form of payment as long as it’s before final payment with the exemption of the deposit. We recently had an amex payment refunded and applied for the carnival cc to get the cash back offer and points. PVP did the refund in less than 2 minutes.
  3. It wasn’t shared just here so even if you hadn’t said it could be used multiple times doesn’t mean that it would have gone unnoticed. I feel like AARP messed, they claimed they were hacked to another person that called up but that isn’t our fault and we shouldn’t be punished. We didn’t hack their system.
  4. I was stupid too because I don’t need the points either. I had about 100,000 fracked up from the last 3 years. I’m waiting it out also and have been using Allstate. Not even sure I really even need AARP. I didn’t get my codes from this site but I don’t blame anyone. I don’t think they knew what would happen and don’t feel like they did it purposefully. They got locked out too! oh well, lesson learned. I’m skeptical of any shared AARP code now because it seems like they can decide whenever that any code shared and used is “fraud”.
  5. Yeah, I got the same answer about investigates. They couldn’t give me a straight answer on which terms of use I violated by using the code. The let this go on for a week then locked people out.
  6. Unfortunately 😞. I actually didn’t get the code from this site, got it from another page I follow and found out accidentally on my own that they could be entered multiple times. I entered the same code multiple times because I was too lazy to enter the other ones people were posting. People posted about 20 other codes. I racked up about 50,000 points but didn’t use any because I had already ordered from Allstate. I guess in the back of my mind it felt sneaky and that should have prompted me to stop but I didn’t and so lesson learned the hard way. I’m hoping they just remove the points and let me keep my acct with my original points as I had over 100,000 before.
  7. You’re probably right. I actually got my cards this time from Allstate and it’s been great. They do reserve their e-gift cards for members. I’m actually locked out of AARP right now 😞. Used a promo code someone shared and it was supposed to be a 1 time use even though the site allowed it they locked my acct. I just need 1 more $500 for this yrs cruise and I’m set so I’m not concerned. Thank you for the link. The other thread I was following got deleted, I think because of the same promo code fiasco.
  8. Horizon holds 40 more passengers Horizon has the Teppanyaki Horizon has the Guys Pig & Anchor BBQ/Brewhouse Vista has the art exhibitions/seminars/auctions
  9. What I don’t understand is why you are going out of your way to be rude, I never even responded to you. And like I said before you even rudely responded, It’ll be ok just a little more planning ahead involved. ETA: I stated it stinks because the e-gift cards were convenient and you come back with an inconvenience (2-3 days wait) which proves my point so I don’t get what you don’t understand.
  10. It’ll be ok just a little more planning ahead involved.
  11. Ugh, that stinks! The e-gift cards were so convenient.
  12. I haven’t purchased gift Cards from AARP in a while. Last yr when I bought they had the e-gift cards all the time but I looked today and they only have actual gift cards that have to be mailed. Do the e-gift cards come up often or not anymore? Are we back to having to stalk the page to see when they become available? Thanks!
  13. Anyone have recent fun times for Magic? Looking for the food section on 1 sea day and 1 port day but would love to see the entire Funtimes if possible. I did google and most recent I found was from April 2018 but I’m looking for one within the last 3 months. TIA
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