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  1. Today is Patmos. The primary excursion was to the monastery where the Book of Revelation was written. We, however, booked a six hour boat trip that included beaches, snorkeling and lunch. After packing towels, masks, snorkels, etc and riding the life boat to the dock, we were told that the tour was cancelled due to rough seas. Big disappointment. Have no quarrel with safety being primary, but sure would have been nice to know before leaving the ship. Spent some time in the town and on a small beach, and then returned to the ship for lunch. Like yesterday, perfectly blue sky but strong wind. Still better than being at home. By by the way, Exec Chef Tomasz is wearing the toque this trip. He’s the greatest.
  2. Hmm, wonder if they have a short charter. Captain’s cocktail hour tonight. 102 passengers. 62 repeats. 64 Americans. High winds tonight. They were planning dinner on deck, but moved it to the dining room. We took Robin’s advice and ate indoors, too. It was the Confluence dinner, which they prefer to serve in the dining room anyway. Well, there will be plenty of other nights.
  3. Are you on SD2? It was in Rome yesterday. We get to Rome on the 27th.
  4. Mykonos is lovely. Low 70s and we are the only ship in port. Hope that will be the case in Santorini. Dinner on deck 4 last night. Ship was moving and we had the windiest table. A whole different concept of holding your food down. Had to keep the wine glass filled to keep it from toppling over. A real dining adventure.
  5. Just finished lifeboat drill and sitting at the TOY waiting to cast off. A very full ship, but not a single child. Should have joined us, Jim. A lot of crew members we haven’t seen for a while. Captain Bjarne joined the ship today. We with Robin when he first came on board several years ago, and now he’s Maitre d’. Others include Mikes, Brian, Jose, Rose and Frude. Gareth is Club Director. Ship looks great, and we booked dinner on deck tonight. Tomorrow is Mykonos. Stay tuned.
  6. Thanks, Jim. Just started a new thread for this trip. Sure would have been nice to have you and Lois sailing with us.
  7. Arrived in Athens on Thursday after nonstop flight from Chicago. Scheduled to arrive at noon, but landed at 10:45 am. Must have been one hell of a tail wind. Only problem was our driver hadn’t gotten the message. He showed up, but it was an anxious twenty minutes or so. Checked into the Hilton with a great view of the Parthenon from our balcony. It is still really hot here with temperatures 90+. But dinner last night on the roof was delightful. We board tomorrow (Saturday). Can’t wait. It has been a few years since we have been on the 1, but I have been told we will still recognize the crew.
  8. I don't remember how much we got, but both the referrer and the referree got fare rebates. To get it, you have to be on the same cruise and mention the referral when booking. Also, Jim, to qualify, you must have friends who are willing to travel with you.
  9. Any extras you have on board (spa, laundry, bottles of wine, excursions, boutique, etc.) will appear on your final bill. Currency is never seen on the cruise. I don't know that I've ever seen people ordering mai-tais, but pina coladas are certainly drinks you son and his gf can enjoy to their hearts' content.
  10. Yes, Jim. We have more pressing matters. 😁 Watch for the reports, which we hope to do on a daily basis. After I pig out on dolmades and gyros, washed down with ouzo and retsina.
  11. And if you wish pressing only, they can do that, too. Which cruise are you on? We board SD I on 17 August.
  12. Thanks for the information. I contacted SeaDream and was informed they did not offer anything pre-sailing. They did, however, recommend a company in Athens, Stat, that will meet us at the airport and take us to our hotel for Euro 80, and then from our hotel to the pier for Euro 48. Based on what SeaDream is charging, I thought that was a fair price, and I appreciated their referral. One month to go. Anyone else on board for this sailing?
  13. $119 does not sound like an unreasonable amount for a private car. (Was that a private car, Piaa, or a shared van?) We will be sailing out of Pireas in August so will be looking for transport from Athens hotel to pier. We will use Rome Cab at end of trip, which served us well last year, but does anyone know of a service like that in Athens that you would recommend?
  14. And he misses you, too, Jim.
  15. It is specifically because it has been a boon to the Cuban economy that Trump is ending visits. Food is rationed, and we saw some serious poverty throughout the country. The US goal is to starve the people to the point that they revolt against the government. It is not going to happen. Yes, Cuba is still a dictatorship and the people are denied many freedoms, but the current regime is loosening things. Cubans are now free to have businesses and travel out of the country. My opinion is that change may come if we have greater engagement with the country. What I read this morning is that cruises originating in the US cannot stop in Cuba. Our trip, the first SD cruise, started in San Juan. There is no reason why San Juan has to be the jumping off point. SD could depart from a lot of places. Interestingly, we are banning private planes from going to Cuba, but there has been no mention of commercial flights. American Airlines has regular service to Havana, and I doubt they will take this sitting down. I'm glad we jumped at the opportunity to take SD's first sailing there. May never have that opportunity again.
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