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  1. I hope you are able to do the cruise in August, but I'm not optimistic about Europe yet. France, for all intents and purposes, is closed. They aren't even giving vaccines. I don't know if Italy is doing any better. We, too, are booked for New Years, and I'm fairly confident about that trip. We have a trip to Scotland in October, and we are now encouraged that the airlines are looking to create a travel corridor between the US and the UK where you don't have to quarantine. But now the question is whether we will need a second round of vaccine before we go since it will be more than 6 mont
  2. Jim knows from personal experience that Chicagoans can be tolerant and loving. He's fortunate in that regard. Now that he has outed me as an attorney, I'm sure I will always find room at the pool, expecting that everyone will vacate once I arrive. Probably not a good idea for me to use my picture here. Jim and Pirate are right about passenger makeup. It can really run the gamut. Sometimes you get a partial charter, i.e., a group of maybe 20 people, and it seems as if they have taken over the yacht. Even then, you can get people from the group who like to mingle with "general
  3. We have done many sailings with a full passenger complement. Never really feels crowded because not everyone wants to do the same thing at the same time. The pool is not the only place for sunbathing. Not everyone gets up for breakfast. I've never seen all four treadmills in use at one time. The dining room can accommodate everyone at one seating, but we frequently have dinner on deck, so that isn't an issue. Unless there is a large group needing the tender for an excursion, I can't remember ever being told we had to wait for the next tender. While it is rare to see the TOY bar empty, i
  4. I'll do it only if we can get a balcony stateroom.
  5. Hey, Jim. I have to say that in over 20 sailings on SD we have had very very few incidents involving children. More with obnoxious adults. But even that is rare. That's why we stay with SD. I see that the tide helped the freighter in the Suez, but the Tide didn't roll yesterday. So sorry. I had both my schools in the NCAA. I accepted that one had to beat the other in the second round. Just didn't expect the way it turned out. Perhaps Illinois might have beat Oregon State, but we'll never know. Sister Jean and I will just wait for next year.
  6. We will both be in St. Barts for New Years. Hoping that works out. The last time we were supposed to do that the high seas required that the entire harbor be evacuated. Maybe we can plan a lunch together.
  7. Our TA got us a 2-night stay, perhaps because we arrive on Christmas, perhaps because they were desperate for guests, or perhaps because her agency has a special deal. Don't give up too easily.
  8. We are now booked for the New Year's and following week cruises, so we are also sailing out of STT. When we sailed from there a couple of years ago, it was right after the hurricane, and there was no place to stay, so we had to change our arrival plans, which included a pre-cruise stay at the Ritz Carlton. Spoke to a colleague from USVI a couple of weeks ago and she said some of the hotels never reopened. We booked the Ritz Carlton again. Not geographically desirable, and more than we wanted to spend. But it looks like it has been well- restored. Right now it has been 13 month
  9. Ah, but a diet of G&Ts can cause one to forget one's password.
  10. I hope that doesn't mean he gave up the ghost.
  11. A good time to get out of the cruise business. Do you know if it was his choice or RCCL's? Sounds like there may have been disagreement about the line's future.
  12. Was Larry Pimintel still president of Azamara? He had just taken over the company the one time we sailed on it. Those former Renaissance R-Class ships are still my favorite, other than SD of course.
  13. We are in the same boat. Or should I say we aren't in the same boat. Anyway, we just cancelled our spring sailing, with the hope that we will be able to rebook the same type of itinerary for 2022. We've been talking about winter 2021-2022, but we just don't have a level of confidence yet. We will need to do some type of vacation then, but there are lots of options if we can't get on SD when we want. We have a barge trip scheduled for the fall, that was originally for last April. With only a dozen people on board, the barge should be okay. Getting there and back, however, is o
  14. As I understand it, the Crew Welfare Fund is precisely what something like this is for. I had thought it was a "social fund," paying for the crew parties, but I learned from a reliable source that crew parties are paid by the Company. We have always contributed to the Fund while onboard, but perhaps Andreas can let us know how we can do it from home.
  15. Jim, your comment about having things to do in Barbados raises the question as to how the government is assured you are in transit. You might consider yourself in transit at an international airport, but if you want to leave the airport you have to go through immigration. I'm thinking the only way SeaDream can satisfy the government that its passengers are boarding the yacht that day is to provide transportation from the airport to the ship, and then not allow anyone to get off once checked in. They could do the same upon debarkation. Since most passengers will be arriving on a few planes,
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