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  1. On 17 April, I requested a refund for our 16 May 2020 Galapagos cruise ☹️ and received the credit to my Visa today (4 weeks) - very pleased to see the refund as offered. Am still waiting for a refund from Flights by Celebrity which I knew would be refunded separately. Expect it within the next 30 days.
  2. Sorry to hear of your issues on the Rotterdam. We are currently on the Rotterdam and will be disembarking in Civitavecchia on 2 Nov. Our experience has been quite different; we really enjoy Rotterdam’s intimate size where nothing is too far away. We have found the food and service in the Lido buffet and Pinnacle Grill to be very good. We have not experienced the main dining room, so I cannot comment on that but have heard good comments from other passengers. We are staying in one of the Pinnacle Suites and have enjoyed excellent service from the cabin stewards and the concierge. There was an unpleasant odor in the extra bathroom which I believe was from the plumbing in the wall behind the toilet. Both the concierge and his assistant have been very responsive to inquiries and to requests to have incorrect account charges removed. The internet has been acceptable for email, surfing, etc. but I was not always successful in loading videos (depends on time of day and location on ship). All crew members with whom we have interacted have been very helpful and cheery. Shore excursion logistics went smoothly. Bartenders remember orders - No complaints here. In fact, if I walked up to a bar, I was intercepted by a bar staff member who took my order and delivered it to my table nearby. They were always very helpful. We would definitely sail on the Rotterdam again.
  3. Thanks for the info, GrammieK. Looking forward to staying in the Neptune suite. We gave up a Vista suite. The upsell to the Pinnacle suite was 3 times more than the upsell to the Neptune.
  4. We just received an upgrade offer to a Pinnacle or Neptune Suite on the Rotterdam in October and decided on the Neptune suite. Does anyone know if you can get alcoholic drinks in the Neptune Lounge on the Rotterdam? I have not been able to find any reference to a bar in HA’s literature or on CC. Thanks.
  5. We are also on the 16 May cruise and have the Machu Picchu extension after the cruise.
  6. We are scheduled to go on the Xpedition in May 2020. For those who have booked the Xpedition for cruises prior to the next refurbishment, how is Celebrity getting the Xpedition down from 96 to 48 passengers? How are they deciding who gets bumped, and are they notifying passengers now vice waiting until one week prior to the cruise? I have not read anything on CC about this, but perhaps I missed the discussion.
  7. I was on the POA in June 2019 in a suite. I was disappointed there were no USB ports in the cabin. There were US and European outlets (I think 2) in the room on the desk and in the vanity area. No outlets beside the bed, though.
  8. I posted earlier about the feasibility of checking in our son and daughter-in-law with us in the POA Suite check in room... I emailed the NCL Concierge (Norwegianconciergedesk@ncl.com) explaining that I am paying for their cruise (2nd anniversary present) and want to apply my cc to their reservation, and asked for Concierge’s approval to allow son/daughter-in-law to check in with us. They responded the next day and approved my request. I am grateful to the Concierge and sent her a reply expressing my appreciation.
  9. Our cuise is in June, so I will call the concierge in May. I am trying to get my son/daughter-in-law checked in with us since I am paying for them. They are in a balcony and we are in a suite on the POA. I will post the result.
  10. Thank you NHL Arizona and Two Wheels Only.
  11. Do you have the email address for the concierge?
  12. For our June 2019 cruise on the POA, both of our two cabins changed from SG and B6 to OX. Cabin numbers did not change. Made me nervous so I called NCL reservations and was told their records show the correct categories, SG and B6. The rep said it must be a website glitch. Wish they would fix it.
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