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  1. Celebrity wifi gives you a logon page, pretty simple right? I've been on some cruises NCL, Viking where I had trouble connecting and had to play games with network numbers etc ex. I never figured out where the problem was, if my device or the cruiseline. And I work in IT and should know better but I'm a systems guy not a network guy.
  2. On our first cruise with X we had a good experience with AquaSpa Cafe. I see that Tuscan Grille does lunch once a cruise. Is there any pattern to when they do it? Sea day perhaps?
  3. I don't know what it is but that website doesn't draw me in.
  4. Is this the Daniel Boulud dinner? Thank you.
  5. If I read this correctly... vaccinated, you need proof and are on your own. Non-vaccinated, you do it before boarding the ship?
  6. I'm just curious. Why do you call this post COVID? Is that the term that X uses? It would seem that we are still dealing with it. Delta variant, re-masking, etc.
  7. Did they give you a reason for canceling CT?
  8. Thanks to both of you for that information.
  9. I was talking about a line for appointments to board the ship. I know there is a line for suites. I was asking how many other lines were there. I was asking if X made any changes since the last time.
  10. In my brief experience with X, I have learned that their computer systems are less than optimal. Logic is not their strong suit.
  11. Have you checked in? People post that arrival time comes later.
  12. Was there a line for appointments or was there one line for everyone?
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