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  1. Sorry. Maybe you didn't see my post. That does not work for me. I will just call Celebrity.
  2. I have tried many things to clear the error. I am posting here to let other people know about this problem. I plan to call Celebrity customer service when I have time. What else do *you* see under manage reservations besides room number?
  3. Not entirely sure I understand your post. I picked my own cabin after much research. The question is, how do i confirm this info on the Celebrity site?
  4. I have access to my TA's website. My point is... I should be able to get this information from Celebrity's website.
  5. The booking entered could not be retrieved. Please check your entries.
  6. I've never been able to register. At least for the last 2 months, it doesn't work. Celebrity says it's Cruise Critic's problem.
  7. I booked my Celebrity cruise through a TA. Apparently because of that, I cannot sign up for the connections party. It is considered a "group" booking and I get an error when I try to sign up.
  8. I was just trying to confirm my cabin number for my December booking. But I can't find it. And if I choose "manage reservation" I get an error message. I guess the next step is to call Celebrity? (I do see it on my TA's website.)
  9. The more we promote CC, the more people who sign up. I'm not sure how many is too many. Has anyone had a M&M with 100 people or is it usually more like 50?
  10. I don't care how many people. I just want them to make me feel welcome. I don't want it to feel like a private club.
  11. Was your issue related to the connections party?
  12. If you don't have a TA, Viking Air *is* the TA, whether they like it or not.
  13. Thanks. That's what I'll do. I thought maybe it was like high school, and I wasn't popular enough to attend. (Sobbing quietly because I'm at work.) /kidding, I think.
  14. A little frustrated with Celebrity Customer Service. Tried to sign up for Connections party. Thought I was signed up but just called to confirm. Called Customer Service. I was told I'm on a "group" booking. (Booked with TA) CR rep didn't know what I was talking about. Now she put me on hold with the group department. Sigh. And now I'm told I need to sign up through the Roll Call, and that Celebrity doesn't manage sign up for the Connections party. Double sigh. I think I documented this elsewhere, but when I try to sign up for the connections party, I get error message: The booking entered could not be retrieved. Please check your entries.
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