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  1. zitsky

    Mediterranean Odyssey - Rome excursion

    Thank you for that detailed review. We might do a private tour to get off the bus.
  2. zitsky

    Breakfast (uncooked oatmeal)

    Uncooked oatmeal tastes a million times better than cooked. I started eating it raw 10 years ago. If they have cooked oatmeal they have the raw stuff somewhere. It's just a question of how long it takes. If they have muesli that might be good enough. If I go to the restaurant I will ask for uncooked oatmeal or muesli and we'll see what they say. I don't want them to go to a lot of trouble. But if they can get it, why not. This does make a good argument to go straight to the World Cafe because it should be much easier to get either muesli or raw oatmeal without too much fuss. (portofinoitaly you are right. Muesli is oatmeal plus nuts etc. So that should be fine for me. I sometimes like just plain oatmeal. My partner eats yogurt and he likes to add nuts to that, especially almonds. I don't enjoy the nuts that much.)
  3. I see several people talk about cabin upgrades but I've never been offered one or suggested I try to get one. On NCL they were very aggressive in offering upgrades. I didn't do it because I liked my cabin. I think my cruise is fully booked. Maybe that's why I've never seen an upgrade offer?
  4. zitsky

    Mediterranean Odyssey - Rome excursion

    K9pal, are they picking you up at the ship? What is your itinerary?
  5. zitsky

    World Cafe or Restaurant?

    My impression of buffets is they are crowded, chaotic and noisy. Is that a fair assessment?
  6. zitsky

    World Cafe or Restaurant?

    Where is the love for the restaurant?!
  7. zitsky

    Mediterranean Odyssey - Rome excursion

    Have not booked anything. Saw recommendation for Rome Cab and Italy Tours.
  8. zitsky

    Corfu - Theotoky Winery excursion

    Maybe to answer my own question... I do see on the very first page before the detailed description, it does say "... sample one of its most beloved products..." but that is not on the description page.
  9. I think this might be new because I can find nothing about it. Viking has a very nice description of it. But it doesn't actually say that it includes wine tasting. Would be a shame if you can't try the wine. Maybe this is a good question for tellus. SCENIC CORFU AND THEOTOKY ESTATE & WINERY DURATION: 3.5 HOURS RAISE A GLASS TO CORFU’S DRAMATIC PANORAMAS View Corfu’s stunning vistas and sample one of its most beloved products at a local winery. Enjoy a scenic drive with your guide into the unspoiled Ropa Valley, a richly textured canvas of pine trees, olive groves and vineyards. Stop at the Theotoky Estate to learn about one of Greece’s premier wine labels. Thirty acres of vines thrive here, and during your visit you will see how Theotoky wine is produced, tour the wine press and stroll about the farm. The wine is produced using traditional techniques of fermentation and saturation in oak barrels, a process which creates natural stability and superb quality and taste. Next, continue to Paleokastritsa, a picturesque resort of fine beaches, wooded hills and crystal clear sheltered bays. Stop at the traditional village of Lakones, high in the mountains, to glimpse daily life and admire stunning panoramas before returning to your ship.
  10. zitsky

    Flowers replaced with fruit basket (gift)

    Never been to Venice or to most of the ports on that cruise. Only have been to Pisa/Florence and Monaco.
  11. zitsky

    World Cafe or Restaurant?

    Since WC is a buffet do they have a station that serves the NY strip? Just walk up and ask for it?
  12. zitsky

    Flowers replaced with fruit basket (gift)

    Not exactly. We fly in on day 1 of the cruise. Ship doesn't leave until day 2 so we might have time to grab flowers somewhere.
  13. zitsky

    Flowers replaced with fruit basket (gift)

    I might have misspoke. I am starting in Venice and ending in Barcelona. Darn.
  14. This seems to be the only port with an all day excursion. I suppose because of distance to Rome? What time does the Rome excursion leave and return? I suppose there are several different times? I am debating whether to do this location on my own with a private tour guide.
  15. Dauntless I am searching but have not found your post. I found a different thread that is similar.