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  1. Our second port stop was in Mazatlán. We were able to walk off the ship and into town. As we exited the ship, there were several retired American volunteer guides wearing blue shirts to show us the way. We decided to walk into the central part of time by following the blue line. From there, we walked along the malacon and hailed a Pulmonias into the Golden zone where the nicer beaches are. We walked along the beach and found a beach umbrella guy to set up a chair and umbrella for us. We were in front of Joe’s Oyster bar and had a waiter to serve us. He first wanted $10, but we sai
  2. I can call the reception and ask. Do you know what room you’ll be in? Our bed is a pretty good size. Not sure, but it fits my 6’7” hubby and me just fine
  3. Captain has been quite entertaining on stage and on the intercom. Hopefully enjoy the PMJ. The singers were great, but the song arrangements were really hard to get into. I would say 25% of people left after the 3rd song because it was so strange....it might have just been the song selection for the evening.
  4. Celso has been a great wine steward! The two tables around us have been for open seating guests. Last night, the couple left in a huff. Not sure why!
  5. Yesterday was our first stop - Cabo San Lucas. It was a mess with tenders. We docked at 9am. It was tender tickets until about 12:30pm. We waited until it was open tender. I didn’t want wait in the bar. Preferred waiting until open tender. After we landed in the Marina, we walked along the marina towards Medrano beach. We were going to walk all the way there, but as we left the craziness, a boat hawker flagged us down. $15/pp to take us to the arch and lovers beach. We offered $10 each. The runner found a boat, it was King of the Rock. Driver took us on a tour, showed us pirates co
  6. Sunday was our sea day. I pre-ordered my MDR lunch due to my onion allergy. The tuna poke and carbonara were delicious. We were able to have our wine steward bring down our rose from our dinner, it was nice to have rose with lunch. After lunch, we gambled a little and my husband participated in the beer tasting for $15.95. He enjoyed the beers and nibbles. At 6:45pm, we joined the captain and his officers for the Captains toast. We were given a glass of sparkling. It was on the sweet side, but still a nice gesture. Captain was quite humorous and seemed like a nice guy.
  7. It was definitely nice to get small wins on just about every machine. Even though we gave it back, it’s nice to hit the bonus and feel like you are up (for a short while).
  8. First night dinner in the MDR was great. We were assigned Table 70. We decided to get the 4 bottle wine package for $119. Ordered the French Rose and Bordeux. Both pretty good for being young wines. I ordered the tuna ceviche for my appetizer and salmon for my entree. The salmon has been good before, but this time it was dry and due to my onion allergy, there wasn’t a good sauce to use. I asked for the eggplant bucatini. It was quite good. Had the butterscotch sundae dessert. Yummy! Spent a few hours that evening in the casino. The $5 drinks were such a de
  9. The first night, we had a bit of success. Left the casino up $200. But, gave it all back and much more on the sea day. But, it was a lot of fun
  10. We looked under the bed, I didn’t see drawers. But, there was space under neath the bed to our our suite cases. Didn’t check the loveseat. We figured it out. Put some stuff in the shelves and bedside table
  11. I don’t recall exactly, but I would say around 5pm? It took about 30ish minutes for everyone to line up and for the missing cabins to check in. I’m glad I wore a jacket. It was chilly on the promenade
  12. We have never done it ourselves. But, we missed the porters and asked several people if we could do it ourselves. Our suitcases (50lbs) fit through the security scanners fine. One of the agents comments how strong I was since I put it up in the conveyor belt myself. No issues. It’s a long trek, so as long as you are prepared to roll quite a way, you should be fine.
  13. So nice to hear from you again Denise! We had a fabulous time on our first cruise and had another fabulous time this past summer. Our group dressed up and we had a blast on gala nights, danced the night away and spent some good time at the tables. I didn’t recap or post, but I need to since it was an amazing trip. We flew Norwegian premium this time, it wasn’t as good as United first, but it was a direct flight. We flew United first home. Definitely enjoy the Polaris! Safe travels and happy holidays
  14. I will try to go by, but I think all the rooms are the same. Seems like there’s a metal border. Here’s a picture of our door
  15. Finished the muster drill. It took about 30 mins. Last time, we were lucky to have our station inside the dining room. This time, we were outside for station 16. I’m glad I brought my jacket. It was quite chilly in the promenade. It was taking awhile for people to check in, some guests had to request to sit down inside. We were pretty crammed, shoulder to shoulder. Made me feel like we were in a lifeboat. Took a tour of the ship, stopped by the casino and noticed a sign for $5 casino drinks. I will definitely need to check that out later. I love all the Christmas deco
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