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  1. Since I’ve only taken one cruise and when I asked the PCC, she told us the count and which night. Maybe it was using the educated guess that others have proposed: first sea day and not the last night. She was correct, so I guess we are lucky. We have a different PCC this time and from her email, it sounded like they used to tell people. I will go with her guess and hope it’s the 8th and 17th. Trying to plan our specialty meals to not conflict with Gala nights. I always love an excuse to dress up and use one of my 200 gowns and cocktail dresses (I go to 20+ cocktail or formal events a year).
  2. That’s awesome. My PCC also is quick to make a change. I send her the info or link, she compares it for me, and let’s me know if it’s a better deal. She changed my booking 3 times without much effort on my part. Elizabeth is great!
  3. Hello, I was active on this board a few years ago when I took my first cruise. I'm on to my 2nd cruise in a few weeks. I did a search for Gala nights, and there were a few hypothesis of when they were on each cruise. When I sailed 3 years ago, we were specifically told which nights they were from our PCC. This time around, she said that they no longer provide the exact nights, since they could change and people would get upset. Now, they don't tell you until you get there. This seems a bit strange. Is this really the reason? Quote from our PCC: Unfortunately, we aren’t notified of which nights are the gala nights as they are subject to change without notice. They typically have them on the ‘At Sea” days and never the night before we get back into port on the last day. There are 2 gala nights on this sailing and my guess they will be on the 8th of July and the 17th of July. They stopped telling people because when the guests got onboard and the nights had suddenly been changed, the guests would get upset. So, now we don’t get the information from the ship as a result. The link to our cruise is here with the various dates: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/E9M12E/K939.html
  4. When we went on our cruise to the Mediterranean a few years ago, we asked the same tuxedo question. At the time, we were told that the European cruises, people seemed to dress up a bit more. The Hawaiian, Alaskan, Caribbean, etc cruises, were not as formal and people dressed more casually for Gala nights. On our Med cruise, a good majority of the Gala guests wore dresses, suits or tuxes. But, I didn’t scrutinize the room. I don’t recall seeing any jeans or shorts. Our group of 50 dressed in gowns and tuxes - and we loved it. This time around for our trip to Greece, my husband may just bring a black suit. Our cruise is 12 days long and we are staying another 3 weeks in Europe. He can re-use a black suit for after our trip, a tux would be harder to re-use and we aren’t going to a formal wedding this time around
  5. Since the $159.99 price seems to be less than in post #8, does that mean it’s a sale? Or, is it always cheaper if pay for it advance?
  6. I have a closet full of gowns and my husband has a tux. We like dressing up and will most likely bring our formal wear for our Greek cruise this summer. When we went on our Med cruise a few years ago, our group of 40 all wore tuxes/gowns, we noticed a lot of the same during our 8pm gala night seating.
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