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  1. Also, my TA has been a tremendous help in executing the Lift and Shift!
  2. Hi All! So today is the day we were supposed pay off the balance for our Jan 23 2021 cruise. And with just 90 days to go and Covid on the increase through most of the country (and world for that matter), I'm thinking the cruise industry will be in a slump well into 2021. Not to mention flying to San Juan and dealing with all of that. I'm just wondering what you folks are doing, or have done over the last 8 months in regards to postponing your cruises. Celebrity has the "Lift and Shift". Some of the problem is getting the stateroom you want in 2022, that you had booked in 2021.
  3. I miss the anticipation off feasting my eyes on the beauty of the ship as we approach the port! I miss seeing our stateroom for the first time, knowing it will become as familiar as home within the next few hours. I miss the first cocktail on our balcony. I miss waking up in a new place every morning. I miss greeting our smiling waiters and stateroom attendants, who are always happy to see us. (Or at least pretend to be). I miss strolling on board from one venue to another, knowing there will always be music and entertainment there for the asking. I miss sailing the deep blue sea! Oh how
  4. I was wondering how you all book your excursions or tours in port. Do you all book through the cruise Line? Or independently on line via websites? Or just get off the ship at port looking for a random tour guide? We’ve done it all 3 ways but I’m wondering what others do. Thanks!
  5. We have done it several ways, on a Caribbean cruise. Through the ship, especially if you have onboard credit you can use. Or thru a tour website, independent of the cruise ship. Or as you get off the ship, randomly at the port. Which do you all think is the best way? Thank you!
  6. Thanks for these! Can’t wait to be there. I see they really changed the oceanview with the reno. But that Qsine kind of looks like a children’s playroom! Yikes.
  7. You’ve been posting some great photos! Would you happen to have any of the dining venues? Such as the MDR and Blue? Or maybe the Oceanview Cafe? I’m interested to see the new renovations. Thank you!
  8. Oh, Love the Port of San Juan at night! We are on the Summit Feb 1. Can’t wait! Second Celebrity Cruise. First time on Summit! She’ll be going to some smaller islands we’ve never been to. Which is why sometimes a smaller ship is an advantage. Thanks for taking the time to do all this posting! Really enjoying!
  9. Lol I thought the exact same thing! No thanks!
  10. Or you could just use your Lips!!😃
  11. I agree with this philosophy! We had been there several times, but in the end, rather than just sit onboard the ship, get off and support the locals. Buy some lunch, take a surrey ride and tip the driver. And even though it's tacky, buy something in the Straw Market. There are also some local wood carvers that sell their stuff for not that much $$. We bought a souvenir or 2. They just lived through a hurricane after all.
  12. So sorry about your Cadillac Mountain view! It can be gorgeous. We were on a road trip a few weeks ago and stayed in the beautiful Bar Harbor Inn that you took pictures of. It was delightful and we could watch at least 1 cruise ship, sometimes 2, every day from our room. Did not see the Summit however, too bad. You are right about the Blueberry Pie. It seems like every single restaurant and diner has a version. Maine blueberry pies are the best. Hands down. So enjoyable to read the review of a Happy Cruiser enjoying.
  13. Maybe they don't use silverware? Or eat? Turtles06 - You are cracking me up you're so hilarious! Enjoying because we will be on Summit in Feb 2020 out of San Juan.
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