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  1. Congratulations to: skipper711, sentrydriver, Tarwood3, TheSoccerCoach, and scw8047  Every week, we'll select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each of these members a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review? Your review could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! This Week's Featured Reviews of the Week: Impressive New Ship! Celebrity Edge Cruise Review by skipper711 Fantastic itinerary at the bottom of the world Zaandam Cruise Review by sentrydriver Different Silversea experience than previous cruises....for the better! Silver Muse Cruise Review by Tarwood3 MSC Seaside - Embracing The Sea On The Most Gorgeous Of Ships! MSC Seaside Cruise Review by TheSoccerCoach Great Caribbean Cruise Royal Princess Cruise Review by scw8047
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    Current Captains Con't

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    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Four

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    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

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    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

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    Pros and Cons of the Carnival Pride? Tips?

    All fixed!
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    Trouble contacting Native Choice

    I'm having trouble as well. Trying to book a private tour and not getting replies to emails. My time frame isn't as short as yours, though. :( I hope you hear back soon.
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  13. Every Thursday, we'll select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Wind Spirit Best Week of Our Lives by vlaurend The crew of this ship were simply amazing. The majority were Indonesian and Filipino, with a smattering of people from everywhere else, they were incredibly hard-working and efficient and never stopped trying to please us in any way possible. They knew our names and favorite drinks on the first day and remembered them for the entire week. Food was excellent as well. The chef actually went ashore to buy fresh vanilla beans when we were docked at Raiatea and he shaved them into his sauces and desserts, resulting in the best bread pudding and pineapple upside-down cake we've ever had! And don't hesitate to take advantage of room service for breakfast. That was awesome...Read More Carnival Ecstasy Another Lovely Carnival Cruise by njmoms We ate breakfast and lunch each day on the Lido Deck. It was standard buffet-style fare, with salad bar, dessert bar, sandwiches, and different entree each day. The made to order pizza and panini sandwiches were very good. Outside by the pool you'll find Guy's Burgers, and Blue Iguana cantina. Both were very good, and offered gluten-free buns/tortillas. There is a small coffee cafe for espresso and specialty coffees and teas that was good, but it is near the casino so it gets very smoky. Anything you get there is an extra charge...Read More Aranui 5 Not your everyday cruise - a VERY unique experience by AirmanMike This is truly a comprehensive “cruise” - it includes all shore excursions, all three meals (wine at lunch and dinner), and tour guides. They even include free laundry three times during the cruise. But they do not wash underwear or socks. We spent only $300 during the cruise on happy hour cocktails (1/2 price), one premium boat excursion, bike rentals, and souveneers in the excellent gift shop on board. Every day there is a briefing in your specific language at 5:00 or 6:00 to explain the next day’s activities. You are given a one page handout with very detailed info and maps on the next day’s activities. The "guides" are absolutely first class and answer all of your questions with class and a lot of great humor. They are all very intelligent and have a lot of experience. I cannot speak highly enough of the guides who are also watching out for your safety at every shore stop...Read More Azamara Journey Athens to Dubai on the Azamara Journey by Wander58 One thing I noticed on Azamara compared to other cruises we have taken is that there is not any overt and constant ‘sales’ pressure. Not for photos, jewelry, drinks, or spa treatments. It’s all pretty low key. Since standard drinks and tips are included, the only extra purchases we made were for a couple shore excursions that I had not pre-booked. I have to say, I was really nice to walk up to a bar and get a cocktail or glass of wine without a charge slip. There was never ANY mention of additional tipping but we did choose to give our stateroom stewards a little extra...Read More Harmony of the Seas Huge ship with something for everyone! by musman 6th floor towards the aft is the Boardwalk. This has the Carousel, Starbucks, Hot Dogs, Johnny Rockets, a few shops, a kids climbing area, another restaurant $$, the landing area of the Abyss, and the Aqua theater. The Aqua Theater is home to “The Fine Line” a thrilling show of precision and daring feats of balance, swimming, and diving, including seemingly impossible high dives from the highest perch in the back of the ship into a small pool of water with a deck the raises to make a stage and then lowers to allow the synchronized swimming and diving. The other Aqua show is equally as entertaining and called “The Resort Heist”. These shows are simply amazing!!! The Rock Climbing walls are also accessible from this deck. This is also a great area to view the zip Line which is on deck 15...Read More Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review? Your review could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  14. Every Thursday, we'll select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Norwegian Sky Cruising to Cuba by agoydish The itinerary is very packed, so other than sail away day we did not use the ship much during the day, but we enjoyed the boat at night. We dined in Le Bistro the first night and really enjoyed it, as we always do. It adds a more elegant dining experience, with attentive staff and delicious food. The layout of the restaurant is a little awkward, as it is just a narrow aisle of two rows of tables squeezed along the side of the ship, but it did not detract from the overall dining experience. We dined the other nights between the two main dining rooms, Palace and Crossings. Most evenings we spent in Captain Cooks Martini bar...Read More American Empress A Beautiful Week on the Columbia/Snake River by K9pal Overall we were impressed with the food, although there were some misses. We ate most of our breakfasts and lunches in the River Grill, which was just steps away from our cabin. The entry to the River Grill is quite awkward and I always felt like I was coming in the back door. You are allowed two dinner reservations for the River Grill, and we picked Thursday (the cruising day with no port stop) and Sunday (the last night). Booking is done in the Show Lounge as soon as you board the ship. The menu in the River Grill is the same for the entire week, but it includes lobster. Lobster was also served in the dining room on Saturday, so if you plan it right you can have 3 lobster dinners! Each night we had a choice of regional red and white wines. All were very good. Refills are included, and you can carry out a full glass to the lounge or show when you leave...Read More Royal Princess First time on Princess - Definitely won't be our last! by jerseygalcruiser What we liked most of all was the clientele - the average age was an older crowd, all fun and friendly. Very few little kids, which we appreciate as empty nesters. The ship didn't have some of the fancy activities like other ships (rock climbing wall, zip line, etc.), but we don't do those anyway. The music was appropriately geared toward this age group and there was still plenty to do that we couldn't do it all. We met many nice people...Read More Crystal Esprit 101 Dalmatian Adventures by dallasdachs We have thoroughly enjoyed other luxury cruises(Seabourn) but were interested in this yachting experience and it was beyond all expectations. Essentially, it is a mobile luxury hotel affording you the opportunity to visit fabulous locations hassle free. With the size of the ship and the limited number of passengers, you have the opportunity to function entirely independently. Group excursions were small and actually fostered great camaraderie. Excellent and engaging local guides...Read More Avalon Luminary We had a FABULOUS time! by Cheryl J We chose this specific cruise because of the onshore activities, and they were GREAT! We took two guided bike tours (one down the Wachau Valley, the other in Vienna), two guided hikes (one up above the Schlogen Oxbow, the other in the Danube-Ipoly National Forest above Visegrad), and an early-morning walking tour in Vienna. We were signed up for the canoeing on the Danube as well, but the weather that morning was bad so the vendor cancelled the activity. Our cruise director, Barbara, did an EXCELLENT job of coming up with alternate activities based on weather. She also made accommodations for people who'd over-estimated their physical abilities...Read More Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review? Your review could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review
  15. Every Thursday, we'll select five cruise reviews to feature here! Plus, we'll send each member a Cruise Critic logo item. We hope they enjoy it! Avalon Tranquility II Amazing Experience! by BethanyInKC The daily excursions were a lot of fun. I took advantage of all of the included excursions as well as several optional (extra charge) ones. They each gave a great overview of each of our stops, and the local tour guides were both friendly and knowledgeable. I also liked that we had at least a little bit of free time at each stop, so there was always an opportunity to do some shopping or get a snack or beverage. It was also great to be welcomed back to the ship after each excursion by the smiling faces of the crew and a nice, cool drink and a refreshing towel...Read More Island Princess Panama Canal Transit by pointpetre Our time in Aruba was very short, but we had a great Princess snorkel excursion. Our time in Cartagena was also too short, but we had great private tours there and in Nicaragua arranged through the board pre-cruise discussion here in Cruise Critic We did a good Princess archeological tour with a lot of walking in Huatulco, but were on our own in Costa Rica and in Puerto Vallarta, places we've been multiple times. Cartagena, Nicaragua, and Huatulco were all first time places for us, and we loved all three. The sea days were lovely. Lots of diving birds to entertain us. The first sea day out of Puerto Vallarta gave us great views of Cabo and the Baja Coast. Lots of sail boats, motor crafts, even oared and paddled craft. Lots of dolphins breaching and even jumping out of the water in unison...Read More Carnival Dream Another Great Time On The Dream by LetsGoTribe Entertainment was VERY good. Chris the Flying Scotsman is an excellent Cruise Director. Full of personality and very talented. The shows Motown and Flick were really, really good. My favorite entertainment is comedy; therefore, I LOVED the Punchliner comedians. Caroline Piccard and Just June were both outstanding! Due to the fact that the Burgundy Lounge is larger than some of the other ships' comedy venues, it was easier to get a seat for the shows. That is a big plus. We had signed up for a Meet and Mingle through Cruise Critic, and we received an invitation in our cabin to attend it. Carnival had it set-up in meeting room Chamber 2. A couple of the members of the Entertainment Staff dropped in to meet us. Carnival provided danish, coffee, tea and juice. They, also, provided 2 ships-on-a-stick and 2 bottles of bubbly. Not very many of those who signed-up actually attended. We did a drawing for the Carnival-provided prizes...Read More Silver Galapagos Perfect. Do it now before it is too late. by chrism23 This trip is all about nature. Do not expect broadway shows at night. But do expect standing on the aft deck looking at the millions of stars that seem to light up the night sky. Every day there are 2-3 field trips, usually one hike and one snorkel. The Galapagos are virgin and pristine. It is like stepping back into prehistoric times. The Ecuadorian government deserves great credit in keeping it so. The number of visitors is strictly limited, the Silver Galapagos is right at the limit of 100 set for passenger ships...Read More Allure of the Seas First time on Allure, first time doing a B2B, and first time going solo! by notoverthehillyet Pool entertainment is kind of spread out cause they have so many pools, including the Aria pool. On the smaller ships they keep the musicians at the main pool, which I like. On Allure, it might be quite the jaunt to get to the pool with the entertainment you want to see just cause of her size. My favorite was the Sports Pool just because of water volleyball, the fresh water, and Water activities taking place.....and less little ones. But the little ones have a phenomenal area just for them with every imaginable water toy/feature to keep them delighted for hours, and tons of areas for parents to stay close, in sun or shade. Lifeguards at every single pool...Read More Why not share your own cruise stories by writing and submitting your review? Your review could be featured, and *you* could receive some logo stuff before your next cruise! Write a Cruise Review